Fantasian is a game that has been released recently. As a role playing game, Fantasian is mainly revolving around a character named Leo. He is a young man. Once he entered an alternative universe, he turned into an amnesiac. The name of the parallel universe is Machine Realm. During this journey, there will be several characters who will work collaboratively with him. They will support him to recover his memory. Then he can find who he was. With this friend zone, there will be some mysterious vam the Malevolent in this journey. So, you have to be more mindful.


Fantasian Game Features

Fantasian Game Features
  • Fantasian is a game on exploring a new world. The world is named Fantasian. There, the players will take part by tapping the location. There, Leo will be the character who navigates the way.
  • When you are going through this, there will be some random encounters. There, you have to fight with a small group of enemies. All these battles will be in the form of turn-based RPG battles.
  • As the player has to control a small troop during the battle, they can do physical damages to an individual enemy. With the use of the item named Status ailments, they can cure themselves. If not, magic points will do the same job for offensive attacks.
  • If you are engaging with Fantasian through a mobile device, you can swipe the screen. Then you can point the finger at several targets to attack.
  • You can experience an increase in the stats when you collect more experience points. Then there will be a Level up of the character and rise in the skill tree also.
  • Equipment can be bought from several stores or you can purchase it through the treasure chests. That will be scattered throughout the world. It will support the development of the attacking and defense stats of the character.
  • Your progress will save in the particular point. You can see your performance through the checkpoints and save points, and that will be a good option for all the players because they can distinguish their levels.
  • The system of Dimengeon can introduce as a unique feature in Fantasian. Through that, the players can skip the battles if they meet enemies who they have already battled. When the system of Dimengeon is activated in Fantasian, you do not need to fight against the enemies immediately.
  • There, you can place the enemy inside the Dimengeon. Then you can explore the world without any disturbance from that enemy. But, there is a limit of enemies that Dimengeon can keep. There will be a support if you did not go over that capacity.
  • Sometimes, you have to fight against all the collected enemies at once. In the Dimengeon, there will be several enhancements. For example, you will see increased attack power and the chance to steal the enemy’s abilities. Dimengeon will be the best option if you confront many enemies to fight at one time.
  • In Fantasian, you will see no microtransactions. So, you can play the game with the use of the mouse and keyboard.

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