Fortnite Squid Game Maps Finally Here

Have you watched Squid Game? Then you probably know about the red light green light games. So we have huge news in here for you all, and here the Fortnite Squid Game Maps are arriving. Thanks to the creativeness of our lovely Fortnite players, the maps of the Squid Game came to the game, and here is the newest reveal of Fortnite.

Fortnite Squid Game Maps

Squid Game and Fortnite are two major properties globally now, and it was only a time matter until these players are creating the Fortnite Squad Game maps. After passing several weeks, Squid Game began to represent so well with the game, and it came with many creative codes of Squid Game to choose by the players.

So here are the several creative codes that came with Squid Game to Fortnite, and through them, you will be able to recreate the entire show to have enormous fun. Since this is the Halloween season, why not trying to be a little creepy?

Red Light Green Light

The creative code in here is 6796 5852 0804. This is the first game that the Squid Game contestants had to face, and with this, the classic playground will become a dangerous place for the players who will run when it is the red light. This is coming from the d7studios, and you are allowed to add it for your favorite. What you have to do is to clock the icon heart that you see from the start menu. Maximum players who can play the game will be 50, and it will come as a 1v1, PvP, and 2v2 game.

Red Light Green Light

Squid Game

This is by the overpowered2019, and the creative code in here will be 0652 7985 6622. This is a map that will begin like a tug of war. And here you see another mini-game represented in Squid game. But there is a slight difference as Overpowered2019 creators expand it to have more deadly mini-games coming from the series. Tug of War will be a game of basic teams depending on the QTE, and more from the modes are yet to arrive. You are allowed to jump right into it and ten players can be participated in here as a maximum number.

Squid Game

The Glass Bridge  

Do you even remember that Glass Bridge you had to choose tempered and strongest glasses to save your life in Squid Game? The thrilling experience is here. The creative code for this will be 2865 1481 0812, and there is a massive threat for you in the execution. This Glass Bridge represents the famous game mode in Squid Game, and it has now finally come alive with Fortnite. This time, it came from the chinonoob gaming, players are required to cross from a collapsing bridge just like in the show, and once you go with a wrong move, you will be eliminated. Glass Bridge only allows ten players to participate.

Let’s get Chili Chug Splash with Fortnite Season 8 from here.

The Glass Bridge  

The Laboratory as the Fortnite Squid Game Maps

Here is another mini-game collection from the show Squid Game. Maximum players allowed in here will be 16, and it is free on all. This is the 4th game that we see in Squid Game, and due to the show’s popularity, we can expect to have more collections pop up within the time. This one life mini-game is perfectly going with 16 players, although you only need 4 to the game. So it will be a fun gaming experience to choose from small groups as well.

Sypher’s Squid Game

This one is for 50 players at a maximum rate, and it will be the most demanding map among all the Fortnite Squid game maps. The host of this Sypher Squid game is the Youtuber Sypher, and he has already played many rounds from the fatal game show. He did with his fans and the viewers.

Sypher's Squid Game


It is your time to add these all maps to the favorite lost, or you can build your own. Build them from the creative modes of Battle royale, and if you are an outer person on the squid game loop, there is more to enjoy with the game this Halloween season. So why still waiting? If you are a real squid game lover with Fortnite, it is time for you to rise.

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