Lemuria Rise of the Delca Guide & Tips – Everything You Need to Know

Lemuria Rise of the Delca Guide & Tips

Lemuria Rise of the Delca is an upcoming role-playing game open to pre-registration with no confirmed Lemuria Rise of the Delca release date. As for the gameplay being opened to pre-registrations, we are sure the game will be released soon. This game has an interesting storyline where you can explore different unknown lands, formidable opponents to battle with, and dungeon explorations. Because the game is too advanced but amazing, you will need these tips and tricks mentioned in this beginner guide to be successful here. 

Here you can summon heroes for your gameplay, raise them, and strengthen them enough to take down enemies. And also, you are going to enjoy the arena battles where you can challenge the other players and show them who is the boss in the arena. Also, you can join guilds and participate in events exclusive to the guild members. The game is so interesting, and there will be more interesting things when the game is released. So until then, read this Lemuria Rise of the Delca beginner guide and make sure you know all the best tips. 

Explore the Land

Here in Lemuria, you can explore the land as it has given you a larger area. This exploration of the land is connected with the game’s storyline, where you are asked to explore the land, dungeon crawling, and many other challenges. Are you ready to give this fascinating storyline a try? 

Explore the Land

This will be a very challenging situation for you, but as a beginner, you should go through the storyline and explore the land to get used to the gameplay while achieving the best accomplishments in the game. Whenever you explore every area of the world of Lemuria with the completion of the storyline of the gameplay, you will be given the best rewards along with hidden treasures you will encounter throughout your journey. 

Battles to Win

While you are exploring the world, as stated in the gameplay’s storyline, you will meet various kinds of enemies to defeat. And in those times, you have to step into a battle and win it to get to the next stage of the game. So the battles here are turn-based, and each party will take turns to take specific action during the battle rounds. You can add up to five heroes to your battle team to defeat enemies you encounter. Make sure to assign the best heroes and have the greatest victories all the time. 

Pick Up Resources

In the world map provided in this game, you can look for where you can pick up the resources essential in the game. When you examine the world map, you can see the places abundant with the resources essential for you are pointed with yellowish icons. As the resources are the first important things to let the gameplay proceed well in every aspect, you just need to do as much as possible to gather as many resources as possible. 

Pick Up Resources

Everything will be easy for you in your Lemuria Rise of the Delca gameplay whenever you are abundant with all the necessary resources. Though the game is still in the pre-registration phase with no exact Lemuria Rise of the Delca release date, it is good for you to know that the abundant resources are a very important factor that lets you have smooth gameplay. So take some to go to the world map and gather some resources helpful for your gameplay. 

Wishing Altar to Summon Heroes

The game has introduced a wishing altar just to help you summon heroes for your gameplay. During the game, you have to deal with different kinds of enemies and need a better battle squad with the best heroes. So, you can go to the wishing altar and just wish for some heroes to build the best squads. 

Since the game has no Lemuria Rise of the Delca release date and is still in the pre-registration phase, there are not many details on which are the banners in the wishing altar to summon heroes, the drop rates, what summoning currencies you need to summon heroes, etc. But just know you have a wishing altar to summon heroes for your gameplay in this game. After summoning the best heroes, make sure to strengthen them ideally. 

Strengthen Your Heroes

As we said above, you can summon heroes to use in your gameplay, and then the process is not over; you have to do things to strengthen your heroes. Even if you have summoned the top-tier heroes with the highest star ranking, it is essential to strengthen them because when you go deeper in your gameplay, you encounter enemies much tougher than you imagine. Therefore let us learn how to strengthen your heroes in this Lemuria Rise of the Delca gameplay. 

Strengthen Your Heroes

As simple, you will first level up the heroes you frequently use in your gameplay and the heroes worth investing. You can level up your heroes whenever you have enough materials to level up. But as we said above, you must strengthen only the heroes worth investing in, which means the heroes you can use in any game phase during the toughest and the easiest. When the hero is leveled up, all of its attributes will be leveled up along with its combat power. And the next thing is you can level up the skills of your heroes. 

Every hero comes with different skills that are valuable in battle moments. Each skill has a specific effect, and you can benefit from all the battles. What will happen when you level up your skills? The effects of the skills will increase, strengthening the heroes. Since this is also one of the best methods to strengthen your heroes, ensure you do it when you start playing this game. 


Here are the best tips and tricks for this Lemuria Rise of the Delca gameplay. And as you are all well aware that the Lemuria Rise of the Delca release date will be revealed soon because it is open for pre-registrations; keep these tips and tricks in your mind so you can do much better when it is released for you to play officially. Remember that you are the savior of Lemuria to bring peace to the world of Lemuria. 

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