Final Gear Global Release Date Gameplay and Pre Registration

Final Gear is a game that will release globally so soon. This is a game developed by Komoe in cooperation with Mechs and Maidens. Final Gear is an RPG game, and now the publishers have opened the pre-registration of the game. According to the sources, the game will officially release at the end of this month globally. So, this is exciting news for you all, who are waiting for the international edition of Final Gear.

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This is a global release where many game lovers were waiting curiously. Now, you have come one step closer. Through pre-registration, you become eligible for many other valuable options. So, this will be an worthy chance for you all. Today, we will discuss the pre-registration of Final Gear and the game’s final release date with you. So, stay with us till the end.

This is a game that has featured with Waifus and Mechs. Initially, the game was available only in Japan and CN. There was a massive demand from the global players for a worldwide release of Final Gear. Finally, the date has arrived, along with a pre-registration event.

Pre-registration is open now

Finally, Komoe has opened the pre-registration of the Final Gear players joining through an Android device. They have opened pre-registration for iOS users also. If you are interested in playing Final Gear and couldn’t find a way to get registered, you can do that through Google Play on Android devices and App Store on iOS devices.

For this Final Gear, Komoe has launched a new official website also. Through that, you can look into more details.  If you like, you can find the characters, and even you can track the pre-registration milestones also because there will be a surprise with the hit of specific pre-registration goals. If you prefer to email registering to Final Gear, you can complete the process of pre-registering via the email address on the Final Gear official website.

Apart from that, you can keep in touch with the Final Gear Facebook to get in touch with more information. There will be the latest information about the global release.

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Rewards during the pre-registration

As we mentioned above, there will be some special rewards for you when some goals of pre-registration hits. Komoe has given a promise to offer rewards for all the players who have pre-registered. There will be an offer of in-game items after the global launch. The developers of the game Final Gear have arranged rewards when they cross each milestone of the pre-registration. This will start from 20k and affect till 500k. The rewards list for the pre-registration is as follows,

  • For the pre-registration milestone of 20k, there will be a 110,000 gold coin offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 50k, there will be 50 Appointed development parts offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 80k, there will be an SR Natasha offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 100k, there will be a “Lil” Northerner: Natasha” offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 150k, there will be an SSR: White Suit (RK30) offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 200k, there will be a Royal Invitation offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 3000k, there will be ten Elite Referrals offer.
  • For the pre-registration milestone of 5000k, there will be an Engagement ring offer.

Final release date of Final Gear

The developers of the game have not officially announced the launching date of Final Gear.  But they have mentioned the expected release date on the App Store. They have decided to release the global version of Final Gear on the 30th of September.

Details of the game

As we mentioned, earlier Final Gear is an RPG game, which is based on mechas. This has many anime styles for female operators. When you play the game, there will be no chance of managing the battles between the battles. But, you can customize the mecha. This is more like changing different parts of the game. But, there may be chances of wishing things immediately.

When you wish them, the game will look and wait during the recruitment of new riders. That will happen even during the development of new parts. So, through that, you can speed up the process of the game with the use of special items, if not spend of cash.

As we mentioned above, the game has featured fascinating graphics and a neat game user interface and this will be an exciting beginning for you all. The characters in Final Gear are fully voiced. All of them are dynamic models. With the mechas, there will be a wide range of varieties and customizations of the game. Generally, you cannot find a vast range of customizations through mechas, but Final Gear has done a great job.

The battles in Final Gear are more like side-scrolling shootings. You will also find a strategic-styled battle system during the game. You can train the pilots in Final Gear. Then through them, you can kill enemies in the battle. You have a chance of creating a base. Inside that, you can construct dormitories and hangers. You can also make research labs to develop different in-game items. You can use your team on this when you are AFK.

final gear release date


The global release Final Gear is a most awaited experience for worldwide game lovers. They have been requesting this. This international release has been featured with Waifus and Mechs. So, we can keep high hopes for a new and exciting global experience. So, the publishers have now opened the doors for the pre-registration of Final Gear. If you get registered currently, you will be eligible for many rewards, and the publishers have promised to offer tips or each participant who has to get registered.

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