Horror Brawl

Horror Brawl: Terror Battle Royale is an action game from Keplerians Horror games. The game belongs to the category of teens. Horror Brawl is a game that can play by multi-players, and that has to play online. During the game, you have to act the role of the shooter. There you have to shoot the other players of the Keplerian sagas. There will be a more iconic and significant setting to them. You have to attack them and escape through the Nazrat portal in the game. Horror Brawl is a terrifying game among the genre of horror games.

Horror Brawl game

There is a possible chance of annihilating your game objective by any player in the game. For better gameplay of Horror Brawl, you have to look for the stage and then empower yourself with the best weapons you can obtain. Then you can open chests and look for the healing kits. You can search Chaos Crystals also. When you collect more Chaos Crystals, you can turn them to the Evil Nun. If not, you can turn them into some villains. For example, there will be villains who seems like Ice Scream. Mr. Meat is another villain in the game. They can annihilate their rivals with the abilities they possess.

During the game, you can look for the best hiding places available to you. Because in a horror game, you have to play with that and look for the secrets hidden among Horror Brawl’s gloomy rooms. This is a unique and different game that you can get a fantastic experience of if you love horror games. In Horror Brawl you have to consider some important features.

Horror Brawl  Game Features

  • In Horror Brawl, you can obtain a HORROR PASS. Through that, you can accomplish missions and get more experience. That will be useful to unlock and get some rewards when you finish the Battle Pass.
  • The players have the freedom to change and adjust the appearances of their characters and even the horrors.
  • There will be equipped backpacks and bats. Using them, you can arrange one-of-a-kind outfits in the game.
  • The players can unlock all the rarities of the weapons. Namely, they are Common, and Rare. Others are Epic and Legendary.
  • When you play Horror Brawl, you have to show emotion to your opponents. Continue to do this even in the game and the lobby.
  • There will be a map which has painted with graffiti on it. Through this, you can remember the areas that you have already passes. Keep this trick in your mind.
  • You will find number of missions like daily and weekly. There are some seasonal missions also. Through these, you can level up all your characters in Horror Brawl.
  • In the reward box, you will get some exclusive Keplerians gifts throughout the tenure of Horror Brawl.
  • Horror Brawl is a game that follows consistent developments. There will be extra maps and fun in each game season. You can enjoy more game modes and accessories and the ranking of the game shortly. To obtain that, you have to turn on the auto updates.
  • Horror Brawl is a game that you can download for free, and it will contain ads. But. To buy some items in Horror Brawl, you have to spend real money. If you do not prefer that feature, you can ignore that. For that, you have to deactivate the in-app purchase through your device setting.

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