Garena Free Fire: Beginner’s Guide

Experience the most awaiting and demanding game with the best royale game. No more thinking about games. That is Free Fire. Free Fire is a mobile game available for Android and iOS, which has officially been released on September 30th of 2017. So it has taken the mindsets of so many gamers. Once Free Fire was awarded the vote most popular game on play store 2019 due to its popularity.

Gerena Free fire is originally a game that is categorized into the section battle royal games. The publisher of this game is the arena, and the 111 Dots studio developed this game. Free Fire consists of a multiplayer mode, and its engine is known as Unity. As this game is so much demanding, we can’t say it’s only a popular game. You can find out the status of this game by its download records.

Free Fire Mobile Games

As a beginner for Gerena Free Fire, you may face some difficulties in the gameplay. Don’t be worried. We are here to guide you into better gameplay. The only way to become a genius in any game would be the practice. So to gain outstanding success in this game, these tips will help you. Today in this article, we will give a brief guide on Garena Free Fire for beginners. 


Number one point in Free Fire is the character, not the cosmetics & there are some cosmetic items provided in this game like pants, shirts and hats. But they do not give you any benefit. Cosmetics are improving the appearance of your character and attractiveness. But still, there is no MMORPG, and these cosmetics will not support your gameplay.

So the main thing to consider is the character. Your enemies and other competitors don’t even care a least about your outfit. But your character does. Character is the most crucial role in Free Fire, and it gives a lot of advantages for the players.

There are eight characters in Free Fire, and when you start the game, the character Adam and Eve are unlocked. They are the heroes you can play free without charging. But yet they do not hold any of stats or advantages. They are the only heroes who can be played free.

There are extra six characters to fill in the list of eight. They do provide some benefits than free heroes as follows.

  • Nikita – holding a 4% of fast submachine reload
  • Misha – have a 2% of fast driving speed
  • Ford – 4% of lower damage when it is on the outside of the safe zone
  • Andrew – holds a 2% of losing in vest durability
  • Kelly – have a 1% of increasing speed sprint
  • Olivia – Olivia reviving the other players with six more HP

Unlock these heroes with the currencies of the game like diamonds to real money. But remember, the hero Misa is only available for purchase through diamonds.

Turning Red

When going through the gameplay of free Fire, you can see that the whole sight of this turns red colour from time to time. This sight only lasts for a few seconds, and this is not a point to drop. It would help if you considered this sign, and there is a reason for turning the view into the red. Usually, the red light warns you about an enemy in front of you.

Suppose you see your sight turn into the red note to your mind that there is an enemy in your area. In this situation, if you try to pull the trigger, you can hit the enemy. This process will apply to both modes of aim and regular. You can activate it by pressing the right button of the mouse. Always remember to pull the trigger whenever your sight turns red. 

When you pull the trigger on red sights, it doesn’t mean that you can score. But this is an exact way to damage the enemies.


Using vehicles is the best method to move faster in the game. You can escape in a firefight by using vehicles. Vehicles are advantageous to get into an exact location. But use them only in the startup of the game. The reason for saying that is vehicles make huge noises. They inform everyone about your move. In the beginning, everyone is busy fighting against each other. So noticing someone in a moving target will not happen in these situations. 

But if there are fewer players, driving a vehicle will be a big attention gaining point in the field. So always remember to use the vehicles at the very beginning of the game. Use them to escape in firefights, and if players are remaining ten or less, stop using the vehicles. You have to switch into the sneakier in the gameplay of free Fire in this situation.

Free Fire Combat

At the beginning of the game, you can see that most of the players fail in combat. Note that you are going to be attacked within 10 seconds after you land. It is your time to turn back and fight back. But as a battle royale game, free Fire is not only based on combat. In this game, the main thing is to be alive and be ready for the real battle at the end of the game.

Free Fire Mobile Games
Free Fire Mobile Games

So please don’t attack each other after you land. If someone strikes you, don’t waste our time to fight back. Your main goal should be to be alive. Let the other players kill each other and try to move away from battles and conflicts. Your task is to collect the loot and be ready at the end of the game. If you want to win free Fire, there is only one thing to do. Only shoot at one player, and you will become the king of the island. 

Do not be Straight and Stand

Don’t be standstill and stick to one place. Always try to move on and evolve around your opponents. That will help you to kill opponents fast and more effortless. If someone shoots at you and you can’t see them, no problem. Start to run in a zigzag style. Continue to running like that until you find something trench. As long as you are moving and running, you will not catch other players, and there will be no severe damages for you. 

Garena Free Fire is not a time-wasting game. Every second of this game is capable of stick you with the game. Every instance is more thrilling and exciting. So willing to be in a free Fire would not be a single loss to you ever. Make use of these guides on your first journey on Free Fire. 

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