Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Beginner Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

You should check out Legend of Almia: Idle RPG if you are seeking a game that is both simple and entertaining to play in the idle role-playing game genre. This game gives you the opportunity to battle with a variety of legendary heroes and discover the continent of Almia, which is a region rife with hidden enigmas and puzzles. 

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

You can also join guilds and events, enjoy the roguelike mode, gather heroes, and level them up. In this guide for Legend of Almia: Idle RPG, we are going to provide you with some useful hints, methods, and ideas that should make it easier for you to get started with the game and make more headway as you play. Let’s start.

Choosing the Right Heroes in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Choosing the right heroes is crucial for easy progress in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG. In the early stages, two heroes stand out as excellent choices: Niyod and Sair. Niyod can accompany you up to Chapter 12, while Sair serves as a transitional hero during the initial days when you lack other powerful heroes.

Choosing the Right Heroes in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

While a hero lineup may not significantly impact your success initially, it’s important to remember that a six-star hero is generally superior to a five-star hero. Leveraging attribute advantages can lead you to victory. Upgrading any five heroes to six stars in the early stages will provide a solid foundation for overcoming numerous levels.

Government Affairs

Engaging in government affairs is an essential aspect of the game. Each week, you must complete 300 government affairs tasks. To achieve this, you can perform 24 government affairs tasks daily and then use diamonds to purchase ten additional tasks. 

However, it is more cost-effective to limit your purchases to 10 tasks, as scrolls beyond that limit tend to be considerably expensive. You can supplement your task completion by dispatching missions to acquire additional government affairs scrolls.

Transition Lineup for Early Stage of Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Wondering how to progress without powerful heroes or extensive knowledge about them? We have a transitional lineup specifically designed for the early stages. Instead of upgrading five heroes evenly, it is recommended to focus on a single hero. 

Transition Lineup for Early Stage of Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Ideally, choose a hero with group attack skills and easy availability. At lower levels, skills may not be fully unlocked, making attributes the primary factor for success. Any hero with eight stars surpasses the power of five-star Gods and Demons. Sair, with its reliable group attack skills and accessibility for an 8-star upgrade, proves to be a valuable choice in the early stages.

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Lineup Formation

Creating a strong and well-balanced lineup is crucial for success in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG. Here is a recommended civilian formation lineup.

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Lineup Formation
  • Eleanor (14-star) – Positioned as the center, Eleanor’s great damage output is amplified by her level 30 Spiritual Artifact.
  • Koizumi Maru – Boosts damage of teammates upon dying and triggers Eleanor’s level 30 spirit weapon.
  • Jormungand – Acts as the sub-center, providing group control, forbidden treatment, and increased output time and efficiency for Eleanor. Jormungand also possesses excellent damage-dealing capabilities.
  • Berial – Takes on the role of a supporter, providing Eleanor with a damage-increasing aura.
  • Lilian – Serves as the tank, absorbing damage in the front row, taunting surrounding enemies, and creating an optimal environment for Eleanor’s output.

Effective Hero Upgrades

On the first day, Niyod cannot be promoted to a higher star level, but Sair has a high probability of ascending. After successfully completing early levels, utilize an upgraded Sair in battles while keeping the other characters at level 1. 

Effective Hero Upgrades

Once Sair reaches a stage where progression becomes difficult, introduce Njord as a substitute hero when necessary. Remember, you should primarily focus on training Njord until you reach the thirteenth chapter of the main storyline.

The Wish List and Crystal Summoning

The wish list feature allows you to increase the chances of obtaining specific heroes through crystal summoning. To unlock this feature, you must accumulate a certain number of crystal summons. Among the heroes, Ganoderma holds a significant advantage with its group shield and HP healing skills, coupled with high durability and robust shields. 

The Wish List and Crystal Summoning

Niyod remains useful until Chapter 13 and can be continuously cultivated through task rewards. Another valuable hero is Berial, who unlocks the aura skill (available from level 81) that boosts your hero’s attack power and diminishes the enemy’s attack power. Lastly, Cesare possesses an effective group stun ability within a specific range, along with team MP recovery skills.

To summarize the best approach for initial stage clearance, focus on cultivating Sair since there are no other suitable heroes available on the first day. Concentrate on upgrading Niyod until reaching chapter 13 or 14, at which point you can adjust your lineup and replace the central hero.

Resource Management in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Throughout the game, various events such as Hero Summon, Hero Star-up, and Astrolabe Rewards will periodically open, demanding significant drawing resources like Goddess Tears, Prayer Stars, gold, experience, and Sacred Meteors. 

It is advisable to accumulate resources during periods when these events are not active. By hoarding resources, you can maximize the benefits during the events and achieve substantial progress. To obtain additional rewards, make use of the dispatch feature. Each day, seven tasks refresh within the dispatch system, with a maximum limit of 13 tasks. 

To optimize your rewards, complete only one task on the first day and leave the remaining six tasks. This way, you will have a full set of 13 tasks on the second day. Continue this cycle to obtain valuable items and optimize your progression.

Faction Bonuses and Countermeasures

Faction bonuses and countermeasures are crucial in optimizing your lineup in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG. When a certain number of heroes from the same faction are present in your lineup, you gain faction bonuses. Additionally, using heroes from the Genesis or Doomsday factions provides greater bonuses. 

Faction Bonuses and Countermeasures

Faction countermeasures come into play when certain factions counter each other. Consider positioning your heroes strategically to gain a strategic advantage. Selecting the appropriate Divinity is also essential for maximizing the effect of Eleanor’s level 30 Spiritual Artifact. Consider choosing divinities that increase damage, such as Fury, Rage, Synergy, and Magical DMG.

Understanding the importance of position, lineup composition, and heroes is key to achieving victory in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG battles. Position selection plays a vital role. Melee heroes should position themselves in front of the team, while long-range heroes like mages, supports, and healers typically occupy the backline. Destroying the opponent’s AD (Attack Damage)/SUP (Support) heroes should be a priority.

Recommended Heroes for Each Profession of Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Tank Hero Recommendations

  • Ganoderma – Shields, the entire team, provides healing and possesses immunity.
  • Lilian – Equipped with counterattack abilities and the ability to revive once.
  • Vivian – Taunts enemies, knock them up, and possesses a shield.

DPS Hero Recommendations

  • Regulus – Known for high DPS.
  • Izayoi – Functions as a sub-center, supplementing DPS with relatively crisp skills.
  • Niyod – Easily attainable and serves as the main center, immune to certain effects while providing guaranteed output.
  • Eleanor – Deals bonus damage to shields.
  • Raziel – Offers control effects and immunity to double injuries and is an excellent choice for countering opponents.
  • Abaddon – Functions as the main center and can revive when near death.
  • Mulan – Ignores defense and attacks the enemy’s back row.
  • Jormungandr – Deals real damage and provides group control, but may be challenging to obtain.

Healers/Support Hero Recommendations

  • Nuwa – Possesses healing, revival, and energy restoration skills.
  • Gaia – Provides healing, a chance of revival, and control skills.
  • Berial – Buffs remain active for a duration upon entering and dying, making star upgrades less of a priority.

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Shops

There are so many shops in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG and a lot of stuff you can purchase from them; in this section, we will introduce all the shops and provide some advice on how to use them effectively.

  • Fate Shop: The Fate Shop is a crucial destination where you can refresh random items. If you have an abundance of gold, it is highly recommended to refresh the shop as many as 100 times a day. By doing so, you can obtain valuable items such as Sacred Meteor, arena tickets, and magic wheel tickets. Take advantage of the 50% off Sacred Meteor and the 60% off Goddess Tears for great deals.
  • Position Shop: In the Position Shop, it is recommended to purchase at least one Goddess Tear every day. You can also consider acquiring Soul Fire. When it comes to Sacred Meteor, make sure to buy it according to your own situation and requirements.
  • Legion Shop: To obtain legion coins, participate in legion trials. In the later stages of the game, it is highly recommended to purchase equipment upgrade materials, particularly S3 equipment upgrade stones, from the Legion Shop.
  • Hero Shop: Legend of Almia: Idle RPG hero coins can be obtained by disassembling five-star cards. You can also utilize 5000 hero coins for refreshing the Hero Shop. This allows you to have more chances at obtaining desirable heroes.
  • Exploration Shop: In the Exploration Shop, you can obtain Exploration Coins through legion expeditions. During the early stages of the game, consider exchanging these coins for the heroes you need. As you progress, it becomes essential to buy materials for cultivating Spiritual Artifacts. These materials are in high demand and difficult to obtain later in the game. Spiritual Artifacts play a vital role in hero promotion during the advanced stages.
  • Arena Shop: Competitive currency can be obtained by participating in the arena. It is advisable to exchange this currency for Prayer Stars. Additionally, you can also exchange it for heroes based on your specific requirements.
  • Duel Shop: Duel Coins can be acquired by engaging in duels within the arena. It is recommended to exchange these coins for Jormungand and Khaos, two highly valuable heroes. Furthermore, you can consider exchanging your Duel Coins for Starry Gems, which are crucial for upgrading the Divinity. If you have any remaining Duel Coins, it is worth considering exchanging them for Soul Fire and Sacred Meteor.
  • Magic Wheel Shop: Magic Wheel Coins can be obtained by spinning the magic wheel. Utilize these coins to exchange for your desired Legend of Almia: Idle RPG heroes, ensuring that you have a well-rounded team.
  • Astrolabe Shop: The Astrolabe Shop offers Astrolabe Coins, which can be obtained through astrolabe blessings. Make sure to participate in the astrolabe events and utilize the rewards to gain more coins for the shop.
  • Goddess Shop: In the Goddess Shop, you have the opportunity to exchange Goddess Feathers for heroes and Spiritual Artifacts. These artifacts are rare and highly valuable items in the game.


With this beginner guide, you are equipped with valuable insights to excel in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG, an idle RPG. Remember to choose heroes wisely, focusing on Niyod and Sair for early progression while paying attention to government affairs and dispatch tasks. Utilize the wish list to summon crucial heroes and manage your resources wisely for maximum benefits. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can make significant progress in the first seven days of gameplay. Embrace the adventure, conquer challenges, and embark on a thrilling journey in the Legend of Almia: Idle RPG. Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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