Girls’ Frontline Il: Exile Tier List: October 2023 for the Best Dolls

Would you like to experience a wonderful journey with T- dolls? Then don’t forget to try out the new gameplay, Girls’ Frontline II: Exile. All beginners and veteran players can learn more tips and tricks through the beginner’s guide of Girls’ Frontline II: Exile, and this is a very valuable article for all newbies to get a good understanding of the Girls’ Frontline II: Exile tier list to choose the best hero characters for your team.

Girls' Frontline II: Exile tier list

In brief, this is a role-playing gameplay with 3D graphics, and this consists of humanoid figures and professionals. As well as consists of wars and disasters, and you are the commander who manages the army of T dolls. So you have the chance to select superheroes for your team to defeat all foes.

If you want to win the battles, you must have very powerful tier characters in your team. For that, we should identify all the players in the gameplay with their characteristics. Without that knowledge, you are unable to play well in the battles. So now let’s go through the Girls’ Frontline II: Exile tier list to enhance your knowledge to master the gameplay.

Girls’ Frontline Il: Exile Tier List Ranking

There are six different types of rankings for T dolls in the Girls’ Frontline II: Exile tier list. We have ranked all the characters in the tire list by considering their skills, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and power. So study every character with their ranks because it helps to identify each character with their benefits; it leads to selecting more strong heroes to optimize your team to be a legend.

  • S tier: These characters can provide a buff to your army T dolls when you position them in the correct order, and S Tier characters are over-powerful and can defeat any enemy during the battles, so it’s better to choose these T dolls from Girls’ Frontline II: Exile tier list for your team to be winners.
  • A Tier: These Characters are also very powerful and play a major role in defeating foes during battles. But they are not stronger than S-Tier characters, but you can obtain these tier characters to enhance your team’s efficiency, as they are perfect for any kind of mission.
  • B Tier – These tier characters can maintain a good game progression, but they are not more powerful like S Tier characters or A Tier characters, and their stats will ensure that you are leveling up with some issues. You will have to spend more to enhance their skills and equipment.
  • C Tier – These characters are not more powerful, but these are beginner friendly tier characters and play well in the middle of the game. When you go through the game, try to replace them to have more advantages. 
  • D Tier – C Tier characters can carry you to the middle of the game but remember D Tier characters should never be allowed past the few battles. They also have some skills but are outclassed by most of the tier characters in the tier list. If you have no other choices, you can have them on your team, but it’s better if you can replace them.
  • F Tier – These tier characters are the worst characters in the Girls’ Frontline II: Exile tier list. So remember not to use any of these T dolls in your team as they are not powerful or skillful, and you can’t use them in your battles to increase the team’s performance.

Now you have enhanced your knowledge about the way to rank the tier characters according to their features. Get the best use of these details when you optimize your team to show high performance in the battles. Every time try to obtain more tier characters with more power to face different situations successfully.

Girls’ Frontline Il: Exile Tier List – All Heroes Ranked

Since you have enhanced your knowledge about the ranks of the characters, we’ll explore who are T doll characters that you can identify in the tire list of the gameplay.

S TierM1887FALVectorHK416Suomi
MG5Welrod Mk.2IWS 2000ThompsonType 79
NTW-20Lee- EnfieldG11OTs-14
A TierType 97AUGAN-94ART556PKP
Kar98kMDRType 95Am RFBAK-12
HK21Five- SeveNSAT 8G36CZas M21
K2ContenderCarcano M91DSR- 50JS05
FP-6SRSAA-12Type 100Ballista
B Tier9A- 91RibeyrollesSPP-1CZ2000FAMAS
TAR-21`Gr PSG-1Bren TenType 56-1P7
StechkinThunder.50 calAEK-999AmeliM1918
PP-19MG3Mk48G28Type 80
UMP9Gr MP5Super-shortyType 97USAS-12
XM8Honey BadgerM16A1Mosin-NagantUMP40
PP-90Ak 5M60UMP45
C TierFMG-9CZ-805Mauser C96OTs-12StG44
AstraFF FNCM14TokarevEVO 3
AK-47Type 92PPS-43FMG-9Hanyang 88
Glock 17M21Z62Mini UziLuger P08
KS-23M1919Type 56Revolver
SV-98M1 GrandKS-23
D TierRPDARX-160Gepard M1Type 59TMP
T65Type 81GSh-18NS2000Super SASS
Model LM249 SAWPSMBrenM500
M12F1SSG 69WZ 29CZ52
F TierNagantModel 38MP-446Type 64SIG-510
IDWLWMMGF2000PPSh-41Specter M4
M3Type 63

Best Heroes in Girls’ Frontline Il: Exile Tier List

Best heroes in this gameplay always create the path to success, so, as the commander of your army of T dolls, you must be aware of building a well-performing team to get victory throughout every mission, so now we’ll explore the most overpowered characters in the tier list of Girls’ Frontline Ii: Exile to ease your team building process to excel the game. 


T91 is the strongest character in the tier list of Girls’ Frontline Ii: Exile. Her DPS is special, and her skills make her a meta-defining doll. As she is the most powerful character, you must obtain her in your team to make it very strong in any tough battles.


This is a full guide to the Girls’ Frontline Il: Exile tier list, and this has been created regarding the experience of players, so this was created according to the player’s view. Always choose the most powerful T dolls to do the most out of your game, as they are the strongest heroes.

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