Last Mage Standing Beginner Guide – Everything You Should Know

The Last Mage Standing awesome pixel Battle Royale game is developed by Immersion. It’s an adventure-based game. You can play this on whatever you want, like Mobile, PC, or even the web. It has a beautiful playstyle that varies from other games and has good graphics. This game won’t be the same; every day, it has new features added. And here is our Last Mage Standing beginner guide to give you more details about the game

This multiplayer online game is mainly based on collecting guardians and upgrading them while playing the game. Usually, a 2D battle royale diversion with fantasies permits the player to battle with adversaries by joining up. Like each battle royal, this comes with PvE and PvP amusement modes. There are many modes in the game, and there is lots of fun stuff we can do in this game. It is time to explore more from this Last Mage Standing beginner guide. 

A Best Guardian will be the Key

There are all 19 Guardians in this Last Mage Standing game. Through this Last Mage Standing beginner guide, we’ll let you know what these guardians are and their strengths and weaknesses to get an idea about which one to use. 

  • Azai The Rogue: He’s a warrior who damages enemies by spinning two blades. He is a rare type of Guardian. His one weakness is his blades spinning so fast that he easily misses attacks.

  • Boris The Warrior: A common type guardian. We highly recommend you select this one as a starter. He wields a giant axe, and crushing enemies is his main thing. Boris is a tough, specialized tank, but he is slow. 

  • Coalt The Huntress: An epic guardian you will meet here. Attacking enemies with poison is the most desirable thing to do here. Coatl is a priestess. She has a long-range dash and sees poisoned ones; hiding monsters and enemies is her unique ability. 

  • Grimm The Reaper: Belong to the mythical type. He has the ability to extract life from the foes who get in contact with him.

  • Gudrun The Rock Thrower: An epic character in this game. She’s a long-range thrower. She likes to throw rocks at people. These throwings of hers can do massive damage on the battlefield. But the opponents can easily block her attacks by placing walls. 

  • Ha-Yoon The Dragon Wielder: Belongs to the mythical type. She’s holding a dragon chain. That’s why she’s called Dragon Wielder. Her dragon chain can pull every enemy towards her that comes in contact with the chain. She specializes in close-ranged combat. And her weakness is long-range Guardians. 

  • Hanzo The Ninja: This is an uncommon type of Guardian. His primary ability is spying and throwing shurikens at enemies. He’s fast and can be invisible while dashing. But his weakness lies within long-range attackers.

  • Kadira The Archer: Belongs to the Common guardian type. He’s very good at shooting arrows. That is why he became an archer. Kadira is weak in close combat

  • Mei Fang, The Shield Maiden: She has good shielding abilities. She can reflect attacks too. But she is a little slow. 

  • Okoyo The Alchemist: He has the ability to spread poison into larger areas. But the problem is she’s slow. 

  • Pierre le Bélier The Rammer: He’s a mythical type guardian. A front-line breaker. He likes to surprise enemies with his surprise attacks. But closing to enemies will cause you to kill yourself.

  • Piro The Wizard: He’s a common type guardian you encounter in this game. His specialty is fireballs. But he has poor health and does severe damage using his fireballs. 

  • Sigrid The Ice Princess: Uncommon type Guardian. She attacks with her ice balls that can slow enemies. Her weakness lies in strong melee adversaries. 

  • Tayir The Falconer: A legendary type guardian you can find here. He uses his falcon to attack enemies as a long-ranged guardian. But Tayir is a really slow hero.

  • Thompson The Engineer: An epic guardian. He’s a melee range attacker. He can control key points on the map. 

  • Treadwell The Digger: Belongs to the Epic class. He’s very tricky and will be best at ambushing enemies. Treadwell can dig under walls.

  • Tomor The Dizzying Doom: A mythical type guardian. He can expand his attack to 360⁰, and using this attack; you can hit enemies behind you. But he has the shortest range out of all the guardians here. 

  • Ursa The Shaman: One of the rarest characters you can have. She has healing skills but can only heal others, not herself. She’s a Lil bit slow.

  • Vasana The Demon Hunter: Belongs to mythical type. She throws her trident and pierces enemies. But the trident throwing is so slow that any enemy can simply dodge the attack. And she’s a melee-type guardian. 

If you want some smoothing yet better optimizations for these heroes, try LDPlayer, as it will give you all the features to enhance your gameplay for the next level.

Guide for All the Modes

  • Multiple Mode Games: This is a battle royal game you can battle with a trio. If you manage to be the last, you will win.

  • Tower Defense: This mode allows players to play with four players in a team. Building up traps while defending the magical crystal is the mission here.

  • Hold the Gold: This is a duo game that you can play with one of your friends. The mission here is to collect gold.

Last Mage Standing Beginner Guide for Building

You better use this tip when you play this game. You can build up things here. You can build for fun, and you can make traps for enemies. Building up walls to cover yourself from enemy attacks is also a good strategy on battlefields.

Knowing Chests

Many master gamers tell you to spare up chests. Better believe it, you ought to spare chests up to 10. It’s for way better gameplay. Keep playing the battles until you get comfortable with these.

Tips for a Better Gameplay

  • Keep practicing. Before going to battles directly, polish your battling skills through practice.
  • Use auto ads to get extra rewards.
  • Clear side missions and unlock many chests.


That is all for this Last Mage Standing beginner guide, and take out the chance to explore. We taught you everything you want to know to play the game. Good luck with winning.

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