Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask

Like every player tired of playing simple games, are you also needed to try something unique and awesome? If this is true, you are about to learn one of the top strategy games named Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask gameplay. This strategic gameplay covers city buildings, research, pirate hunting, terrestrial wars, and many more. Since the gameplay seems harsh from the beginning, you need a relevant guide to let you understand it more and with this Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask guide, it will be easier for you. 

Here you play as a masked man with the face covered by an iron mask, and you were imprisoned at the Bastille prison before for a unique reason. Even though you were a prisoner before, you will be a ruler of the specific estate after playing this game for several chapters. This is where the actual gameplay starts with a burden of responsibility on your back. To make everything sorted and clear for you, we have made this Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask guide, including everything, such as tips and tricks and beginner guidelines for all the new players. 

Recruit Guards

From the beginning of the Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask gameplay, you are about to face many enemies, and you need a good and strong army to hold your enemies back while knocking them down. So, that is where recruiting guards or heroes becomes essential to build a strong army with the best guards and troops. 

The Tavern is where you can recruit guards in this game, and when you enter the Tavern, you can see different recruitment banners available. Each banner will provide a certain number of free recruits per day, and you can recruit heroes by spending a specific recruitment currency. Each banner has a pity system that guarantees a higher-tier guard after several attempts. 

Since this game forces you to battle with many enemies coming to your base occasionally, you must build a strong army recruiting top-tier guards. So, as mentioned in this Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask guide with tips and tricks for beginners like you, make sure to recruit guards. Recruiting them will increase the marching power too, so it is better to do as we say. 

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask Wars

Wars or battles are everywhere here, and you need to get rid of the enemies successfully to improve your progression in this game. When an enemy emerges in front of you with its troops, you can tap on the Battle sign to start a battle against them. 

Before going to the battle, you can assign guards, which you can recruit, as we mentioned earlier in this guide which makes your troops more organized under the command of a hero. After assigning heroes to the march, you can adjust the number of soldiers from each troop to assign to the march. When the more powerful guards are assigned to the march, the power increases suddenly, and also you can increase the number of soldiers from each troop assigned to the battles. 

After you are done with the adjustments for your march troops, you can start marching. The battles are automatic, where you don’t have to do much because the troops will fight against the enemies on their own. All you can do is, adjust the guards and the marches before marching to the battleground. 

Train Troops

Training troops is a better trick to use when you want to obtain more soldiers for your troops to increase your march tower, which we mentioned in this Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask guide. As you know, there are different troop types, such as Cavalry, Infantry, Huntsmen etc. When you train all these types of troops, it will increase your march capacity and march power. But how do you train troops? 

You can unlock or build buildings related to each troop type to train them. For example, to increase the huntsmen’s troops, you must build a shooting range in your city to train more huntsmen. When you do so, it will help you to train more troops while increasing the march’s power and capacity. Training troops will require different resources such as food, wood etc. Training takes a specific time to complete. Even so, it is essential to train your troops as you will face many enemies soon. 

Each training building allows you to train different levels of soldiers when you upgrade the building. If we take the shooting range as an example, you can train hunters, and there are hunters in different levels to train. When you begin the training, you will train level one huntsmen. 

And then, you can train the fire starters, level two soldiers. Like this, you can improve this process while achieving higher level soldiers for your march. Therefore, no matter how many resources are needed, you should collect them and complete the training process for each troop type. 

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask Academy

This is another building in this game where it becomes essential to you with the time you spend on the game. Since you have many things to improve in this city, you must have weapons to deal with enemies with the latest technology and improve the city’s economy. The Academy is the building you can use to perform any research. 

The Academy has two types of research: Basic and Advanced. The Basic research includes defense, development and economy. But the Advanced research includes combat and estate development. Entering one of these options will help you research through various subsections to improve it. 

Let us take Combat in advanced research as an example. When you enter Combat research, there are many objects and aspects that you can research, such as march slots, march speed, combat overhaul etc. Out of them, you should select the research object or aspect that you need to conduct research. The research will take some time to complete and needs specific resources to finish the process. Once you have what it wants, you can start the research. 

Pirate Hunting

Besides the terrestrial battles we described above, there are warship battles, too, in which you can fire at enemy ships using cannonballs and other advanced firing equipment. In these battles, you should tap on the enemy ship to aim your cannon at it, and then the cannon will fire until the enemy ship soaks into the sea. When starting a pirate hunting battle, first, you should assign guards to increase the efficiency of the cannons. 

And when the battle begins, you need to target the weak spots of the ships to deal massive damage to the ship, easily making it soak in the sea quickly. There is no time limit during battles; when you destroy the pirate ship without letting them destroy yours, you can be at ease as you are the victor in the battle. When you finish the battle earning the victory, you can earn rewards to celebrate your victory. 

Chapter Tasks

Everything in this game happens according to the tasks you should complete within a chapter. Once you complete the chapter tasks, not only you will have an easy progression in the Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask gameplay clearing more chapters. But also, you will receive more rewards for the chapter tasks you complete. Therefore, pay attention to chapter tasks and get rewards and progress quickly. 

Upgrade the Castle

Castle in Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask is like the heart of your estate or your city; therefore, as you are the new king or ruler in this estate, you should take measures to improve the level of your castle by upgrading it. Upgrading your castle’s level will cost you more resources, but considering the benefits you can get from this action, you should do it with confidence. Leveling up the castle will help you unlock new buildings to be placed in your city and increase your march capacity. 


After much research, we have piled up these tips and tricks for your gameplay. So, now you don’t have to worry about the Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask gameplay, as we have provided all the details, guidelines, and tips for all newbie players like you through this Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask guide. Therefore, now you can play this game as a pro player achieving perfect victories regardless of the gameplay being tough with the above tips.

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