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You’re in for a real treat if you’re a mobile gamer who enjoys strategy, fantasy, and hero collection games. Valiant Force 2 is here to take you on an epic adventure in the realm of Arathos, and it’s the sequel to the hit mobile game Valiant Force. In the game, you can create your own squad of heroes from hundreds of options, customize their skills and equipment, and use the elemental system to gain an edge in battle. 

Valiant Force 2 also features an extensive story mode where you can meet new characters and take on new missions. Valiant Force 2 gameplay, features, and graphics will keep you captivated whether or not you played the original game. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of some of the confusing mechanics alongside helpful strategies and tricks for easy gameplay. 

Valiant Force 2 Economy Tips

The main currency in the Valiant Force 2 game is gold, which you can use to upgrade your characters, buy items, and perform summons. The more gold you have, the more powerful your team can become. You can earn gold by completing quests, participating in events, and selling unwanted items or characters. Another currency in the game is diamonds, which are the premium currency. Diamonds can be obtained by spending real money, completing achievements, or logging in daily.

Freebies in Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 global offers several freebies to players, which can help you get a head start in the game. Here are some of the free stuff you can get in the game:

Free Daily Summon

You can perform one free summon every day, which gives you a chance to get a random character of R to SSR grade. This is a great opportunity to build your collection of characters and improve your team’s strength.

Free Selector

After completing the tutorial, you can choose one of three SSR characters (Altima, Victoria, or Faye). We recommend that you pick Altima, as she is one of the best units in the game. This is a valuable freebie that can give your team a significant boost.

Free Rewards

Free Rewards

You can claim various rewards by logging in daily and completing missions, achievements, and events. Some of the rewards include gold, diamonds, items, and characters. Make sure to take advantage of these rewards to level up your team quickly.

Important Modes to Keep You Rich

To succeed in Valiant Force 2, you need to understand the different modes in the game and how they work. Here are some of the important modes you should focus on:

Story Mode

This is where you follow the main storyline of the game and unlock new chapters and stages. You can also earn gold, items, and characters by clearing stages. Completing the story mode is essential to progress in the game and unlock other modes.

Arena Mode

This is where you compete against other players’ teams and rank up on the leaderboard. You can earn gold, diamonds, and arena coins by winning battles. Arena coins can be exchanged for exclusive items and characters in the arena shop. Make sure to participate in the arena mode regularly to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Raid Mode

This is where you team up with other players to fight against powerful bosses and earn raid coins. Raid coins can be used to buy rare items and characters in the raid shop. Participating in the raid mode is crucial to earning valuable rewards and strengthening your team.

Tower Mode

This is where you challenge yourself to climb a tower of 100 floors with increasing difficulty. You can earn gold, diamonds, items, and characters by clearing floors. The higher you climb, the more valuable the rewards. Tower mode is a great way to test your team’s strength and earn valuable rewards.

Valiant Force 2 Auras and Passives

Auras and Passives are special effects that characters can have in Valiant Force 2. They can enhance the character’s own performance or affect their allies or enemies in various ways.


Auras are active effects that manifest when a character enters combat. They can affect the character themselves or all allies within a certain range. Auras can provide different benefits, such as increasing stats, healing, or granting immunity to certain effects. Auras can also have different shapes, such as circles, squares, or crosses.


Each character has one aura that is determined by their job branch. For example, a Berserker has the Berserk aura that increases the attack power and critical rate of all allies, while a Paladin has the Protection aura that increases the defense and resistance of all allies. Auras can be upgraded by levelling up the character’s job using Job Relics.


Passives are effects that are always active for the character. They can affect the character themselves or their skills. Passives can provide different benefits, such as increasing damage, reducing cooldowns, or triggering additional effects. Passives can also have different conditions, such as activating when the character is above or below a certain health percentage.

Each character can have up to three passives that are determined by their job branch and level. For example, a Berserker has the passives Bloodthirsty, Reckless, and Unstoppable, while a Paladin has the passives Holy Blessing, Divine Protection, and Sacred Oath. Passives can be unlocked by levelling up the character’s job using Job Relics.

Understanding the Job System in Valiant Force 2

Understanding the Job System in Valiant Force 2

The Job System in Valiant Force 2 is a feature that allows you to customize and enhance your characters’ abilities and skills. Each character belongs to one of six main jobs: Champion, Ranger, Shadow, Guardian, Healer, and Mystic. Each job has its unique strengths, weaknesses, and roles in battle.

However, every job also has a number of subspecialties that can be explored for additional gameplay strategies. For example, the Champion job has four branches: Berserker, Paladin, Samurai, and Gladiator. Each branch has its unique skills and auras that can affect the character and the team.

Here is an example of how a Berserker and a Paladin differ in their skills and auras:


A Berserker is a fierce warrior who specializes in dealing massive damage to enemies. Their skills include:

  • Rage: Increases attack power and critical rate for a few turns.
  • Bloodlust: Inflicts damage on the target and restores health to the user at the same rate.
  • Frenzy: Attacks all enemies with a chance to inflict bleed.

Their aura is:

  • Berserk: Increases attack power and critical rate of all allies.


A Paladin is a holy knight who excels in protecting and supporting allies. Their skills include:

  • Holy Shield: Grants a shield to an ally that absorbs damage for a few turns.
  • Divine Light: Heals an ally and removes negative effects.
  • Judgment: Deals damage to an enemy and reduces their defense for a few turns.

Their aura is:

  • Protection: Increases defense and resistance of all allies.

Unlocking New Job Branches

You can unlock new job branches by leveling up your character’s job using Job Relics. Job Relics are items that you can earn by completing quests, participating in events, or buying them in the shop. You can also switch between different job branches without spending anything as long as you have unlocked them.

Creating Diverse and Powerful Teams

The Job System allows you to create diverse and powerful teams by combining different jobs and branches. You can experiment with different skills and auras to find the best synergy for their playstyle and strategy. The Job System is one of the most exciting aspects of Valiant Force 2, as it gives you a lot of freedom and creativity to build your team of heroes.

A squad composed of Rangers and Mystics might operate as follows:

A team of Rangers and Mystics is a good choice for players who want to deal great damage from a distance and control the enemies with various effects. Rangers and Mystics have complementary skills and auras that enhance their performance and synergy.

Rangers can deal damage to all enemies with Arrow Rain, which has a chance to stun them and prevent them from taking action. They can also deal increased critical damage to a single enemy with Snipe, which can be useful for taking out high-priority targets. They can also place traps on the ground that damage and immobilize enemies who step on them, which can help them control the battlefield and create openings for their allies.

Mystics can deal elemental damage to enemies with Fireball, Ice Shard, and Lightning Bolt, which have chances to burn, freeze, or shock them, respectively. These effects can cause additional damage over time, reduce the enemies’ defense or resistance, or interrupt their skills. Mystics can also switch between different elements depending on the enemies’ weaknesses or resistances, which can help them deal more damage and overcome challenges.

Rangers and Mystics also have auras that boost their accuracy, critical rate, and elemental damage, which can make them more effective and consistent in dealing with damage. Their auras affect all allies, so they can also benefit other characters who use physical or elemental attacks.

A team of Rangers and Mystics can be a powerful and versatile combination that can handle different situations and enemies. However, they might have drawbacks like weak defense, slow healing, or restricted movement. Therefore, players may want to balance their team with other jobs or branches that can cover their weaknesses or provide more support.


Valiant Force 2 is a fun and challenging turn-based strategy RPG that offers a unique and engaging experience to players. With its vast collection of heroes from different classes, factions, and elements, and its immersive gameplay and modes, the game has something for everyone. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article and mastering the elemental system, you can become a master of Valiant Force 2 and dominate your opponents.

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