Free Fire Best Tips to Win Your Fights 2022

Garena Free Fire takes you into a battle royale shooting game that has so many downloads from the global market, and in August 2021, Free Fire set a record of 150 million active global users per day. This is a multi-player video game with survival themes. This is an adventure that happens in an online shooting platform and here this Free Fire best tips guide reveals lots of secrets helpful in winning.

Free Fire Best Tips to Win

Each match includes 50 players here, and they land on an island through a parachute to search for weapons and kill each other. Surviving is the key to win here. This article will show you the free Fire best tips to help you survive on this island without getting killed.

Play the Game Without Being Aggressive- Free Fire Best Tips

We know every player wants to get more kills and survive without getting killed. But if you want to be the last survivor here, you should avoid getting the attention of other players. To get lesson attention, you must play the game passively, which means you need to be sneaky. We know you cannot dodge all the attacks, but ignore all the fights as possible. 

Free Fire Best Tips to Win

High Ground is the Best Place During Gunfights

One of the other Free Fire best tips you can use is to stay in an elevated area. When you are in combat with an enemy, don’t forget to stand in a higher place because it gives you good shooting angles. And when you stand on high ground, the shooting aim of the enemy will not be so accurate, and it will give you an extra opportunity to a head shot, of course.

Safe Zone is the Best Zone

Free Fire Best Tips to Win

When you enter a match in Free Fire, there will be a zone around us. And the zone is called the Safe Zone. During a match, the safe zone will begin to shrink, and you need to stay in the zone if you don’t want to get pinned down. Before the safe zone begins to shrink, they warn us about this. And if you are out of the safe zone, your HP will reduce in seconds, and you will DIE!

Try to Maintain a Full Ep

There are mushrooms on the playground in Free Fire matches. All you need is to consume mushrooms. It will help you to maintain a good EP amount. A full EP amount helps you maintain a good HP amount and will recover your reduced HP too. This is an alternative for med kits. You need to use two mushrooms to fill your EP amount.

Never Loot in the Open

The objective of this game is to find weapons, kill each other, and be the last survivor. Looting means finding equipment needed when battling, like weapons, backpacks, helmets, chest guards, med kits, ammo, etc. if you loot in an open area, it’s easy for you to be a target to the other opponents. Keep all these Free Fire Best Tips in your mind.

Use Gloo Wall Wisely

This is a shield a player can use to be protected from enemy encounters. Even though this may act as a temporary shield, it may give you some time to heal yourself and protect you from light attacks. You can find gloo walls in loot areas; if you don’t find any, you can buy them using your FF coins before entering battlefields. 

Keep Changing Locations

During the game, do not stick to one place. It is better to move. This is another tip Free Fire Best Tips guide gives you to help you survive the longest. This trick will prevent you from getting attacked suddenly. 

Pay Attention to the Character You Choose

Many players pay attention to the clothes their character has. But clothes don’t matter. What matters the most here is your character. Costumes can make your character look pretty cool and attractive. But this is a battle royale game. No one will appreciate what you wear, and your opponents are only interested in killing you.

You have to spend gems when you purchase costume items. You need to buy the in-game currency, Gems, with the real money to purchase items here. So do not try to waste gems on some fancy items. It’s helpful to use your in-game currency for a better purpose, like paying for a character.

There are eight players in Free Fire. Let us find out more about these characters and what their advantages are. Choosing the best character is one of the other Free Fire tips you must pay attention to.

  • Adam: Unlocked right from the start with no specific skills
  • Eve: Like Adam, freely unlocked for the player with no specific abilities of her own.
  • Nikita: Submachine gun reload faster by 4% at the beginning
  • Misha: Increases driving speed while reducing the damage
  • Ford: Reduces damage taken outside the safe zone
  • Andrew: Decreases vest durability loss
  • Kelly: Increases running speed
  • Olivia: Revives players and gives extra HP

Choose Weapons Wisely

The looks of the weapons are to fool you, my fellow player. Do not trap in looks. Every weapon has a unique use. Do not pay money to buy some gun skins. And you can pay for gun balance and adjustments instead. And know that the ideal emulator for a shooting game like Free Fire will be the LDPlayer as it gives you the best features to enhance the whole gaming. 

Avoid Vehicles

In the game’s early stages, it feels interesting to drive across the map. But as you drive a vehicle in an open area, you will be easily attacked by other opponents. You can use vehicles to move from 1 point to another very quickly. But remember, it is more likely to get you killed by a sniper. 


You have to use FF coins as it is helping a gamer to revive their team memebers. You can collect those coins in the loot area too. When you revive a teammate, don’t take too much time. Because it can make you prey to other hunters, and you will be killed before you revive your teammate. 


As you know, Free Fire has the best tips for a super win; use these when playing the game. Good luck with your winnings, and we wish you to be the last survivor in the matches.

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