Life Makeover – Everything You Need to Know with Tips

Life Makeover

Guys, welcome to another guide that takes you to another awesome game called Life Makeover. This is a social simulation game, and this is a top choice for all the players who love designing fashion and trying new fashion styles while taking part in investigations and reading beautiful storylines. The game is a mix of fun-filled awesome elements so you can enjoy the game without being bored. Here we made this beginner guide to inform you about the best tips and everything you should know about this Life Makeover gameplay. 

Quests challenge your creativity, and the allies are there for you to help complete these quests. There are thousands of outfits and fashion pieces from which you can choose and dress your character that matches various occasions. Lots of game modes and various fun-filled activities can be done in this Life Makeover game. So hop into this guide and see the top tricks you should know to become a successful designer in this Life Makeover

Upgrade the Allies in Life Makeover

After successfully recruiting the allies from the Lightchase banners, you may learn how to upgrade your allies. The allies are important to conquer the story quests with the best results, so when you upgrade allies, it will contribute more to give you the best results. Upgrading the allies is one of the best tips you can use in this Life Makeover gameplay. When upgrading the allies, prioritize the allies with the highest rarity so that you can have more support from them to win the story quests with the top results. 

You can level up the Allies by going to the Ally option from the game’s main screen. When leveling up, it costs you different materials, but you should somehow earn them and level up your allies because it will increase their support for you during the fashion contests. 

Another way to upgrade your allies is by increasing intimacy. Increasing the intimacy with your allies will increase your allies’ attributes, which is advantageous for you. And also, you can evolve the allies in your gameplay using shards of the same ally you want to evolve. When using these methods to upgrade your allies, the benefit will come to your gameplay, making you victorious in all the fashion contests you participate in here. So don’t forget to pay more attention to upgrading the allies. 

Your Progression in Story Quests will Decide Everything

Story quests in this Life Makeover game decide everything in this game. Therefore, you must ensure that you will complete more chapters in the story quest mode to unlock many other functions and game modes for your gameplay. 

Story quests have various chapters with sub-stages, and each flows with a beautiful storyline which is interesting to read, but at the end of each quest, there is a challenge for you. Once you complete one chapter, then you can unlock the next chapter. Story quest mode has two types of stages: normal and hard. In the beginning, you complete the normal stages; once you complete the normal stages at a certain point, you can participate in the hard stages. 

Every stage gives you rewards for taking part and completing the challenge successfully. Always try to win the challenges from the first attempt for exclusive rewards. In these story quest challenges, you must dress up your character according to the fashion style the quests asked of you. Dressing up your character following the fashion style you are asked in the quests will help you to score the highest. And also, you can select the most relevant ally to support you within the challenge. 

Be Wise When You Choose Allies

From above, you have read what it looks like to participate in story quests and how your performance should be scored the best. When scoring the highest in the story quests, allies are important factors supporting you in achieving your goal. 

As mentioned above, there are hints about the fashion pieces you should select for your character in every quest. You can get higher ratings when you choose the fashion pieces described in the hints. But the ratings can be multiplied when you choose an ally that follows the same fashion style as given in the quests. 

If the quests tell you to follow the simple style as the main fashion style when preparing an outfit for your character, you should choose an ally that follows the same fashion style as asked in the quests. According to this example, you should choose an ally that follows the simple fashion style. Following this tip in your Life Makeover gameplay will help you get the top results in completing the quests. 

Craft Set Costumes

After going through some chapters and stages in the story quests, which is the game’s main mode, you unlock the fashion studio option. This is where you should go to craft the set costumes you need. Set costumes are the outfits which come with not just the main outfit but also with all the other ornaments and accessories that can be worn with the main outfit. 

In the fashion studio, you can see various set costumes, which will be unlocked according to the progression you accomplish in the main game mode. Once you unlock these set costumes, you can start crafting them. You need various materials to craft each fashion piece belonging to the set costume. 

These materials can be earned through raiding, clearing main story quest stages, or purchasing through the in-game shop. Once you craft all the fashion pieces in a set costume, you can equip your character with the completed set costume and click some pictures with different poses. 


This guide has taught you many things about the Life Makeover gameplay. Though the game is simple and awesome, having additional knowledge about this game will be an extra advantage to achieve faster progress in this game. As you know the best tips, why are you still hesitating to play? Start playing this game right now and have a wonderful experience designing your fashion style.

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