Fortnite Season 8 How to Get Chili Chug Splash

Fortnite is a game on the survival of the players in an open-world environment. There you have to battle against those other available characters. Those characters will be controlled by the players or by the game itself. The exciting fact about Fortnite is the cartooned violence. But there will be some violent scenes. You can engage in Fortnite either as a single-player or in the mode if cooperative as you wish.

How to Get Chili Chug Splash

From the date of the initial release, the developers of Fortnite have introduced several excellent patch notes. With that, the game has developed a lot, and even the players got good chances. So, finally, the most awaited season of all the players has arrived. That is season eight of Fortnite. In this speculative season, you might see battle invasions and explosive showdowns. You will find many astonishing in this season.

In this article, we will be mainly discussing one specific specialty in season eight of Fortnite. That is the Chili Chug Splash. This is the newly added element in the game Fortnite as a part of the patch note 18.10. so, there are several interesting facts that you can get in to know about this Chili Chug Splash. Now, let us begin our analysis of Chili Chug Splash.

Chili Chug Splash

Chili Chug Splash has descent from a variant of the historical item. That was initially introduced to all the players in the first chapter in the ninth season of Fortnite. Sometimes, you might not be closer to this drink. But that is way more different than the other consumables in the battle royale. Here you will not guzzle it just by pressing the fire button. You have done it in the shield potion. 

So, in Chili Chug Splash, you will do something different. Here, in the new patch note 18.10, you have to throw a packet of a Chung Splash at your own feet. You have to drench that by yourself. Suppose there are any teammates in blue color liquid. In the game, this will act as a heal to all the characters. That will active within the splash radius and their shields by 20% also.

In this new patch note, the Chili Chug Splash will also operate in the same method. But, there will be an extra perk. When you soak yourself in this spicier flavor, you will get something interesting. That is a temporary speed boost. This will be more like eating a pepper. It will informed on you when the effect had been applied with another player. When it is activated, there will be steam piping out of their ears. So, you can distinguish the activation of the effect.

Chili Chug Splash

Finding Chili Chug Splash

Chili Chug Splash is an exotic item in the game, which means there will be no chances to stumble across it throughout your traveling. Instead of that, you will get something else to do. So, you have to go for intentional hunting.  There will be an accessible down if you want advantages from the specific status effects.

In the present game, you will find two main ways of obtaining Chili Chug Splash. That will be interesting to deal with. The first attempt to use is the attacking on one colorful loot llama that you can see. You will see a piñata like an animal. They will roam here and there on the island.

You have to attack it till the drop of the desired item. These items will not appear frequently. They will be somewhat rare. But, the spawn location of them in season eight is quite unpredictable. So, be careful while engaging in the game.

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Important notes

There is another and an easiest way of finding this chili chug splash. It is visiting the Brat NPC. There, you will meet people who will trade Chili Chug Splash to you. But, for that, you have to pay gold bard to them. You can find this character in the Fork Knife Food Truck landmark, which will be a significant point on the map, and you can see that on the below side of the map. The exact location is from the northwest of the Retail Row.

You can purchase three Chili Chug Splash items from Brat. But, you will have to spend 210 gold bars to buy that three Chili Chug Splash items. As we have already discussed, the update of 18.10 in season eight of Fortnite is fantastic. You will fund many exciting features with the update. The standard version of Chung Splash has been included again on the island of Fortnite.

Here, the item of Chung Splash will be significant and more commonplace than the chili variants that you have already found in the game. You can frequently find this by doing some research. Even a random loot chest search would support you to see this. So, that will be an exciting point to you all with the update.

In this new season of Fortnite, with the update 18.10, you will see another brand new feature. That is the latest collection of the Tona Fish cosmetics. That is a fresh added one on to the Battle Pass of season 8. There, you will find new Tona Fish character styles like Charlotte, Kor, Fabio Saprklemane, J.B. Chimpanski, Carnage, and many more.

Finding Chili Chug Splash


Fortnite season eight is the latest update that happens in Fortnite. Along with that, there was the release of the 18.10 patch note. So, in this update, you will find the newly added element named Chili Chung Splash. However, this item is included in the initial stages of the game. This will immerse again in the eighth season with a new face. So, you will get a good exposure with the Chili Chug Splash in this brand new season.

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