Horror Brawl Beginners Guide

The Star Battle Royal game, Horror Brawl, is a fantastic game that has become more popular among the players quickly. The game has officially released on the 7th of October this year. This has been labeled as the most promising Horror battle game through the mode of Royale. You can play this on iOS devices. Also through Android devices. To play the game, it will go around 200 MB in size.

Horror Brawl

Horror Brawl will perform and run through any device without making any restrictions for the performance. Today, we thought of going around the basic details of Horror Brawl. You will see interesting facts to discuss about this latest horror game. Horror Brawl is a game that all of you should try this year. Without further delay, let us move to the Horror Brawl beginners guide, which will give an exciting horror experience for all of you.

Horror Brawl | Background Details

The latest horror game, which has divulged from Battle Royale game Horror Brawl, can play on iOS platforms. If you are an Android user, even you can play Horror Brawl without any disturbances. Horror Brawl is a game owned by Keplerians Horror Games. Sometimes you might not be familiar with the name of this company. Do you remember the horror games named Ice cream and Evin nun or Mr. Meat? All of those extremely horror games are creations by Keplerian.

If you remember the game Evil Nun saga’s school, you have already known that you can control all four survivors with the help of the other sagas. You can take the help from them to discover new places. You can get some secret items which are in the rooms. Sometimes, they might be in the caves also. To join, you need to do a selection on one character out of the four characters.

Once you select a character, you can move to the looting of the houses. There will be crates and caves also. Through them, you can obtain weapons. You will also find some Health kits. You can kill the rivals to the surviving. You can continue to do this till the end of the match and be the winner of Horror Brawl. Now let us head on to the main game details and a game guide for the newbies of Horror Brawl. Follow this for a fantastic Horror Brawl gameplay.

Background Details

Horror Brawl | Characters

When you play Horror Brawl, you can see there is a division among the characters. You will see two categories of characters. The first category is Kids, and the second category is Horrors. While entering the game, you have to select one kid out of the selection. Then the matchmaking will emerge with a set of wide-ranged skills. Out of that, you can select your most-loved one. Most of the characters that come as Kids and Horrors are those you have already met in Keplerian.

Sometimes, you might remember these characters because most of them exist in Ice cream or Evil nun. Maybe even in the Mr. Meat. So, as the Kids characters in Horror Brawl, you will see J, William, Charlie, or Rebecca. As the Horrors characters in Horror Brawl, you will get in touch with Sister Madeline.

Horror Brawl | Loot Chests

In Horror Brawl, you have to look for the loot Chests. These items are essential for you in many aspects. Through Loot Chests, you can number of weapons and loots. They can offer healing items for you. There are many more advantages to the Loot Chests. You have to check each corner of the chests as soon as possible after completing the loot. That is the critical element of surviving in Horror Brawl.

Horror Brawl | Player customization

When you play Horror Brawl, you can customize the characters you confront in the game. There are various methods on selecting the players. Mainly they are accessories and emotes. There are weapons that you can customize in Horror Brawl. Now, let us see the main details of these three key areas.

  • You can change the accessories in Horror Brawl. The players can get items like bags and baseball bats, and there are many more.
  • You can arrange the emotes in Horror Brawl. The players can get emotes as Primary emotes in Horror Brawl. There will be the basic emote that can unlock with the use of the default. That will mainly use in the Clap emote.
  • You can customize the weapons in Horror Brawl. The players can get primary weapons. You can select any gun out of that and adjust it as you prefer.
Horror Brawl Player customization

Horror Brawl| Quality of the graphics

The graphics that you find in Horror Brawl are amazing. The players get four options in the setting, and the first two are Low and Normal. You also see High and Ultra. You have to select that by comparing it with your mobile phone to choose a most-appropriate one.

Skins and resources

When you play Horror Brawl, you will get some skins. There are resources that you can use. To get the available items in the game, you have to spend money. Horror Brawl has a default currency. That in-game currency is Coin Packs and Gem packs, and using these in-game currencies; you can buy skills. You will see some items in the game that you can directly buy from the shop in Horror Brawl.

Horror Brawl has several skins. You can buy those skins by spending resources or the gems that you have. There are free obtaining items to obtain also. Such things are accessible by default.

Skins and resources

Rewards and Challenges

Here, you have the chance of getting some free rewards. Even they are default in the game. You can collect them for free whenever they appear. Sometimes, you have to unlock some levels and quests to collect rewards. You will confront those with the progression in the game. You can get tips for money also. To get those paid rewards, you have to go to the game shop and purchase them. In Horror Brawl, there are three main categories of rewards. Namely, they are Rare, Epic, and the Legendary. You can identify these rewards by type also.

Horror Brawl offers different types of challenges to you. There are daily challenges and seasonal challenges for you. When talking about the daily challenges in Horror Brawl, you can easily with those challenges and obtain rewards. There will be only two or three daily challenges. The seasonal challenges are based on different gaming seasons. They are pretty lengthy, and they will consume more time. These seasonal challenges can see in large quantities.

Rewards and Challenges

Horror Pass

The Horror Pass in Horror Brawl can introduce as a VIP Pass in the game. That is similar to the Battle Pass. Through the Horror Pass, you can get different skins and unlock them. Presently, there are two types of Horror Passes in Horror Brawl. You can buy those passes if you like. The first available Horror Pass is Recompenses VIP, and there will be 590 Gems in the past. The other Horror Pass is Recompenses VIP +30 Niveles. That includes 1420 Gems.


This is the essential guide about Horror Brawl. As a basic terror game, Horror Brawl will be a fantastic experience for you all. This guide will be much helpful to a Horror Brawl newbie. This is a game that can recommend playing any game lover. You can experience many new game features and other horror game attributes by playing Horror Brawl. So, download Horror Brawl by today and enjoy this Horror based by exciting game.

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