Limbus Company Beginner Guide and Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the twisted world of Limbus Company, a turn-based roleplaying game where action puzzles collide with a dark, dystopian reality. Players from all around the world eagerly await the release of this continuation of the beloved Lobotomy Corporation series, set in a vast metropolis split into 26 distinct districts, each teeming with its own advanced technology and cultural identity but lacking in compassion for humanity. These districts, known as “nests,” are each governed by their own set of rules. 

Limbus Company

The story centers around a once-powerful energy corporation that resides within one of these nests, harnessing the power of monstrous beings known as abnormalities. But as the corporation has crumbled, scattered branches of ruins remain housing trapped employees and deadly monsters. 

As the player, you must lead your rag-tag team of “sinners” through these treacherous ruins, scavenging valuable resources and surviving the constant threat of abnormalities. But be warned, you are not alone in this pursuit – others seek the same treasures and will stop at nothing to claim them. Through this guide, we will equip you with the knowledge you should have to survive and be successful. Let’s start. 

Limbus Company Combat System

The combat system of the Limbus Company is unique, and it may be confusing for some players if they haven’t interacted with such machines before. Through this section, we will explain to you the combat mechanics so you can easily understand them. 

Limbus Company Combat System

Creating the Formation

The Limbus Company characters are known as sinners, and all of these sinners have different identities (variations); then, the skills they use are called sins. You have access to 12 sinners, and you have to choose sinners and identities according to the battle condition. After you select the identities, you will be able to see their passive abilities on the left side of your screen, and if you want a different effect, you can go back and select the one you want.

How to Fight in Limbus Company?

Combat is carried out through the skill window at the bottom of the screen. In this skill window, you will see a chain roller on your left side and right side. Once you select the enemy you want to attack, you have to first click the left-side chain roller and drag the chance through skills and attach it to the chain roller on your right side. 

You can only select one skill from one column, and you can select a character instead of a skill when you get to a character to decrease damage. When the character uses these skills, they will disappear from the skill board, and another set will drop down, just like in candy crush. You will see a preview of what skills are coming. Next, you should use this section to plan ahead when choosing skills. 

How to Fight in Limbus Company

One other thing you have to know about this system is every character has their own skill set, and you will be presented with a new skill set as you change between these characters. When you select these skills, you will see their effectiveness and what they will do on each target on the map. 

Additional Combat Information

When your Limbus Company characters get to attack, it will be determined by the speed of the character. Once you select all the skill chains for your characters, the combat will start. All your Limbus Company characters and enemy action slots will be arranged according to the speed, and your characters will target the front character by default. If your character and enemy target each other, a clash will occur, or an unopposed attack will happen. If a clash happens, the outcome is determined by the roles of the two skills your character and enemy use.  

Additional Combat Information
  • Offensive skills types: slash, pierce, or blunt. 
  • Defense skill types: Block, evade, counter.

When an enemy attacks, if you do not have a defensive skill aligned to it, the attack will do the full damage to your character, and you will do the same. You have to find enemy weaknesses and use skills that exploit those weaknesses.

Skills Resonance Effects

The way you chain your skills has an effect known as skill resonance. Doing this can increase your damage and skill effectiveness.

  • Sin Resonance – if you chain skills that fall under the same color by going through the skill set, it will boost the skill power. 
  • Absolute resonance – if you manage to line up three or more skills in the same color into one row, you can boost the effectiveness more.

Stager Effects

If you look at the HP bar of all your Limbus Company characters and enemies, you will see that they all have a few yellow lines on them. When attack damage drops the hp of a character/enemy below this line for the first time, a staggered effect will activate. Units that are staggered cannot take action for one turn, and they will be vulnerable to all incoming attacks on that turn. 

What is Elemental Resources and E.G.O. In Limbus Company

As we said earlier in this Limbus Company guide when you use skills in a chain, they disappear, and a set of skills will fall from above, just like in match three games. When a new turn starts, one extra column will add to the skill set of a random character. 

When you use them like this, used skills turn into elemental resources based on their color. When you have enough elemental resources, you will activate the passive skills of the characters. If your characters are equipped with E.G.O., you can spend these elemental resources to use the E.G.O. skills. E.G.O. skills will help you to turn the tide of the battle if you use them correctly. 

What is Elemental Resources and E.G.O. In Limbus Company

When you use these E.G.O. skills, their extra abilities, like increasing critical strike chance, will stay for a long period of time and further increase the power of your character but using elemental resources to activate E.G.O. skills will consume the elemental resources and deactivate the passive skills, so you have to think what will give you the most benefit before spending your elemental resources. 

One other downside of the E.G.O. is there is a chance of losing the sanity of your character if it gets too low; they fall into E.G.O. Corrosion. a character who falls into this state gets strong abilities in some cases, but you will lose the control of your character. 

All in all, you will meet many enemies in different power levels. If you combine all these things perfectly it will allow you to overcome them. During combat, you have to think about what skill you should use and what abilities you should give priority. There are two main ways to do this. The first way is to use your most powerful skills to quickly get rid of the enemies, but latter stages lining up the same color skills and dealing serious damage will be more beneficial. 

Fighting Abnormalities in Limbus Company

Most of the things that we have talked about so far are the things that you should know to carry out normal battles you will face when you are progressing in the Limbus Company. But when it comes to fighting abnormalities there are few extra things you have to know as a player. 

As the first thing you should know how the combat turns are allocated. When fighting abnormalities combat turns are allocated according to the speed of the abnormalities skill speed and your character’s speed. Abnormalities have few body parts, and each has its own HP pool and resistance. 

Above the Abnormality, you will be able to see what skills it’s going to use in this turn; you can drag and set your skills on top of these skills to target the body parts it is going to attack with. When one of your characters is a target of a specific abnormality skill, if you line up that character skill with the abnormalities skill slot, it will add up. If an Abnormalities skill and your player have the same speed, a clash will happen as expected. 

Fighting Abnormalities in Limbus Company

Abnormalities have a different attack that does psychic and mental damage, and also each of their attacks falls under one element. If your character has low resistance to the element, they will take increased damage. So before fighting an Abnormality, understanding what element type attack will help you to choose characters with high resistance to the element. 

Each of the G.E.O.s can increase the resistance of your character’s resistance. To increase your character’s resistance, equipping them with the right G.E.O is also a thing you can do, but you have to know that the resistance will activate when your character uses it. If your character did not use its highest power, G.E.O, in combat, it would get the resistance of the lowest power G.E.O they have equipped. 

When you are fighting, you will see regular enemies only have resistance against physical attacks, but Abnormalities additionally possess elemental resistance against all your skills elements, and while each part of an abnormality has its own set of physical resistances, elemental resistances are shared by all parts of the Abnormality. in order to simplify the battle you should think of each body part as one character, and choose your character to counter that body part. 

Same as the units, each body part has a staggering threshold, and staggering that body part will only disable that body part, not the entire Abnormality. If you 0 the HP pool of one body part, it will stop functioning, but you have to 0 all the parts to win the battle. So if you recognize one specific part of the body that deals the most damage, you should focus on attacking that part first to lower the incoming damage, but if it is a body part that regenerates, it is wise to keep dealing with that part at the end.

One thing you should have to accept as a player is you will not be able to defeat all the Abnormalities in a single try. But trying to use different combinations and fighting with them many times will update the encyclopedia of the Limbus Company; once you gather enough data, you will be able to create a strategy that will defeat the Abnormalities.  


We made this Limbus Company beginner guide in the hopes that it will make the game more enjoyable for you. Since it is still in development, there is a risk that details will change, but we will update this Limbus Company beginner guide as we find out more. So, whenever the game is released, be sure to check back here to see if we added anything useful. Thank you for making it this far, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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