Free Fire Tips to Have a Good Start

Garena Free Fire is a battle Royale game that comes with a combination of adventure and survival. The developer of this game is 111dots Studio. Free Fire was released on 3rd November 2017, and its max version was released on 28th September 2021. The game’s objective is to survive the player until the game ends, and then BOOYAH! It is a must to know Free Fire tips to ease the game especially if you are a beginner here.

So, every match consists of 50 players. To achieve Booyah, you need to survive until the game while killing others. This is a multiplayer online game with good graphical interference. This supports Android and IOS platforms and is free to play and play to win simultaneously. Let’s get to know some useful Free Fire Tips.


Free Fire Tips: Fire First

Now imagine someone comes to kill you with a fist. You shoot him 1st. That’s necessary. When you have the chance to kill, do not hesitate. Just fire and destroy; otherwise, you will end up getting killed. 

If you want perfect shooting in Free Fire, the best option you have is the LDPlayer because it makes you easy with all the shooting aspects. So try Free Fire with LDPlayer and see how the gameplay would be changed.

Free Fire Tips for Changing the Locations 

When you are on a battleground, you should change locations rapidly. In that way, the enemy cannot target you. It’s advantageous to you. And if you stand in 1 position, you can be a target easily. 

So do not stick to a place. Just move quickly and change locations. It helps confuse enemies, and you can shoot them easily while they seek you. And do not fight in an open area. Always cover yourself for your defense. 

Pre-plan the Landing

In Free Fire, landing will be done by a parachute. Location can be pinned from the map where you exactly want to land. Avoid hazardous areas such as Peak, Clock Tower, and pre-planning the landing place.

Free Fire Tips on Switching Guns 

Do not wait for the guns to reload if you are in a severe battle. Just change weapons and shoot continually. If you wait for your one weapon to reload, you won’t have time to kill.

Revive and Heal

As a team, you need to look after your teammates too. You have to heal yourself while reviving a teammate. Both can be at a good HP level if you do these actions together. 2 birds in 1 stone, genius. Isn’t it?

Use Grenades

While battling, if you feel you cannot win against some opponent, try grenades instead of shooting. It will be beneficial when you are in a rush.

Stand in an Elevated Area

Stand in a higher ground position or an elevated area, making it easy to kill other enemies. It creates a way for a headshot. Do not forget to shoot from a higher ground level. 

Pick up Fights That Suit Your Weapons

Do not pick up fights in the battleground without concerning your weapons. If you have long-range weapons, do not even try to attack a nearby enemy. But remember to have one short-range gun and one long-range gun together.

Gloo Walls

When talking about gloo walls, dear fellow player, remember this is not a fancy item to show off. These are for your defense. These gloo walls can be used efficiently for short-ranged fights to avoid enemy attacks. This Free Fire Tips for beginners guide mentioned healing yourself and reviving teammates together. You can use these gloo walls for that purpose too. But enemies can hit you through the gloo walls you use. Be careful about that. 

Healing Gun

You need to have a healing gun in your backpack, you know? Because you can use it for yourself and a teammate who is in a critical condition. 

In-game Vehicles

Riding a vehicle on a battlefield is dangerous, making you an easy target. Let us tell you something new and very useful in this Free Fire Tips for beginners guide; if you are interested in riding vehicles here when you choose a vehicle to ride, use only blue-colored ones and Lamborghini.


Free Fire Tips for Looting

When you loot in the game, do not stay still. Instead, rotate and move. Then anyone wouldn’t be able to aim at you. Know the difference between these strategies mentioned above. This is so simple. It needs to rotate and loot. And when you have enough weapons, grenades, gloo walls, and ammo, do not over loot.


Jumping While Moving

This Free Fire tip is for your convenience. When you run on land or in a water area, do not just run. Run and Jump. It helps you to move faster than regular. 

Focus on Sound

Fighting makes it easier if you focus on sound info. You can get a hint of an enemy coming toward you by listening to sounds carefully. 

Holding Katana

If you move while holding a weapon, it does a lot of damage when caught in the safe zone. But if you run with a Katana, you only have minor damage. So when you are caught in the safe zone, switch your weapon into a Katana and run fastly. Katana is more valuable than a pan or a bat.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild will give you more rewards, extra gold, and extra XP (experience points). 

Maximum EP Level

EP can be gained by consuming mushrooms, which are everywhere on the battlefield. Having max EP makes you reduce your HP level. EP level helps you to keep your HP level to its max. Eating two mushrooms will fill your EP level. 

Use Practice Mode

Garena Free Fire Tips, the best tip is practicing. If you feel no courage to fight, have the best use of the practice mode. Then you can improve your shooting skills, aiming correctly, and battle as a Pro. 


We already told you many tips in this Free Fire tips for beginner guide. Now it’s in your hand. Play using these tips and take BOOYAH.

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