Legend of Neverland Equipment and Spirit Guide

Well, hello, dear gamers, we see that all of us have gathered here for another guide, precisely a Legend of Neverland equipment guide. Before getting carried away with the beginner guide, let us get familiar with the video game, Legend of Neverland.

Legend of Neverland is a new open-world MMORPG game that entered the global gaming world on the 1st of July 2022. The game, developed and published by GameArk, a Hong Kong company, is free-to-play and is available both in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This game perfectly blends Hack ‘n’ Slash and MMORPG themes. 

Legend of Neverland dutifully follows the ideal good vs. evil concept. Cabala’s beautiful and pleasant city is doomed due to the evil surrounding the kingdom. The humans living in Cabala were attacked and forcefully relocated to Neverland. The player’s role in the game is to play the part of the Protector and defeat the Chaos forces with the help of friendly Spirit Guides. Now that we are perfectly familiar with the game, we shall proceed to our Legend of Neverland equipment guide.

Legend of Neverland Equipment: Miru

In some games, there are guides present who will lead you throughout the entire game. One such guide you are bound to meet in Legend of Neverland equipment is Miru. You will meet Miru, your spirit guide, right from the beginning of the game, and Miru will be a companion and a nice feature in the game with whom you will share your entire journey. To know more about Miru, you must select the Equipment Spirit by tapping the menu.

Upgrading Miru

The next crucial point in Legend of Neverland equipment will be the leveling up of Miru. Leveling up any side characters is significant as their updated version will aid you more in combat than the standard version. In Legend of Neverland equipment, you can upgrade Miru by feeding it equipment that is not needed and light stones. Feeding your spirit guide is vital in the game as it will upgrade your spirit, increase your CP permanently, and help you unlock certain features in the game.

You can obtain the Light Crystals to feed Miru from main quests, Shop, Ladder Shop, and activities related to Guilds, and sometimes, if you are lucky, the Giant Bosses will drop you some Light Crystals. As for the equipment, you can claim them from Giant Bosses and Abyss ruins.

Legend of Neverland Equipment: Special Tasks

Special Tasks or Quests, whichever you like, is a necessary procedure in the gaming world. Special Tasks not only help a player to level up but also gain extra rewards and awards. In Legend of Neverland equipment, you will have a chance to play these Special tasks from Monday to Friday every week. By any chance, if you are unable to finish a Special Task, you can finish the following Monday at 5.00 am. 

Apart from these, there is one particular day where you will be able to bag tons of rewards. Every Wednesday you will get an extra special task where you can get many awards. As an additional bonus, you would get many similar rewards when you tend to accept the special tasks. Based on one condition: the monster you are in combat needs to be five levels ahead of the level you are in.

Active Skills

Next up in our Legend of Neverland equipment, we will learn about the active skills you find in the game. There will be a distinctive weapon that belongs in each class of the game. The player is allowed to switch the weapons, and when they do, the class and active skills switch. The player can own three weapons, which can be interchangeable and highly effective in combat. There are two of them primarily as:

  • Skill Awakening: reaching the required level will awaken the active skills. You can awaken the original Skill by finishing the Awakening quests, and these awakened skills are mighty. 
  • Passive Skill: every class in the game owns a set of passive skills. The passive skills can level up the characters’ features in each of these groups. The passive gets massively influential when each of the classes becomes highly active.

Seal Skill

Seal Skills are unique skills unlocked when you complete different Seals. These are directly related to your steady progress in the game. Spending certain currencies, extending to a particular character level, combat power threshold, etc., depends on this particular Skill.

You can look for Seal Skill in Miru”s menu. To unlock these skills, you must complete minute quests under a particular Seal. Players can equip three of the Seals. These Seals are interchangeable with the rest of the seals that have been unlocked.


Tactics can be considered one of the most vital features in the gaming world. Tactics can either break or make the game. In Legend of Neverland equipment, Miru can give you many chances to make your character very powerful, equalling them to the recommended level. Miru can do this by assessing your current CP and your level. Some of these upgrades are on higher levels, such as equipment and high-quality weapons. 


Relics are artifacts that you can arm upgrade your stats further. Your CP will be upgraded in return, and you can manage relics from Miru’s screen. At a single time, you are allowed to arm two relics. By spending a separate currency known as the Victory Mark, the player is allowed to swap or upgrade these two relics. To claim Victory Marks, you have to complete Legion Battles.

Equipment Advance and Enhance

The next The Legend of Neverland equipment guide we will address is the equipment advance and enhancement. An experienced player would know that upgrading your equipment or weapons equals growing a new limb. It is a must the player both advances and enhances the equipment for each of these features has its advantages and will upgrade the stats of the equipment. The enhanced level will be transferred to your equipment when you enhance your equipment. In contrast, advancing your equipment will provide you with a vital stats boost.

Miasma Zone

While in the game, you will see Cabela being infected by the Miasma zone. As the Miasma zone expands, so will Cabala. Frequently Cabala will turn to get infected by the Miasma Zone, and you will be able to see this on the map as well. But certain factors might win a few extra points when in Miasma Zone:

  • Sunlight: In the Miasma zone, there will be a single place where you can get exposed to Sunlight. You are bound to consume Sunlight once in the Miasma zone, and you will get a Sunlight drink from Sunlight. Sunlight is essential, and you need to keep it balanced. Getting attacked by monsters in this Zone tends to reduce Sunlight. When all your Sunlight is complete, you should leave the Zone.

  • Embrace Miasma: The moment you enter the Miasma zone, the wisest thing is to embrace the Miasma Goddess. Players can reduce the Sunlight level from this. Embracing Miasma isn’t very easy, for from the moment you start to embrace her, you will be filled with evil desires. And two players embracing will lead to a player vs. player combat between them.

  • Rare monsters: These monsters can be a massive advantage for you. Every 15 minutes into the game, you will come face-to-face with some rare monsters. Killing these monsters will gain you many rewards, and killing them in the Miasma Zone will double your rewards.


The gaming world had been set on fire with the launch of The Legend of Neverland equipment, and the game developed and produced by GameArk does set the anticipation scale high. We hope our The Legend of Neverland equipment guide provided you with a brief of the gameplay and how it works. We hope our guide will help you have a smooth gaming experience. For a more soothing gameplay experience, you can access the best free emulator: LDPlayer, since it is the perfect option for having a more great gaming experience than ever. 

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