GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE Guide, Tips and Best Tricks for Beginners

Have you ever thought there would be such awesome action RPGs as this GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE gameplay? This is a wonderful game about a gang of girls who can wield and use sci-fi weapons against the Rapture invasion of the human world. So, as you play the game, you should create a powerful combat unit through the most powerful and capable girls to deal with the Rapture invasion. To achieve it, you need help understanding this gameplay, and this is how this guide will be helpful for you. 


The tricks and tips you need to maintain a good GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE gameplay is provided in this guide. Besides the tricks and tips, the beginner knowledge every newbie needs is mentioned below in this guide. Therefore this guide is a significant resource for all the beginner players like you who should learn about the game to be successful. So, read this guide and have excellent gameplay using everything we have mentioned here. 


Missions are a crucial part of any gameplay, and here in this game, too, you can find a mission section you must complete. The missions are categorized into four aspects, daily, weekly, main and challenging missions. Each category has several sets of missions to complete, and these missions will give you a chance to earn more rewards for your gameplay. 


Daily missions are a category of missions you must complete within a day, which is why they are called daily missions. When you enter the daily mission section, it will show you how much time is left to complete a relevant set of daily missions. 

When you complete daily missions, you not only receive separate rewards for each mission, but also you will receive a certain number of points for each daily mission you complete. When you gather points by completing daily missions, you can unlock various ultimate chests filled with valuable rewards. 

The missions you need to complete within seven days or a week are known as weekly missions, and the countdown timer will be shown in the weekly missions category to let you know how much time is left to complete them. 

As these missions are given more time to complete when compared to daily missions, these weekly missions are more advanced and harder than the dailies. Like in the daily missions section, you will receive a specific reward and some points for completing separate weekly missions. 

Main missions are the missions associated with the game’s story mode, and these missions are essential to complete if you want a good progression in completing chapters. When completing the main missions, you will automatically complete the chapters you need to complete here. 

Challenges are another list of missions like tasks you should complete here, and when completing these challenges, you will earn more rewards. And there is no particular time limit to complete these challenges and main missions related to the main storyline. 

Campaign Battles

When you complete the main story chapters in this GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE gameplay, campaign battles will be encountered. Once you encounter an enemy, you should start a battle. But when starting a battle, there are some factors you need to focus on. First, you must pay attention to all the details of each enemy you face in the specific battle. Once you identify the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy, you can easily beat them down. 

Campaign Battles

And then, you should check the effective range of weapons to deal with them. After that, you can edit the squad choosing the perfect GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE characters to battle with the relevant enemies. And always maintain a higher power with your team than the recommended.. 

Tapping on the start battle option will take you to the battle screen where you can choose various characters to control to beat the enemies from the GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE all characters selected to the battle squad. 

When choosing characters to deal with enemies, you must select the characters that wield perfect weapons to deal with certain enemy troops. For example, if the enemies are near, you should choose a character who wields a short-range weapon to deal with them. 

Target the Weak Points of Enemies

When targeting enemies using the characters with the most suitable weapons, you need to target the weak points of the enemies, or we call them raptures in this game. Each enemy has a weak point, no matter how strong it is. Therefore once you identify the weak point, it will be easy for you to deal with the enemy. 

Target the Weak Points of Enemies

Some enemies’ weak points will be their weapons. When you destroy the enemy’s weapons during the fight, the enemy will not be able to fight back efficiently as it has become powerless right after its weapons are destroyed. And this is a perfect trick you can use when dealing with enemy bosses, as they are harder to deal with. 


Recruiting is a process you can go through to obtain GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE all characters, known as Nikkes. There are different types of recruitment for you to get Nikkes, and each recruit has a probability rate of recruiting various Nikkes. 

  • Ordinary Recruit – you must recruit vouchers or gems to recruit characters through this banner.  
  • Social Point Recruit – you need social points to recruit characters through this banner, and the social points can be gathered through friends. 
  • Special Recruit – this is a type of recruitment in which you have a higher chance to obtain certain Nikkes shown in the banner. 
  • Limited Time Recruit – this recruitment can be performed to obtain Nikkes, which are not included in other recruitment banners. 

Once you have the requirements and summoning currency, you can summon the Nikkes through these banners. When you have summoned the top Nikkes in the GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE tier list, it will be easier to have perfect and victorious gameplay. 

Strengthen the Nikkes

Even if you have the most powerful Nikkes, you should ensure their strength will be upgraded with time so they won’t be left behind when facing various powerful enemies. Therefore, you can strengthen the Nikkes you mainly used in the battle squad by leveling them using the necessary upgrade materials. When you upgrade the level, the other stats of the Nikkes will be upgraded too. 

Strengthen the Nikkes

Equipping various equipment pieces is another trick you can use to power up the character and strengthen it. Therefore, you must give your character suitable equipment to power it up. 

You can level up the skills of the Nikkes to strengthen them. When you level up the skills, the skill effects will also be upgraded, making the Nikkes powerful enough to face any enemy effortlessly. 


As you have reached this point, you have done a good job reading this guide and understanding everything related to the gameplay. Since you learned more about this GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE gameplay, why don’t you start playing the game right now to experience realistic sci-fi battles? When you play, use the knowledge obtained through this guide for an awesome gaming experience. 

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