Infinite Links

Infinite Links is a game associated with the magical items named Talismans. That has a considerable power that can make any wish real. A girl and a boy will be the main characters in here. Kronos, the boy you confront, is a training wizard who wants to be a great wizard in one day. The name of the girl is Serene. Kronos and Serene are considered to be siblings. But soon after the beginning of the game, they will have been enveloped with the conspiracy of the Talisman. The game flows on the dilemma of saving themselves through the threatening dangers in the world.

Infinite Links game

There will be a Skill Board that you can use for the acquisition of skills to equip Talismans. Through that, it can change into more fatal moves during the turn-based battles. You can get more benefits through the forging and upgrading of the Talismans and the weapons. You can do this from the materials and find some strategic elements that can make battle formations and traps. There will be several quests, monsters, and area achievements waiting for you with a challenge.

Infinite Links Game Features

  • As Infinite Links is an app that includes ads, there will be some ads on specific screens. But, you can play Infinite Links free of charge.
  • Eliminating apps can be done in the game. For that, you have to go through the in-app purchases. and buy the Ed Eliminator. That will be available only for the freemium edition of Infinite Links. But there will be no bonus of the 150 Divine Gems in that edition.
  • There is a premium edition that has the 150 bonus of Devine Gems. You cannot transfer the saved date between the premium edition and the freemium edition of Infinite Links in that edition.
  • The premium edition of Infinite Links will not contain any ads during the gameplay. If you get the Premium edition, you need to have a network connection when you start the application and purchase it. You can play the remaining part of the Infinite Links offline.
  • To use this, you have to agree with the agreement of EULA and Privacy Policy and Notice. Without agreeing to the conditions, you cannot download the game.
  • The game Infinite Links will support the OS devices of 6.0 and up generations.
  • The game controller of Infinite Links belongs to the category of partially supported.
  • The supporting languages of Infinite Links are Japanese and English.
  • The players can enable and activate the Save backup during the game, but there will be no support to the transfer. This will happen to non-supported devices. There is a need for the storage of the SD card for some enabled devices. So, give special attention to that fact when you download the game.
  • The developers of Infinite Links have tested the function of the game and conclude that Infinite Links supports any mobile device released in Japan.

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