Identity V

This asymmetrical horror mobile game will flow and be surrounded with fear springs from an unknown source. Players have to be ready for being in a thrilling party. You can play this mobile horror game developed by NetEase. It has composed of gothic elements, and there is an exciting storyline of the game mysterious game elements with 1vs4 gameplay. You can get a breathtaking experience by playing Identity V.

Identity V Game

Identity V Game Features

  • In Identity V, you will experience amazing asymmetrical combats from 1vs4. You will find four survivors in the game. They are from the ruthless hunter, decode cipher machines, and are supported by their teammates. You will see the open gate with escape also.
  • There will be a hunter who is friendly with you and your abilities of killing. Here, you have to be ready to grab it and harm your prey.
  • When you travel back to the Victorian era, you can taste the lifestyle of that period with the gothic visualizations.
  • There will be more compelling backgrounds when you enter the game as a detective agency with a mysterious letter from someone. It has invited him to explore the abandoned manor. There, he has to find a lost girl. When you get closer, you will find many terrifying details.
  • In the game, you will find some random maps. There will be some adjustments also. When you play the game, you can adjust the map according to that. So, you cannot explore what will happen in the next step of the game.
  • During the game, you can select and play with some distinct characters. You can choose several characters from the form. You can customize them with the support given by the characters in the game. that need to fit with your strategies. that will turn the path to victory.
  • To get additional information, you can visit the official website of Identity V. there will be the latest updates on the Facebook page of Identity V and Twitter accounts. You can subscribe to the Identity V YouTube channel also. There is a Discord site of the game.
Identity V Game Features

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