Honor of Heirs Beginner Guide with Best Tips for the Land of Avalon

The Honor of Heirs gameplay is a role-playing P2Eb game that introduces three classes for you to choose between and have a long adventurous journey with the class you select while upgrading it into more advanced subclasses. So, with this guide specially made for beginners waiting to participate in this game, you can learn everything about this gameplay and some of the best tips to use. 

Honor of Heirs gameplay

The adventures are fascinating, and various types of enemies are on your way to conquer and continue your adventurous journey. As it is gameplay with such beautiful scenarios, you should play it now at this exact moment, but do not worry about the Honor of Heirs release date anymore because it has already been released. 

Honor of Heirs Classes

Right after entering the Honor of Heirs gameplay, it forces you to select a class from the three classes here, and with knowledge of each class, you can understand what class you want to select. So, with this guide, we are here to help you choose the best class out of all the Honor of Heirs classes explaining everything you should have to choose the best. 


Honor of Heirs Classes

Warrior can be mainly defined as a massive damage dealer who causes vast amounts of damage at once and a tank that can absorb lots of damage dealt by the enemies at once. Warrior is a class who can be known as a balanced fighter because of the balance between defense and attack. 

When you rank up this class to different ranks, you are given sub-classes of this Warrior class, such as Paladin, Berserker, Gladiator, Crusader, etc. So, if you choose Warrior, you can upgrade the Warrior class by selecting your preferred path. 



If you want to choose a class with better crowd control skills and damage dealer per second, then your choice can be the Ranger class which includes all these features you dreamed of having in your hero. 

This class has the best sniping skills thanks to the bow and arrow they use, and the next weapon the Ranger class characters have is the pair of daggers. If you choose this class, you can upgrade this class into more subclasses eventually, such as Assassin, Hunter, Rogue, and Marksman. 



This is a support class hero with the best support skills and control abilities. As supporters, they use elemental power with runes to support the allies while using the same powers to deal with the enemies negatively. You can upgrade the Elementalist class into Magician, Sage, Warlock, and Scholar according to your preferences. 

Now you are good at choosing the best class among all the Honor of Heirs classes for you because of the knowledge you obtain through this guide, be wise and think well. After that, you must choose a better class among the Honor of Heirs classes that you feel will be advantageous in every aspect. 

Honor of Heirs Gameplay – Soulstones

There are various types of soulstones, and using these soulstones, you can activate skills for your characters besides the skills the character gains through the class you choose. The types of soulstones here are Skill soulstone, Attack soulstone, HP soulstone, Defense soulstone, and Special soulstone. 

Honor of Heirs Gameplay - Soulstones

Once you obtain a soulstone, you can tap on Quick Inlay, and when you tap on it, you can inlay the soulstone, which will give you a chance to add new skills to your character. And as there are many types of soulstones, each will provide you with various stats. For example, if you inlay the Skill soulstone, it will give your character new skills, and if you inlay the Attack soulstone, it will increase the attack attributes of the character. 

You can upgrade all these soulstones by using the relevant requirements, such as Soulstone Shards and Mithril, and once you upgrade these soulstones, it will increase the stats supplied through these soulstones. If there are soulstones that you did not inlay and obtain skills for the character, then you can salvage them to gather more gold which is a basic currency here.

Honor of Heirs – Dungeon Events

Participating in dungeon events will be another essential thing that a beginner should learn because there are various dungeon events you can take part in. First, there are basic quests, advanced challenges, and event logs in the dungeons that you can take part in and earn more rewards. 

Honor of Heirs - Dungeon Events

As a beginner, the first thing that will be unlocked for you is the Basic Quests so we will tell you more about these Basic Quests in the dungeon events. In the Basic Quests, four main dungeons are available, Soulstone Dungeon, Partner Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and Gold Dungeon, and once you complete the main quests to some extent, you will be able to unlock all these Basic Quests. 

Here participating in each dungeon will give you a chance to gather the relevant things that the names of each dungeon suggest. If you take part in the Soulstone dungeon, you will be able to earn soulstones, and if you take part in Partner Dungeon, then you can earn Partners, and through the Equipment Dungeon, you can accumulate more equipment pieces for your character and through the Gold Dungeon, you can earn more gold. 

In each dungeon, you have to take down a particular demon or a monster and use the command layout well to win the battles. In the command layout, you have a joypad to move the character so as not to get hit by the enemy attacks, various skills you have obtained through different means, and also the primary attack option with the dodging icon. Using all these icons, you can perform well in the gameplay. 

How You Can Earn More in Honor of Heirs Gameplay 

Mainly there are two types of currencies in this game, Honco and Mithril, and from both of these currencies, the Honco has the real value in the P2E concept. The Mithril is also needed to maintain good power in this gameplay, and you can use Mithril to exchange for Honco. 

Since you know the fundamental currency to earn more Honco, which has the P2E value, is Mithril, after gathering Mithril through various dungeons or rank competitions, you can exchange Mithril with Honco bound to a specific rate. And if you want more Mithril which needs to do many things in the game, you can exchange Honco with Mithril too. Now let us see the steps of earning money through these exchanges in this game. 

  • Step One – go to the Mint in the Menu option from the main game screen. 
  • Step Two – You can exchange Mithrill for Honco at the rate of one hundred thousand Mithril to obtain one Honco, but you need to gather more than five hundred thousand Mithril in your game account. Or, you can exchange Honco for Mithril. But to exchange Honco for Mithril, you must have the appropriate amount of Honco for that. 
  • Step Three – you must be connected to the WEMIX ID through the game to connect the game with the wallet, and for that, you should have an account in the WEMIX. This way, you can earn more money and have great P2E gameplay. 

Honor of Heirs Gameplay Tips

  • Since this is an adventure journey in which you have more battles to face everywhere you go, and sometimes you will obtain equipment pieces when you win the battles. And if so, you must equip them no matter whether your character is battling with enemies or running toward something because when you equip the gathered pieces for your character, your character’s power will increase. You will never have to worry about being defeated in battles, as the better equipment pieces will always protect your character. 
Honor of Heirs Gameplay Tips
  • Turning on the auto-battle option when you unlock it is another tip you can use in this gameplay, and here, when you do so, there is no need to take your character to the relevant places or tap on skill icons to battle with enemies. But your character will battle and move automatically from one place to the other. 
  • The next tip is completing the main quests, which will lead you to expand your gameplay in no time. Even though there are many things in this game, everything is unavailable to you. But the more you complete the main quests, the quicker you add new features to your Honor of Heirs gameplay. Therefore as mentioned here, make sure you will complete the main quests. 


These are the best tips with the basics you should follow when you enter the Honor of Heirs gameplay, and as this is P2E gameplay, we are glad to give you some essential details regarding it too. So, get ready to be a hero by choosing a better class for you and adding new skills and partners for your journey by participating in different dungeons with the best tips.  

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