EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir is a game that is about an investigation. This will be an exciting game because you will face numerous challenges and get different experiences while playing the game. At the initial stage of EXIT – The Curse of Ophir, you will learn about the vanishing of a famous writer. His name is Tory Harlane. He has disappeared without any clue. There is a puzzle to resolve. You have the duty of finding Tory Harlane. The last place where he has seen is the Hotel Ophire. That is located among a deep mountain. The exact name of the place is Wichita Mountains which has found in Oklahoma. It is believed and supposed that Harlane was researching those doomed houses.

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

Among the locals, there many a lot of gossips about that doomed area. Some gossips refer that it is the city of gold, and another was about a mystery incident. There were some talks about a curse also. The famous one was about a comet named eerie in the sky. When it appears, there will be a shiver down your spine. Arriving the Hotel Ophire makes strange feelings. That reason of unrest will not let you go.

When you begin your investigations to find the missed man at the hotel, you begin to see some clues. These are interesting to explore. You will discover peculiar relics in the hotel. You begin to solve the problem at Hotel Ophire, which has traces to a lengthy history. Will you be able to solve this mystery and trace some connection between the disappearance of the famous writer named Tory Harlane and the escape from the Hotel Ophire?

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir Game Features

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir Game Features
  • The experience you get by playing EXIT – The Curse of Ophir is guaranteed to be a brand new experience to all the players. This will be the latest digital adventures game that you can play. The game has some links to the famous award-winning game series.
  • When the players are trying to be away from the curse, there will be some exciting incidents. You have to do an exciting kind of running from the room game. There will be a brand new storyline in the game.
  • When you commence the game, you will find a series of adventures that are waiting for you. There will be thrilling, mysterious puzzles that are encapsulated with the incident. These exciting experiences will have several layers and more create puzzles that you have to solve.
  • You have to think more innovative and creative. Because anything beyond the boundary of the app can be a segment in the game. That will be an exhilarating point for all of you.
  • When you play EXIT – The Curse of Ophir, you have to get into the game world and immerse yourself in that adventurous world. You must feel the setting of EXIT – The Curse of Ophir for real. There will be more realistic sound traces and other voiced messages which you will feel so real.
  • While playing through the game, handwritten graphics will appear in the background of EXIT – The Curse of Ophir. This will evoke and arouse your feelings of anxiety and make you more tensed.
  • There is an age recommendation for the play EXIT – The Curse of Ophir. That is above twelve years old. 

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