Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide and How to complete the Dungeons?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide is a mobile game released by Square Enix. The original creator of this game is Akitoshi Kawazu, and this is not a single game. This game is a series of video games based on the final fantasy franchise. This game is known to be a role-playing action game. But this also belongs in action-adventure, city-building, and tower defense.

Final Fantasy Mobile Game

There are up to thirteen free dungeons available in the game, and this Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is free to play. You will experience online multiplayer content here and use the multiplayer option for up to four players. There will be a selection for you to make a group with different platforms among the players. So it will always consist of cross-platform functions.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide: Game Content

As we said earlier, this game content is free to play. But remember that there are some elements that you have to unlock by yourself. Those elements are with the full version of the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and it consists of three elements to unlock as follows.

  • All dungeons’ solo play
  • Online multi-playing among dungeons
  • After you complete the story, an option to unlock the high difficulty mode

Game Background

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is an amazing RPG game where works a team-wise. You can do better in this game when you work together. Your life force of the caravan is protecting by the crystal chalice. So you should not be away from it at any time, especially on the occasions where chalice aids in the battles.

Combine your all powers in Final Fantasy with synchronizing and spell casting. So you will be able to perform some more powerful spells later. Break down all of the barriers and stand together with the other players via cross-platform functionality in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

What is this game offering for you?

It will be a whole new set of elements. Also, final fantasy lets you join with your friends to make your journey so far by giving you the chance to become a part of the online multi play. Enjoy your every moment with the multiplayer actions from the cross-platform facility. All of the tribes are always with some new characters, and all characters are with a different variation.

Final Fantasy Mobile Game

There is a mode called Mimic in Final Fantasy that let you bear how much you like other characters. That is also an exciting point for game players, and every time game is updating with new equipment and enhancements. So you don’t have to be bored with the same experience every day. Character voice-overs in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are in English. So it will be a novel experience for gamers. You will also hear a nice theme song by Donna Burke to please your mind throughout the game.

How to complete the Dungeons?

There are many more dungeons available in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and each of them has different strategies to win. So here we provide you a guide on how to complete those dungeons one by one.


This dungeon is an adventure on the home base, and you can complete this via talking with your family here every year.

River Belle Path

You have to learn the basics of the monster battling in these dungeons to complete this dungeon. You can pass through the Miasma Stream by changing the chalice’s element to water. Also, remember to defeat the giant crab in here.

Jegon River (East)

You can cross the river here after three years. When completing year four, you can travel some more areas.

Marr’s Pass

If you got a scroll, you would able to use the Blacksmiths. For taking Gil, sell some items to the merchant.

The mushroom forest

To complete this dungeon, take the flying type monsters down with the use of gravity. You have to dare on the bypass monsters. But it would be best if you did not defeat them. Remember to defeat Marlboro in here.

The mine of Cathuriges

This dungeon is an earlier barrier for the beginners. You have to hit on the cart to move the cart. But you have to direct this cat in the right way. Defeat the Orc King and damage other enemies in the game by hitting the bombs.

Final Fantasy Mobile Game

Goblin Wall

This dungeon is a more complex layout, and you should not make physical attacks against the electric jellyfish here. Defeat the goblin king here, and this dungeon would be the best one for a repeat in year two.


To complete this dungeon, use the blacksmith. It will help you to craft the equipment.

Veo Lu Sluice

For the proceedings, use the switch and key. Defeat the golem here, and you have to complete this dungeon as soon as possible to finish the game.


The blacksmith can craft some accessories in shella. If you are not a ruke, you will need a shella mark here, and it is in the Veo Lu Sluice.


In Tida, using the narrow paths will surround you from enemies. This dungeon would be a good choice for dungeon grinding. It will occur after the goblin wall.

Moschet Manor

Here you have to defeat the Gigas Lord. This dungeon would be difficult to complete, and you can defeat Gigas Lord by the full defense.

Daemon’s Court

Daemon’s court is to defeat the Lizardman king. But you will be surrounded by enemies easily in here. So you have to handle this stage very carefully.

Selepation Cave

Selepation cave is for cave worm defeating. This defeat will take you some time to learn, but it is worth it because this dungeon allows you to collect rear materials. Selepation Cave has a very complex structure in its arrangement.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is truly a game for taking your breathing away. Some may difficult to complete. But yet there is so much more thrilling, and fantasies are available here. We can assure you that this game will never breakdown your hopes. So give it a chance. Step forward by these tips and become a master in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

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