Fantasian Boss Battle and Omega Quest Guide

Fantasian is a video game which has based on role-playing strategies. In the game, you have to explore the fantastic world of Fantasian, which has involved in the players. Today it’s about the Fantasian Boss battle and Omega quest. You will confront several groups of enemies in here, which will broaden in the upcoming levels of the game. So, you can make a small party with your allies and move forward in this RPG game.

Through this article, we will be discussing an essential quest in Fantasian. That is the Omega Quest. We will also discuss the Boss battle in Fantasian. You will see Omega as a side-quest in  the following part of Fantasian. That will carry you to the in-depth of the Tahumatech Factory. Then you can attack the boss, Omega. So, this is the best time to have a look at the boss and ultimately defeating them.


Fantasian Boss Battle and Omega Quest  

Omega Quest

To get into this quest, you have to complete some pre-requisites. That is to find eight Missing Robots. Then you have to turn them in. Through this, you can open doors to a new side quest, which is named Omega. At this point, you already know that you have to head to the rooftop of Thaumatech Factory. Because you have to find the hidden door, you can go deeper areas of the factory.

The wrap to the Thaumatech Factory- Rooftop will go towards the lift. Then you will notice a small door behind that.

Omega Quest

Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 1st Belt

You will find this place somewhat a maze. Here, you have to do some activations. So, you have to activate the Cranes. For that, it is essential to go up in the Machine Portals. There is an order to do these activations. First, you have to head into A to activate the Machine Portal. Through that, you can start the crane at B. Then you have to move to C. there, you can activate another machine portal. Then, you have to jump to the following game map. There you have to take F. that will be the rightest one to deal with. 

Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 1st Belt

Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 2nd Belt

This is the second area that you can see in the quest. Here, you have to activate two machines at B and C. you have to take the Crane at D. Then move to the E*.  that will be in the following map named Thaumatech Factory- Top Secret Storage. You need to notice a machine just in front of you. Then press D and move again to Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 2nd Belt. After that, you have to move again to F to get the crane again.

Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 2nd Belt

Top Secret Storage  – Thaumatech Factory

Here you have to activate two machines. Namely, they are B and C.  here; you have to go again to the Thaumatech Factory- Depths- 1st Belt. Then select the path to F. that will locate between the fork. Follow that path until you come to the Crane D. you can use this to get E and start the machine.

Now, you can open doors to something interesting. So, now you have access to the boss. Go back to Thaumatech Factory- Top Secret Storage and grab the Crane E. you have to do this across the Treasure Chests. You will distinguish five of them which are machine locked. Namely, they are Pearl XL (F), Onyx XL (G), Diamond XL (H), SP Capsule x2, and Opal XL (J). so, now you have to begin the route to get K. your next mission is to get ready for the upcoming boss fight in the game.

Boss fight | Omega

Omega has an HP level of 200,000. Before you begin the fight, you have to become equipped. So, get ready for your party by preparing with Diamond Gems. This is also known as Holy Resistance. This will turn the fight more accessible to your party. During the initial stages of the battle, you will confront Omega with two Energy Storage Tanks. Each Tank will have an energy level of 15,000 HP.

The HP level of the tanks and attacking abilities are directly proportional. That means, when the HP level of the tanks gets reduced, there will be minor damage from the attacks. So, it is best to destroy the big arm. That is more similar to the right arm of the boss. That will make the path the small component on medium-level power output during the battles.

The attacks from the big arm can wipe you out of the game sometimes. So, do not make it simple. Your primary focus should be destroying it as soon as possible. The cast of the minor arm is Holy Damage to your ally. However, you have the opportunity of using the Resistant Gems for that. So, there is nothing fatal. For this particular boss, you have no space to use Attack Down. So, you have to use Prickle with Barrier and Ez. The basic aim of this is to have a good Healing.

Boss fight | Omega

Weaknesses of Omega

There is one severe weakness of Omega. That is the Lightning. So, be alert to use Leo. You have to use him with Samidare Lightning and Prickles. The Prickle chips available in Lightning Strike will attack. There will be a regular applying from Ez. That will include QUICK ALL, POTION L, and ATTACK ALL whenever necessary. Then you have to keep and protect the Tension Skill to the Overboost phase of Omega.

Overboost phase | Omega

The Overboost phase of Omega will take place when the countdown of Omega turns to zero. The overboost can reheal the Energy Tanks to the pinnacle of their health. Then it can offer four to five extra moves to take them down. Suppose you have the Prickle’s Tension Skill. You have to use that to destroy two tanks. Unless you have to aim at removing the Big Hang Tank, then attempt to obtain some smaller tanks. There will be a minor health requirement for that.

When you complete the Overboost phase of Omega, there will be deactivation of Omega for around. Through that time, you can heal up. You have space to work with some extra damages also. Then your primary damage hitting sections will move in this round. That round will countdown till the Overboost once you destroy the Big Hand.


The boss battle and the Omega quest you encounter in Fantasian are two interesting game features where you can enter different surprising game areas by unlocking the available challenges. You have to go in-depth in the Thaumatch Factory to fight with the boss, Omega. So, throughout this article, we have discussed all the necessary details that you want to consider when you play the boss battle and the Omega quest Fantasian.

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