Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Beginners Guide

Here comes a new game called Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and it is a game that deals with the strategies of role-playing. This video game was released to the world as a development of the Japanese company: Play Station of the Square Enix. Today let’s have a look at on Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier beginners guide.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

In the game, you will notice three modes of play. Namely, they are the world map, and the field along with the battle screen. There will be a 3D world map when you get into the world of Final Fantasy VII, which has included all the towns, ruins, and environments in the game.

Recently, Square Enix has streamed TG2021 Livestream. There the company has introduced their recent trainer with the fifth latest combat style. That is Ninja. They have hinted about the new features of the upcoming royal action game, which is the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. So, without further delay, let us head to the latest news of the gameplay Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Gameplay Features

Classes with unique abilities

Like the previously closed beta version, even in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the players have the freedom to select between different types of styles. Each of these styles boasts unique and special abilities. They are as follows.

  • The Warrior has specialized in melee attacks from close range.
  • The Sorcerer has the unique style of AoE attacks from the mid-range. The elemental magic spells of Sorcerer are Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard.
  • The Monk has a high-vitality style. That has some shield abilities and self-healing powers.
  • The Ranger has the skills of looking at more enemies and snipping them from afar.

In Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier gameplay, you will see the latest Ninja style, which has placed heavy stress on mobility. That has been coupled with a double jump. That is needed for stable stealth and ambush, and the players can enjoy the melee combat by throwing the shuriken stars. There will be some unique attacking styles also.

Inside the abilities of the Ninja style, you will see Hide. That will be active for some time. The other ability is Flurry. That will cause players to throw the Kunai dagger or the Teleport at anything that hit that. This time, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will offer an excellent gaming experience for all the players. Even the players have more space to select their choices.

Classes with unique abilities

The Secret Boxes

The developing company of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has announced the latest “Collection” feature for all the players. That is to collect unique pieces from the Secret Boxes. There aremonster drops and some specific missions to complete. You can exchange them for some unique items. Through them, there will be an update of their appearance. You can enjoy all these fantastic features shortly.

You can enjoy a seasonal update of these collections. There will be a new training mode of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier for all the newcomers. This is the place where the players can do experiments on different battle strategies. Through that, they can arrange the match in their own and preferred manner. They have the chance on accessing this training mode all the time. The players find no barriers there.

The Secret Boxes

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier – Battle royale

Since this is a battle royale game, all the players must have a fighting and try their best to be a last surviving soldier in the game. To make that, they have to use magic and other special abilities. There will be a great help from the ranged and melee weapons, giving the triumph on the battlefield. You also can select the style of playing.

There is a wide choice to select. They are Warrior, Monk, Sorcerer, Ninja, and Ranger. All of these styles have some boasted, unique and specific abilities. Other than the candidates from the solider category, the players have to be content with some ferocious monsters. Most of them live around the outer side area of the city. When you attack and defeat them, you can get experience. That experience is essential for the level up in the game. Through that, you can unlock new weapons also.

In here, you can see some elements from the Classic FINAL FANTASY. Namely, they are rideable chocobos, materia, powerful espers, summon, and Ifrit. They can make players make more destructive spells. Players are allowed to customize the accessories and the outfits of the characters. They can get different weapons and vehicle skins also.

That personal customization will emote them more, and then you can create your unique soldier in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The game developers have planned to release Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in the November of 2021. They expect to begin the pre-registration of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier at the end of this month.

If you want some better gaming features with advanced controls, you can try LDPlayer to play Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier – Battle royale


The waiting is over. Square Enix: the game developed company has announced the launch and the gaming features of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The game has been surrounded by many classical fun features this time. The players have more space to select among different types of game styles. The most important thing is all these styles have unique and special abilities.

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