Free Fire Top Tips for a Best Rank Up

Free Fire Top Tips for a Best Rank Up

Garena Free Fire is an adventurous game that you can play online. This is from the genre of battle royale. If you play Free Fire, you can experience the game from the view of a third person. So, when you play Free Fire, you have to land on an island using a parachute and look for weapons. You have to destroy the other players and take more weapons to ensure the battle life.

Shoving the tiers in Free Fire is a lengthy and mind-numbering activity. There it would help if you had high patience and skills. It will take several in-game hours, and you will find rare evidence of reaching the Gold tier. Players do give it up due to the high competition. In the game, you had to maintain a consistent ranking. Although that is a difficult task, you can do it with immense effort.

There is a requirement in here comes of additional vigilant in-game. You can follow some steps to enhance the chances of a Booyah in all the matches. Now, let us see the Free Fire Top Tips for a Best Rank Up that you can track as support to maintain a consistent push throughout all the ranks in Free Fire.

Be in safe gameplay

The best method of ensuring steady movement in the Free Fire ranking system is to deal with safe gameplay. Sometimes, you may get fewer points in each match, which will turn into a low total number of issues. But, the players will face more chances to make it to the end zone by following safe gameplay. When you go to the end zone, you have to be careful. You have to go the way bypassing opponents to protect Booyah.

When you complete the top ranks, there is no risk in the safe gameplay. That means you have enough supplies that you have gathered during the match. If you have deal correctly here, their players will have needed bullets and medkits that you need to have on the ground.

Camp after every rotation

This will be the best way to eliminate the ranked Free Fire. You have to camp by selecting some high-density zones in the game. This can introduce as a traditional approach to battle royale games. But, this will give beautiful results when you do it correctly. All the players are bound to get points by using the enemies who have not ready for the battles. Then you can quickly destroy them.

Although this method is suitable, all the players have to rotate regularly to stay inside the end zone. That would not give a good camping outcome of positioning. The reason is the continuous shrinking of the site.

Play with an experienced team

You will experience unique advantages by the solo ranking up in the game. The players will learn the game deeper and learn to use their strategies. Then they can get the outcome that they want. But, playing as a team will be a best strategically way to survive. You can get more benefits by playing with a well-experienced team. The best-experienced squad will be the best way to maintain steady ranks in the game.

You can experience good coordination with a talented pool of players. There you can ensure the protection of Booyah in every match. So, do not hesitate to join an experienced team.

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Use a silencer

It is best to utilize a silencer all the time. This will be the best option to maintain good ranks. There will be no extra damage output also. That means not like muzzle attachments. So, the players get a chance to support a stealthy approach. There are some silencers where the players stay off the minimap. It will allow getting headshots without spotting. When you use it correctly, it will be a vital tool that will support the victory. You can go up in the in-game ranks also.

Select a healing character

This is a crucial bullet to consider if you are looking for a better rank-up in the game. You can use a character who will support your play style. There is an extensive selection range available to you. You can select the best healing character for you.


When you play Free Fire, you can follow some tips for a better rank-up. that will direct you to alive till the end zone. There will be point maximization which is only eligible to the players who stay till the end. So, you can follow the mentioned simple tips and have a consistent rank up in Free Fire.

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