King’s Knights Rush Tips for Beginners – All You Need to Know

If you love strategic battles, King’s Knights Rush is one of the best choices available for you right now. You can start playing this epic game, engaging in an epic journey battling against the foes that trouble you. You can assign the best units to your team so that your combat power increases and you can deal with foes easily. These details are insufficient since you are a beginner; you need some good guidance. In that case, read this King’s Knights Rush beginner guide. 

King's Knights Rush

Once you start to read this guide, you will know a lot more about the game. And then, you can quickly start to play King’s Knights Rush game and have the best victories and progression. So why are you still waiting? Start reading this King’s Knights Rush beginner guide with tips and broaden your gameplay. 

Types of Heroes You May Find

In this game, you can choose a main hero to play from five races: human, barbarian, wood elf, dwarf, and high elf. Besides these races, each race includes heroes of several types. So before we get into the gameplay, we will let you learn the types of heroes you can find in this gameplay.

Types of Heroes You May Find


Gunners are the first type of heroes we will explain to you in this guide. The gunners have the best firing range, making them the heroes with the longest firing distance. How to get the maximum advantage of these gunners? It is simple; you must use the gunner units in open terrain for maximum effectiveness. 

Regarding gunner units, there are different ranks, such as gunner officers, chiefs, etc. If you use gunner officers, they have the skill called Bomb Carpet that allows you to bombard an area and heavily damage the enemies within it. And also, the gunner chief has the skill called Explosive Barrels that allows you to place explosive barrels in the path of your enemies. 


Archers are the next type of heroes you can find in this game, and these archers are formidable at medium range but less effective than warriors in close combat. The archer officers have the arrow shower skill that lets you unleash a volley of arrows on your enemies. You should aim carefully and take into account a slight delay between the order to fire and the arrival of the arrows. 

And the next skill the archers have is the poisoned arrows, which allow you to command all your archers to use poisoned arrows. In addition to normal damage, the poisoned enemy will lose health throughout the battle. 


These wizards, also known as mages in this game, use fireballs that are particularly effective against units from beyond the grave. When you place a mage unit into the team, you can heal your teammates when they get injured severely. And also, the attacks of mages inflict heavy damage. Therefore you can use them against enemies and have the most effective results. 


This is another type of hero you will find in this game, and these heroes have the best traps with them that are a huge plus on some missions. With the deadly traps skills of thieves, you can set up traps along the path of your enemies. And these traps inflict heavy damage and can be very useful in specific missions. And also another skill of the thieves is a poisoned zone where you are allowed to poison an area. Any enemy crossing this zone will be infected for a certain period. 


Warriors are also a type of hero in this game. These warriors are very effective in close combat. You can use them in congested and small spaces where the archery and gunner fire is ineffective. Since the warriors are suitable for close combat, identify your situation during the King’s Knights Rush gameplay and have more benefits in using them. 

Complete Previous Chapters

Completing the previous chapter missions is one of the best tips you can follow when you play this game. When you enter the chapter stage, you can see three missions with different difficulty levels. You will get the chance to complete missions according to the level you are in the gameplay. 

Complete Previous Chapters

At first, you can complete one mission, and gradually you get the chance to complete more missions, but if you get stuck in a chapter for more time and you feel like it is impossible to complete that chapter, make sure to complete the missions from the previous chapters you completed already. 

Doing so can unlock more stars, improve your talents, and find magic items or weapons to improve the unit’s equipment. You cannot pass through a particular chapter stage because your unit is not powerful enough. So you can complete the previous chapter missions in this King’s Knights Rush game and earn the required items to improve your talents and your unit’s equipment. 

Unlock Royal Chests

When you complete missions, you can get stars according to your performance shown in completing the missions. According to the stars you get, you get rewards. One of the best rewards you can get by completing missions is royal chests. 

But you have to complete your missions with three stars. When you complete the missions with three stars, you get royale chests to obtain freely valuable gems, weapons, magical items, and relics. You can get up to four royal chests in this King’s Knights Rush game, and since they give you the most valuable items for free, make sure to try your best to earn them for your King’s Knights Rush gameplay. 

Formations to Use in the Battles

King’s Knights Rush lets you choose from different formations when you assign different units to the battle team to battle against the enemies. Here the game has given you many different formations. In this guide, we will look at all the formations so that you can choose a better one for you. 

Formations to Use in the Battles
  • Grouping – this is the formation that lets you group your men in squares, which you can use in a situation that uses the protection of healing talent to impact all of your team units. 
  • Single Line – this is another formation that positions your units as a single line. You can choose this formation when enemies come from a single direction. 
  • Double Line – this is an effective formation to be used in tight spaces and against an enemy wave coming from a single direction. 


Here are all the details you should learn when you start playing this King’s Knights Rush fantastic gameplay. As this is a thrilling strategy gameplay on your mobile phone, we know you are eager to play it. Now that you have this beginner guide, including the best tips and tricks, you can start playing the game perfectly. 

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