Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Cards Tier List for the Best Selection

Dreamed of becoming a student in Hogwarts, which makes you a perfect wizard or witch? Listen to us and start playing the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gameplay. It is full of challenges with students from other houses, challenges with giant enemies and many more tough battles that are already prepared for you. So, the spell cards are the most significant element that matters to a victory or loss of a battle you participate in here in this game. When you have the best cards, nothing is impossible for you, so let this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened tier list help you with the best card selection. 

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gameplay

There are many cards available in this game, but choosing the best when building your deck will be very beneficial for you to defeat any enemy. So in this tier list, we will categorize all the cards in the game from the best to worst. And then, you can decide the cards you need to pull out through researching when building your deck to prepare for a battle. Let’s browse the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened tier list in search of the top cards for your playtime. 

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Gameplay Tier List for the Best Cards

Let’s go into the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened tier list without further ado. Let’s first define this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened tier list before moving on. This tier list includes four tiers: S, A, B and C. 

The best cards the game has to provide are those in tier S. Only these cards are enough for you to go through the whole gameplay without delay because they are powerful enough to deal with any challenge. So prioritize unlocking these cards for you. 

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Gameplay Tier List for the Best Cards

Then the next tier is tier A which includes the spell cards which are very powerful but not more than tier S. If you are not lucky enough to get the tier S cards in your Harry Potter: Magic Awakened beginner phase, then you can go with these cards as they are also good for you to go through the game. But make sure not to use these cards always, as there will be a time that the A-tier cards are not enough for you. Overall, these cards are the second-greatest options you have here in this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened game. 

Regarding tier B, they are not too qualified to be part of your deck when you become advanced in the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gameplay. The deeper you go, the lesser the value of the tier B cards, as they are less powerful than tier A and S cards. But these cards are better to be used in your early game phase. 

Tier C is the last tier in this tier list, and they are the weakest cards you will ever meet in this game. The tier C cards should only be used when you have no other options left, but only these cards, as they are not suitable enough to deal with tough challenges. Since you know which tiers are in this tier list and what cards each tier will represent, let us see the tier list now. 

TierName Rarity Description
Tier SCrucioDarkDeals sustained damage and stuns the target. 
Avada KedavraDarkCasts Avada Kedavra dealing damage to the first enemy hit. 
SectumsempraEpicCasts Sectumsempra in the direction of target enemies to damage them. 
Tier AEpiskeyRareCasts a healing spell that continually heals ally units. 
BroomstickRare Mounts a broomstick, removing all the slow and bind effects. Flies to the target location while damaging all the enemies along the way. 
NebulusRareSummons a thick blanket of fog to cover the target area and the ally units. The fog becomes invisible and slowly regains health. 
TrollRareSummons a slow-moving troll whose every third attack deals 160% of its normal damage.  
FwoopersRare Summons two Fwoopers that deal damage to the enemies while applying fear.  
GlaciusRareCasts a freezing spell that hits up to eight enemies to damage and slows them by 70%. 
Fire CrabRareSummons a fire crab that breathes fire at the enemies who enter its attack range.  
ExpulsoRareCasts Expulso which knocks back all enemy units in range and deals damage after 1.3 seconds.  

The Monster Book of Monsters
RareThrows a copy of the Monster Book of the Monsters. The book will sprint towards the target location, knocking back all opponents hit along the way, then begin attacking. 
Whomping WillowRareSummons a Whomping Willow that hits the targeted area dealing AoE damage. 
Blast-Ended SkrewtRareSummons a Blast-Ended Skrewt that attacks random enemies every eight seconds. 
ErumpentRareSummons an Erumpent that dashes towards the nearest enemy  to deal AoE damage by being exploded. 
Acromantula’s NestRareDelivers a poisonous spider to attack enemies from the spider nest it summons. 
Side-Along ApparitionRareA short time after casting, you and all nearby ally units teleport to the target location and recover health. 
MatagotRareSummons a swift-moving Matagot that splits in two and deals damage. 
Bewitched SnowballsRareSummons a snowball that rolls forward and explodes upon hitting an enemy. And it deals AoE damage. 
Tier BProtego DiabolicaLegendaryCasts a ring of fire around you, damaging all enemy units that enter.  
Orb of WaterLegendaryCasts orb of water, drawing in all the opponents within range and dealing damage. 
Baby Antipodean OpaleyeLegendary Calls for a newborn Antipodean Opaleye that vents fire on adversaries.
PhoenixLegendary Summons a phoenix to heal ally units. 
Piertotum LocomotorLegendarySummons two stone soldiers to taunt enemies. 
FiendfyreLegendarySummons Fiendfyre shoots fire to damage enemies. 
Norwegian Ridgeback EggLegendary Summons a Norwegian Ridgeback Egg that spews fire at random enemies three times when the egg is hatched. 
ThunderstormLegendarySummons a thunderbird to call upon a thunderstorm that casts fifteen lightning bolts.
Tier CPortkeyCommonSummons a Portkey, and any ally that touches it will be teleported and gain a shield. 
StupefyCommonCasts Stupefy, dealing damage and knocking back the enemy first hit by.
Swelling SolutionCommonBreaks the bottom of the swelling solution forming a puddle on the ground. Ally units within the puddle will increase the size, movement, and attack speed. 
IncarcerousCommonCasts Incarcerous that binds all the enemies to the center of the target area and deals damage. 
OppugnoCommonSummons six canaries that fly around you. When enemies are nearby, the canaries will swoop at them and deal damage.
Acromantula VenomCommonThrows a bottle of Acromantula Venom at the target area, dealing damage over time and slowing all ground enemies in range. 
SpidersCommonSummons six baby spiders against your opponents. 
HowlerCommonSends a Howler to a target location to damage and inflict fear on all the enemies within its range. 
Protego TotalumCommonCasts a shield at a target area, protecting allies within its radius from damage. 
Essence of DittanyCommonImmediately recovers a large number of health for ally units within range. 
CentaurCommonSummons a Centaur that shoots arrows dealing damage to all enemies in a straight line. 
Cornish PixiesCommonSummons three cornish pixies against the enemies. 


Above is our tier list recommendation for you when choosing cards to build your deck. If you build your deck ideally using the best cards mentioned in the higher tiers in this tier list, you will always be the best and the winner in the battles in this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gameplay. Undoubtedly, a player with the highest tier cards will always win. Since the game is already released to the globe, you can now start playing it using these cards mentioned here without being concerned about the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened global release date.

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