Last Ultima Fantasy MMORPG – The Best Beginner Guide with Tips

Have you ever dreamed of going on an adventure in a world with many mysteries, challenges, and missions to accomplish? The Last Ultima Neocraft, an upcoming role-playing game, is good gameplay to get such a fantastic experience. In this game, you are going to defeat enemies that you encounter during your adventure, and also you are going to deal with bosses, which are the most powerful enemy kinds. This Last Ultima review guide will explain all the tips and guidance you should know as a beginner. 

Last Ultima review

The first you enter the game, you must customize your character by choosing a perfect character class. After that, you can start your adventure in this Last Ultima Neocraft gameplay, but the adventure will not flow smoothly because you have to take on many challenges. Even so, you don’t have to worry about a thing as you have this beginner guide to help you in your tough times. 

Fight More and Level Up

Fighting is widespread in this game; you must engage in battles from the moment you enter the game after choosing your preferred character role and customizing your character. When you battle with enemies and defeat them, you can get EXP, which will help you level up in this game. 

The more you fight and defeat enemies, the more you will level up. When you level up, you can unlock new skills for your character according to the role you have chosen at the beginning of the gameplay. 

Fight More and Level Up

Having the best skills for your character will make battling and being victorious easy. Therefore, ensure you fight and defeat the enemies to obtain EXP to level up faster in this game. When leveling up, you can unlock new things in this gameplay, new skills, and many other upgrades for your character. When fighting, always try to perform skill combos to deal great damage to the enemies and be victorious. So you can level up faster here in the Last Ultima Neocraft game. 

Defeat Bosses for Massive Loot Rewards

Besides battling with ordinary enemies, there are bosses to defeat. Defeating bosses is one of the best ways to get massive and valuable rewards for your gameplay. When you defeat bosses, they drop lots of loot items, such as valuable gear items, and also you can get a mass amount of EXP when you defeat bosses. 

Defeat Bosses for Massive Loot Rewards

Therefore, as mentioned in this guide, you should aim to defeat bosses somehow to get the massive loot rewards they drop for you after they get defeated. Bosses are multiple times more powerful when compared to ordinary enemies. But if you can defeat them, you will get rewards for your Last Ultima mobile gameplay. 

Equip Gear for Your Character

Gear can be earned quickly, mainly by defeating bosses. As we said above, bosses will drop you massive loot items when they get defeated. One of the items that the bosses drop for you is gear items. There are gear items with different rarities. In the beginner phase of the game, you only can collect the lower rarity gear items. But you can get advanced higher-tier gear items when you get advanced in the gameplay. 

Equip Gear for Your Character

Depending on the bosses you defeat, you get different tiers of gear items. Every gear has a set of attributes according to the rarity, so when you equip higher rarity gears, your character also gets a powerful set of attributes. Gears have different types; make sure to equip all the gear items for your character to make it powerful enough to face any foe successfully. 

Complete Quests

Quests are your main guidance in this game when you start the game. Quests guide you to the next step you should follow to achieve a good progression in this game. Therefore remember to complete quests and achieve faster progress in this whole gameplay. Completing all the quests gives you many rewards. 

Complete Quests

Therefore, make sure to complete more quests as they give you specific rewards for your gameplay. Every quest has a specific goal to achieve, and also you can check on the possible rewards to obtain by completing the quests. Since quests are an excellent source to earn more rewards, you need to follow quests from the beginning of the game, as mentioned in this Last Ultima review guide. 

Honorific Supremacy

You can rank up here according to the role you choose at the beginning of the game. Initially, you don’t have any honorifics. But when you level up in the game, you will unlock the honorific feature, and then you can level up your honorific rank from no honorific to a specific rank. 

To promote the honorific rank, you must have a particular combat power and some required items in this game. When you have enough combat power, you can promote the honorifics of your character. 

When your honorific rank gets promoted, the character’s attributes will be increased, making your character very powerful. Promoting your honorific rank gives you special rewards, and also, according to the honorific rank you are in, you can get daily free rewards for your gameplay. 

And also, when you fight against opponents with less honorific rank than yours, you can deal additional 10% damage to them, which is very advantageous in battles. So, try to increase or promote your honorific, and then you can have many more benefits in your gameplay. 


As you read this guide, we know you have learned many things about this game. Now that you know about them well, you will be a better player even though you have no experience in this game. With the help of this guide, you know some better tricks, so using them can be a significant challenge to other players. Besides these tips, go for some Last Ultima codes, as these Last Ultima codes always provide you with valuable free items for your gameplay. 

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