Honkai Star Rail Beginner Guide with Tips for the Gameplay

Welcome to the world of Honkai Star Rail! In this game, you play as the MC, March 7th, and Danheng on the planet Jarilo-VI to solve a problem that could stop the rest of your team from moving forward. As you travel through the linear dungeons of the overworld and the slums of the planet below, you will face challenges, fight battles, and meet people you didn’t expect to help you. 

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail differs from most dungeon exploration games because it has a turn-based combat system, and each character has a unique element and role in battle. It also has a linear exploration system. This guide is meant to give you the basics and tips you need to make your Honkai Star Rail journey as easy and fun as possible. So get ready to join March 7th and Danheng on their exciting journey through the stars.

Honkai Star Rail Gameplay

Since it is from the same company, you will see that the overworld gameplay in Honkai Star Rail is similar to “Genshin Impact,” but with a more linear structure. Players can explore each level and are limited to having only one character on the field at a time, which can be swapped out easily. 

The game features waypoints that can heal the player, but only five times, with a recharge time of about 10 minutes. The game also includes a stamina feature, “Trailblaze powder,” which is used to traverse through “cocoons of distortion” and collect materials for character ascension. The “Fragmentum Abyss” are rough-lite challenges that focus on defeating enemies in the shortest number of turns possible.

Combat Gameplay

Combat Gameplay

The combat and navigation can be explained as a hybrid of both open-world and linear gameplay. In an open area, you get to go exploring and inspecting the enemies. Before you enter into the battle, you can check information like their level and elements’ weaknesses. Once you check that before you start a match, you can choose to start the battle with one of your character’s techniques; according to the technique, you will start the battle with an effect like applying a debuff to the enemy or any other effect. 

Honkai Star Rail Action Economy

All of your characters have a normal attack, skill attack, ultimate, passive skill, and technique. Unlike other games, you will not get to use your skills all the time. All your skills have five charges; when you run out of charges, you have to do a normal attack to regain them. For one normal attack, you get one skill charge. Your ultimate charge up when your character suffers damage or when you attack. 

The maximum you have to gather to use the ultimate is 120. If you do a normal attack, you add 20 points to the ultimate; skill attacks add 30, and ultimately add 5. The number of points when you take damage depends on the enemy type and attack they made. 

Honkai Star Rail Action Economy

The next one is the technique; how the combat starts will be determined by the technique you use. Some techniques have a freeze effect; some will apply a debuff to the enemy; if it is a healer, you could start with healing the party or placing a DOT. The character you should start the battle with depends on the technique you are going to use and the elemental weakness. 

But you can’t always use the technique. This is because the technique also has a five stacks limit, just like the skills. When you use them, they will be depleted, and it takes a while to recharge. So you have to also think about using them when it is actually necessary. 

There are so many battles that you can go through paying attention to any of this, but there comes a time you have to use everything in your book to win. That means you have to think about using your skills. This is especially true when it comes to a healing class. You have to always keep at least two skill points available at all times, but you also have to build up the ultimate skill. Learning to manage all that will surely make your life easier. 

Elemental Weakness

One of the conditions that you should check before starting a battle is elemental weakness. The elemental weakness in Honkai Star Rail works differently than in other games. In Honkai Star Rail there are seven elements; Physical, Ice, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Quantum, and Imaginary. Each of your characters does one of this elemental-type damage. 

The next thing you have to know is the enemy’s toughness. When a battle begins, you will see that enemies have two bars: a toughness bar and a health bar. If you do not break the toughness bar you will do low damage against that enemy. But if you break it, you will do increased damage with all the attacks, and it places a DOT on the enemy. 

Elemental Weakness

You can’t break the toughness bar with your normal attack; above the enemy health bar, you will see the element they are weak against; if you want to break the toughness bar, you have to attack that enemy with that element. Then according to the elemental type attack used to break the shield following things will happen.

  • Physical attacks are spells that use brute force to hurt the opponent. They hit hard and deal extra damage, which can leave the opponent vulnerable to bleeding. This means that not only will they take immediate damage, but they will also take ongoing damage over time.
  • Ice spells use the power of ice to freeze the target. This makes it difficult for the opponent to defend themselves, and they will also take damage over time from the steady stream of ice damage.
  • Wind spells use the power of the wind to tear through the opponent. They deal damage called Wind damage and apply the Wind Shear effect. However, the user of this spell will also take Wind damage.
  • Fire spells ignite the battlefield and cause Fire damage. They also apply the Burn effect, which means that the opponent will continue to take Fire damage over time and will be slowly burned to ashes.
  • Lightning spells are spells that cause a flash of destruction. They deal Lightning damage and apply the Shock effect, making it difficult for the opponent to dodge the continuous stream of Lightning damage over time.
  • Imaginary spells tap into the realm of the mind, slowing down the opponent’s actions and lowering their speed. This gives the user the upper hand in battle, making it easier to evade the opponent’s attacks and strike at the right moment.

Overall, each elemental ability brings its own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. Whether it’s through brute force or cunning strategy, the use of these elements can greatly impact the outcome of a battle.

Character Power-Ups

Honkai Star Rail has a unique take on character building and progression. In this game, you will find familiar mechanics, such as increasing a character’s level with Exp books and developing their skills with a basic attack, skill, and ultimate skill. However, the game also offers unique features, such as relics and light cones, that provide special bonuses and effects to further enhance your characters.

Character Power-Ups

One of the key features of Honkai Star Rail is the ability to upgrade your characters’ skills. At ascension level one, you have the option to level up your skills, but new skills must be unlocked first by completing the skill tree. In addition to the main skills, you can also upgrade your passive skills for added benefits.

Another important aspect of the game is the relics, which belong to specific sets. Equipping a certain number of relics from the same set provides a set bonus, such as increased attack or skill damage. This adds an extra layer of strategy to character building, as players must choose which relics to equip to maximize their bonuses.

In Honkai Star Rail, weapons are replaced with light cones, which are obtained through the gacha system. These light cones are class-based and provide characters with HP, Atk, defense, and special effects like increased damage dealt. You can equip them even to the wrong character class, but you will not unlock the beneficial effect of the light cone. By leveling up the light cones, you can increase their stats and even add extra effects through Superimposition by combining three light cones of the same grade.

Finally, players can unlock a character’s Eidolon by spending duplicates. This enhances the character’s skills and provides additional benefits, although it can be challenging for free-to-play players who do not participate in summons frequently. 

Game Modes

The Honkai Star Rail has a number of additional game modes in addition to its primary content. One of these modes is the Trailblaze Power, which functions in much the same way as the resin does in the Genshin Impact. 

Trailblaze Power is a resource that can be used to participate in unique battles, which can result in the acquisition of rewards such as relics, materials that can be used to level up characters, and other items. This resource is replenished throughout the course of time.

Game Modes

Herta’s Simulated Universe is an additional mode that can be played, and it consists of two distinct sub-modes: the exploration mode and the challenge mode. Within the exploration mode, you are placed in a dungeon environment where you must clear many floors while also earning blessings and curiosities as you proceed. The player’s prowess is then put to the test in the challenge mode, in which they face off against a formidable boss while making use of whatever bonuses they may have acquired in the exploring mode.

One other game mode in Honkai Star Rail is called the Forgotten Hall. This model is quite comparable to the Spiral Abyss mode found in Genshin Impact. It comprises 15 floors, each of which has its own distinct objectives, and it provides players with a significant amount of rewards if they are successful in fulfilling all of the game’s objectives.


This is the information we feel is essential for any Honkai Star Rail beginner who would like to know about the game. Since most of these details are drawn from the Honkai Star Rail CBT, they may be subject to change before the full global release. As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know. For your attention, We thank you.

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