Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M Beginner Guide – Top Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M, a new mobile strategy game that puts you in control of a mighty army! In this game, you will recruit legendary generals from history, such as Lu Bu, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan, and lead them to victory in battle. You will also need to build a strong economy and develop your kingdom in order to become the most powerful player in the world.

Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

If you are new to Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M, this beginner guide will provide you with essential tips and tricks to help you get started. We will cover everything from gear acquisition to troop type and formation counters and even developing the mighty Lu Bu. So let’s dive in and start conquering Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M.

What You Should Know About the City

The City serves as the central hub for Lords in their exploration of the Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M. It houses essential buildings that are essential to your progress. Let’s explore these buildings and their functions:

  • Main City: This building allows you to have an overview of the cities you have conquered in and develop them with ease. Collect Silvers and other resources generated by your cities with a single click, provided you are a VIP or have reached Lv. 52 in the Main City. Remember to collect resources in a timely manner, as the Main City can store them for a maximum of 8 hours.
Main City
  • Clinic: Even the strongest warriors need healing. The Clinic is where you can tend to the wounds of your Generals. The healing speed adjusts based on your level, and you can prioritize the healing order of specific Generals to ensure their quick recovery.
  • EXP Tower: When you want to level up your Generals and unlock their skills but lack EXP, the EXP Tower is your solution. Basic Training can be done with Silvers, while Advanced Training requires Gold. The required resources for Training vary based on the level of your Generals.
  • Arena: The Arena unlocks nine special gameplay modes, offering unique experiences. The availability of these modes is determined by your level. Once you reach the required level, you can enter the Arena and engage in the gameplay modes that interest you. Prepare to test your skills and rise through the ranks.
  • Hall of Fame: The Hall of Fame showcases the top heroes and champions on the current server. If you aspire to be among the best, you’ll need to reach level 42 to enter the Hall of Fame. Focus on leveling up and strive to leave your mark in the annals of Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M.
  • Storehouse: The Storehouse is where you equip your Generals with exceptional gear. Upgrade, enhance, transmog, and socket gems into your gear to strengthen your Generals further. Additionally, you can sell unwanted gear for Silvers, which can be used for further development.
  • Tavern: The Tavern is a gathering place for all Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M Generals. If you desire high-quality and rare Generals, the Tavern is where you can recruit them. Spend Gold to refresh the available recruits, and you might encounter 5-star or higher-star rare Generals. Increase your Affinity with the Generals by treating them with Silvers or Golds, and once the Affinity reaches a certain level, you can recruit the Generals to join your team.

Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M Gear

Gear plays a crucial role in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M in enhancing the attributes of your Generals, improving their offensive or defensive capabilities. In intense PVP battles, having better gear can be the decisive factor. But how can you acquire gear with better attributes? Let’s explore the different categories and sources of gear.

Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M Gear

Classification of Gear

In Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M Gear is classified into five qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. The higher the quality, the better the growth potential. Collecting higher-level weapons in the game is an important way to increase your power.

Sources of Gear

Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M offers various ways to acquire gear, and the quality of gear obtained differs depending on the source. Here’s a general overview of the different sources:

  • Random Drops during Conquering Cities: There’s a chance of obtaining high-quality gear while conquering cities.
  • Random Drops when Performing Harvest: You can get low-quality gear through harvesting.
  • Random Drops from Quests: Quests can reward you with low-quality green gear, and some special events may yield high-quality gear shards.
  • Purchase through Top-up Event: Participating in top-up events can grant you high-quality gear.
  • Exchange through Cumulative Top-up: Accumulating top-up points allows you to exchange them for high-quality gear.
  • Fuse High-quality Gear Shards: You can fuse high-quality gear shards obtained from event rewards, such as sign-in bonuses.
  • Drops from Defeating Bosses: Defeating bosses can yield gear, including high-quality gear, from both Hex Gold Chest and Hex Silver Chest.

Dealing with Excess Gear

When your pouch is full and unable to accommodate new gear, you can easily manage your inventory. Simply click on “Pouch – Gear” to access your gear inventory and sell unwanted gear. The “Sell All” feature helps you efficiently sell low-quality gear and earn Silver, which can be used for further development.

Exclusive Gear

Some Generals in the Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M have exclusive gear designed specifically for them. After obtaining and equipping their exclusive gear, their power will significantly increase. Keep an eye out for these exclusive gear opportunities and strengthen your Generals to dominate the battlefield.

Gear Boost, Upgrade, and Transmog

Once you obtain rare and powerful gear, the Storehouse becomes a vital location for further enhancements. In the Storehouse, you can boost the attributes of your gear, upgrade their quality, and even transmog them to change their appearance. Utilize the Storehouse to maximize the potential of your gear and create a formidable force.

Troop Type & Formation Counter

On the land of Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M, Generals lead their troops into battle, and victory is not easily achieved without the help of troops. Understanding troop-type counters and formation counters is essential for effective strategizing in battles. Let’s explore these concepts further.

Troop Type & Formation Counter

Troop Type Counter

Different troop types have strengths and weaknesses against one another. Knowing the troop-type counter relationships will allow you to effectively use fewer troops to overpower enemies when necessary. Here is a breakdown of the troop-type counters:

  • Podao is strong against Bow, Knife, Tribe, Turban, and Amazon.
  • Pike is strong against Podao, Violence, Tribe, Hammer, Bramble, Turban, and Amazon.
  • Glaive is strong against Podao, Pike, Greataxe, Violence, Tribe, Bramble, and Turban.
  • The bow is strong against Pike, Glaive, Greataxe, Knife, Hammer, and Turban.
  • Hammer is strong against Podao, Glaive, Tribe, Bramble, Turban, and Amazon.
  • The knife is strong against Pike, Glaive, Greataxe, and Hammer.
  • Violence is strong against Podao, Greataxe, Bow, Knife, Tribe, Hammer, Bramble, and Turban.
  • Bramble is strong against Podao, Knife, Turban, Bow, and Amazon.
  • Turban is strong against Knife, Tribe, and Amazon.
  • Amazon is strong against Glaive, Bow, Knife, and Violence.

Understanding these counters will give you an advantage in battles, allowing you to choose the right troops to counter your opponents effectively.

Formation Counter

Formations also play a crucial role in battles. Certain formations have advantages over others, and utilizing the right formation can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Here are the formation counters:

  • Square is strong against Round, V-Shape, X-Shape, and Hook.
  • Round is strong against V-Shape, X-Shape, Strainer, and Hook.
  • V-Shape is strong against Cone, Hook, Charge, and Arrow.
  • X-Shape is strong against Cone, V-Shape, Charge, and Arrow.
  • Strainer is strong against Square, V-Shape, X-Shape, and Hook.
  • The hook is strong against Cone, X-Shape, Charge, and Arrow.
  • Charge is strong against Square, Round, Cone, and Strainer.
  • Arrow is strong against Square, Round, Strainer, and Charge.

By understanding these formation counters, you can strategically position your troops to gain an edge over your opponents.

How to Develop and Use Lu Bu

Lu Bu, a prominent figure in the Three Kingdoms era, is an exceptional General in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M. He can be recruited by conquering Hulao Pass in the early stages of the game and is often the first 5-star General that many players obtain. To maximize his effectiveness on the battlefield, consider the following tips:

Lu Bu possesses several powerful skills that can turn the tide of battle. These include Last Resort, Lunar Slash, Energy Infusion, and Corps of Hell. Familiarize yourself with these skills and unleash their full potential during battles.

As an essential General for beginners in conquering, Lu Bu has the opportunity to obtain his exclusive weapon, Sky Halberd, through a 7-day sign-in reward. Acquiring this weapon significantly enhances Lu Bu’s strength and accelerates his growth.

With these tips in mind, you’re well-equipped to embark on your journey of developing Lu Bu and utilizing his immense potential.


In this comprehensive beginner guide to Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M, we have covered crucial aspects of the game, including gear acquisition, troop type and formation counters, and developing the mighty Lu Bu. By understanding these concepts and following the tips provided, you will have a competitive edge on the battlefield. Remember to strategize wisely, equip your Generals with powerful gear, and lead your troops to victory. Best of luck in your adventures throughout the Three Kingdoms!

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