Eversoul Tier List of Characters – January 2024

Eversoul is an RPG that comes with romance, combat, and tactical gameplay. In order to win the battles and create the best team, you need to know what are the best souls in the game, and knowing what combination works best is also important. Through this Eversoul tier list guide, we will show you the best souls in the game and a few combinations that you can use to help you progress in the game fairly easily. 

Eversoul tier list

The game has few classes, character grades, and elements they fall into; when you are creating a team, you have to consider all that if you want to make an effective team. For the first few chapters, you can move through the game with anything you have, but when you get to chapter nine, you have to have at least one solid team with the best heroes if you want to move further. So knowing what characters are best and what combination you can use in Eversoul will help focus your resources. Let’s take a look at the Eversoul tier List.

Perimeters of Eversoul Tier List

As we said at the beginning of this guide, there are a few things like elements, grades and classes all of the Eversoul tier List souls fall into. So we are going to group them into classes and rank them according to how well they can do their job. When ranking the characters, we will go with the normal rank system where S is the highest rank and F is the lowest rank. 

Eversoul Tier List – Defenders

Defenders are the ones that should be placed in the front row of your formation; they will absorb damage and keep the attention of your enemies on them to save the characters in the back row. They also have crowd-control skills and self-healing, and some are capable of providing buffs to their allies. 

AdrianneOne of the best Eversoul tier list defenders. She provides CC effects, can heal allies, and provide a shield. S
Petra She provides a shield to their allies, is capable of deflecting incoming damage, taunts enemies, and can dispel helpful buffs from enemies. S
ChloeShe provides CC effects, places debuffs on enemies, and taunts enemies. A
Claire This defender comes with CC abilities, can recover HP, and is good at placing damage over time effects. B
Soonie She is good at working as a Dispeller, providing debuffs, and can taunt enemies and place debuffs on enemies. B

Eversoul Tier List – Casters

Eversoul tier list casters’ main job is to provide damage; in addition to the damage, some characters will provide buffs and place debuffs, and some have to display and crowd control abilities. Should be chosen for the squad according to your formation. 

VivienneShe is a great DPS among casters. She provides Attack and speed buff to your team, and her mana recovery skill helps her to use her skill constantly. S
JadeThis caster provides attack buff and increases the effectiveness of the party members’ skills with additional effects; she can charm enemies and remove helpful buffs from them.A
Mephistopheles In addition to the Damage she provides, she can lower the defense and accuracy of your enemies. She can also increase your team crit rate and stun the highest Damage dealing enemy for 8 seconds.A
Naiah She is best at providing damage and crowd control effects. Most of her secondary skill effects focused on crowd control. A

She deals additional Damage with the help of Damage over time effects, and she can charm enemies and provide passive Damage through it.B
ErushaSame as Ayame, she provides Damage using Damage over time effects. She is also great at providing Crowd control effects; unfortunately, you have to upgrade the skill to unlock those effects. C
NiniShe is capable of silencing enemies, and she has some skill that provides debuffs that can be useful in some scenarios. C
Violette She is capable of providing defense and attack debuffs, but all of her skill’s Damage depends on the Damage over time effect currently on the enemies. C

Eversoul Tier List – Supporters

Eversoul tier list supporters’ main job is to provide healing and helpful buff to your team, some supporters will focus on healing, and some will place debuffs and focus on controlling the battlefield. 

TaliaShe is one of the best healers in the game. She will remove debuffs on your heroes, provide crowd control effects, and place debuffs, and as long as she is alive, she will increase the mana generation of the party. S
CatherineShe will provide damage in addition to the healing effect; after healing your allies, she will also provide a shield and resistance to magic damage. she can completely stop incoming damage by making your party invisible. A
Clara Clara is one of the best supporters in the game; she will provide healing and increase your team’s defense ratings. She also provides some CC effects and is capable of removing the bad effect from her allies.B
Prim She is a great source of damage, and she will heal the party doing this; she can stun the enemies and is capable of removing debuffs. When prime is on the field, enemies lose 20% of their crit chance. B
Seeha She is a singing enthusiast that provides healing with her voice, she has some buff skills and CC skills, but the effectiveness of her abilities depends on specific characters being on the field, making her somewhat useless. C

Eversoul Tier List – Rangers

Rangers are focused on dealing damage, some will provide debuffs and crowd controlling effects and most of their attacks have damage over time effect. 

Miriam Provide defense debuffs, and she is a great damage dealer.A
Rebecca She can act as an anti-healer; most of her attacks decrease her target healing received, provide boosts to allies’ speed, and attack, and when she is on the field, DOT damage increases. A
Cherrie She deals damage using fire, and attack leaves a DOT on enemies; when you upgrade the skills, these DOT decrease the enemy’s ability to heal. B
Nicole She deals with damage with the aid of her pet. Most of her attacks rely on the feather brand effect; she can provide debuff to enemies’ defense. And can ignore a huge part of enemies’ armor when dealing damage. B
Flynn Provide Debuffs; some of her abilities provide stun effects; her skill can be used to pull enemies to the front. C

Eversoul Tier List – Strikers

This class excels at crossing to the enemy side and dealing damage to the characters in the back row; some of them have great debuff and provide great single-target damage, which is great for taking out support characters in the back row. 

Jacqueline Target the enemy with the lowest HP, and her skills do Small area of effect damage, place bleeding DOTs on the target to reduce healing effects. Also, provide stuns. S
Haru She provides stun, place bleeding Debuff to reduce healing, and her attack also decreases the mana regeneration. Great for taking out healers. 
Mica She can provide AOE damage, but her stun effect and debuffs only activate if you use her with Seeha, so her usefulness lowers because of this. C
Renee Renee provides Debuff, reduces targets mana recovering, and has a stunning effect, but to activate her full potential, you have to use her with a character that boosts speed. C

Eversoul Tier List – Warriors

The Warriors come in many forms and they all have very different skill sets. They have damage-absorbing abilities, taunting, and hp recovering skills, and a lot more skills that fall under other classes. 

Dora Dora has a ton of skills activated when she falls under a certain percentage of HP; she can turn in to a bar and take the full heat of the battle. S
Aira She provides stun effects and place debuffs that lower magic and physical resistance. S
Linzy She fills in the role of striker, moving behind the enemy line and stunning enemies, her skill effectiveness relies on a jazz buff that lowers enemy accuracy and taunts the enemy to attack her. A


These are all the characters we think are useful, and once you should focus on obtaining them, we hope this Eversoul tier list guide will help you in some way to choose your characters. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

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