Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W Guide, Tips and Best Tricks to Become a Pro

Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W Guide

Missions are your key to success in this Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W gameplay. So when you begin the game, keep following missions until you unlock new abilities for your character. During the completion of the missions, you will learn more things in your gameplay. This is just one trick you can follow to get used to the gameplay. To know more tips and tricks, we now allow you to read this guide and fill yourself with the best tips. 

Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W

Your First Duty is Completing Missions

As mentioned above, your first job in this gameplay is completing missions. In every mission, there is a brief explanation of what you should do. After reading the guide, complete the missions so you can get along with the gameplay well. When you accept a mission and are about to complete it, you have three options of difficulties to choose a mission from. You can choose an easy, medium, or hard difficulty option for the mission you will complete. 

As you are in the beginner phase of the game, we like to remind you to choose the easy option because it is probably the best option for you. In every mission, there is a specific target you should acquire; unless you acquire the target, you will not complete the mission successfully. So remember to complete the missions successfully, and you can reach other game features next.

How to Destroy Enemies

When you take off to complete missions in this Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W game, did you know that most missions are about destroying enemies? Yes, you must know that most missions let you destroy the enemies. How to do that? Destroying enemies is simple because you just need to control your character using the virtual joystick given, and your character in use will destroy all the enemies attacking them with the weapon it is equipped with. 

How to Destroy Enemies

And also, you can unleash your character’s abilities when they are unlocked while you are playing the game. Here you will face ordinary foes, which is not even a big deal for you, but when you encounter bosses in this game, you need to be careful enough to dodge their attacks on time, and also, you need to use your skills when it is the right time. There is a health bar for your character and the enemies. 

Make sure to attack the enemies until their health status ceases to zero so that you can win the game. But while attacking, keep protecting yourself because if you overexpose yourself to the enemy attacks, your health bar will reduce, and you will die, making you a loser in completing a mission. Therefore never let that happen; control your character during the intense battles, and have fun in your Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W gameplay achieving all the victories for yourself. 

More Victories, More Coins

Victories will bring you more coins in this game, which is helpful and needed for many things here. To get more coins, you need to complete the missions victoriously. Whenever you kill enemies during the missions, you get coins. 

More Victories, More Coins

When you get more kills, you get more coins. And also, when you complete missions, you get more coins as a reward for completion. Since coins are essential in your gameplay, complete missions while destroying more enemies in your gameplay. 

Buy Weapons and Upgrade Them

Initially, you only have the war machine to deal with enemies, which belongs to the front guns category. But when you continually play this game and level up, you can unlock more other weapons such as loose cannon, de-atomizer, laser, rocket, etc., in different categories other than front guns such as incenerator, proton shield, backfire belonging to the ALT guns category. 

Buy Weapons and Upgrade Them

Every time you unlock a weapon, you must buy them through the in-game shop, spending coins you have already collected in your gameplay. The process will not end from that point. After buying weapons, you need to upgrade them using the coins you have in your Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W gameplay to make the weapons powerful enough to deal with all kinds of enemies you face. 

Recruit Sidekicks

Sidekicks are the cats that come to help you in your adventure. These sidekicks will not be available to your Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W gameplay during your beginner phase. But after reaching a specific level, you will unlock sidekicks. 

Recruit Sidekicks

After unlocking the sidekicks, you can recruit them from the sidekicks tab in the in-game shop option. You need more coins to recruit sidekicks. But as they become a better helping option for yourself, recruit sidekicks when you unlock them. 


As you have read this Explottens: Rise of K.L.A.W guide, you can now have a great kickstart in your gameplay. In your adventure to defeat enemies with your team of cats, these tips and tricks will significantly help, as we know. So let your gameplay be advanced little by little, making it more victorious by using the best tricks and strategies mentioned in this guide.

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