Eversoul Beginner Guide and Tips for a Best Gameplay

Welcome to Eversoul, a tactical role-playing game based on the idea that souls never die and never change. In this game, you can collect Eversoul characters from six different factions, and each of them has its own skills and animations. In these epic battles, you’ll need to use the best strategy to get the most out of your faction’s advantages and your party’s buffs to make your heroes more powerful while enjoying stunning graphics and art that are based on anime. Through this guide, we will help you to enjoy it more easily.


You can also make your own town in Eversoul, and you can walk around freely, talk to your Souls, and go on missions with them. As you collect Souls and level them up, you’ll also have to make decisions that will affect your relationships with them and get a bond advantage to your favor during the battles.

In addition to exploring the main story, you can compete in the Arena leaderboard, go on dungeons with your characters, work with your guildmates and take on epic bosses. The game comes with an idle reward system that allows you to earn resources even when you are not playing the game. It is guaranteed that every player, regardless of previous gaming experience, will find something of interest in the Eversoul universe. Let’s start.

Things to Know About the Combat System of Eversoul

The first thing you need to know is how battles are carried out. You can choose five heroes for your squad, and you should always pick the highest-class heroes for your team. This is not only because of the obvious stat boost you get through it but epic and above heroes have special abilities that you can activate in addition to their main ultimate. 

Things to Know About the Combat System of Eversoul

As the battle progresses, you don’t have to track a lot of things since, from the beginning of the game, you can use the auto-battle feature. Through the skill auto settings, you can choose which hero should use their ultimate first. Since ultimates are activated through the same energy pool, arranging defenders to use their skills first and setting healers to go last, and allowing them to heal the damage taken later will make the battle easier.

Deploying Your Heroes

As with many idle games in Eversoul, you can pick five heroes for your squad, and you should place your heroes in a formation that helps them do their job more easily. The basic formation is placing two heroes that can withstand a lot of damage in the first row and adding three other heroes from other classes, such as supporters, range, and casters, in the back row.

Deploying Your Heroes

But in Eversoul, you can change this traditional formation through the change formation option and place your heroes more creatively. When you use the first formation, known as the balance formation, it will give your front-row heroes a 9% defense and HP boost, and it will give a 6% attack boost to your back-row heroes.

In the defense formation, you can use three warriors or defenders in the first row and only use two heroes that provide DPS or support in the back row. When you use this formation, your front-row heroes will get a 6% boost to their defense and HP. The back-row character in this formation will get a 9% attack boost. If you are going to use this formation, it is better to avoid using support heroes that only provide healing, or you can go with warriors in the first row and add DPS and support in the back.

The next formation you can use is called the ranged formation. Here you will use one durable hero and fill the other four slots in the back with high DPS and support characters. This formation has its ups and downs. Since the formation buff gives a 16% HP and defensive boost. 

If you use a very powerful high rarity defense hero in this place, it will be able to protect all your allies. But if you use this formation with a very weak one, the outcome can be disastrous. Another good thing is you can increase your damage output with this formation through additional DPS heroes and the 4% attack boost that all of them get.

The last formation is the assault formation. The general way of placing heroes in this formation is by filling the first row with strikers or warriors and placing a support hero in the back. Front-row heroes get a 4% defense and HP boost to increase their survivability, and your support unit in the back will get a 16% attack boost to make sure other heroes don’t die. When you are using this formation, you have complete freedom to choose whatever hero you like, but using defenders in the front will diminish the usefulness of this formation.

A soul link is something you unlock through acquiring new souls. When you have all the souls that belong to one soul link, the souls that belong to the soul link get a boost to their HP, attack, and defense. The benefit improves as you ascend the heroes belonging to the soul link. 

The best thing about soul link is you don’t have to include all of the heroes belonging to the soul link in your formation to get the benefit. Having them unlocked and ascended to origin rarity will give all of the heroes the boost, and the boost you get from previous soul link boosts adds up when you ascend them.

What Is a Soul Link

For example, Seeha and Mica have a soul link. When you unlock both of them, they get +25 to their attack, +15 to their defense, and they get +75 to their HP. When you ascend both of them to epic, they get +100 to their attack, +60 defense, and +300 to their HP, and both of these boosts add up.

Important Things to Know About Raising the Power of Your Heroes

As always, there are a few ways to raise the power of your heroes. The first way is equipping your heroes with gear. This can be done by going into the keepsake section of the each character in the soul tab. 

Important Things to Know About Raising the Power of Your Heroes

To do this you don’t have to know much about the gear. Using the auto-equip option will automatically equip your heroes with the best gear, but you have to know that you can enhance the gear you have to increase the benefit. 

However, you can only enhance gear above the rare category. Our advice is to wait for a while before doing that because as you progress in the game, you will unlock gear in higher rarity. When you have gear above epic, and you can’t progress in the game anymore without them, then you should think of enhancing the gear.

Ascending Eversoul Characters

The next way is ascending your heroes and increasing their rarity. You can do that in the ARK tab of the Eversoul. When ascending heroes, you should know that there are three types of Eversoul characters in the game.

Ascending Eversoul Characters
Eversoul characters
  • Character Heroes – These are the main heroes you should use, and they provide the most benefits. They can be ascended to the origin rarity and have special skills they can use during the battle.
  • Common Rare Heroes – You will only be able to ascend these types of heroes to legendary, and they will not unlock new skills through the ascension. They should only be used to ascend your character heroes to the next level and unlock soul links. When you have other character heroes to fill your formation, you should stop using them.
  • Common Heroes – They are the weakest heroes in the game and should not be used in any formation if you have other options. They should be released in the release soul section to obtain character upgrading materials.

Before you go to ascend, you should go to the soul tab and understand what these three types of heroes are. The easiest way to do that is by looking at their skill tab. If a hero does not have an ultimate skill, they fall under common rare.

If they have ultimate skills, they are the primary type of heroes, and the ones you can release in the soul release have only two skills. If you don’t want to learn it on your own, you can get the assistance of an Eversoul -tier list to understand them more quickly, and knowing what the best heroes are will allow you to plan better.


Through this Eversoul beginners guide, we have shown you the most basic of Eversoul characters and game mechanics. We hope they help you start playing the game and enjoy it without trouble. As we said earlier, understanding the best heroes from early on will help you a lot, so it is a good idea to check out an Eversoul -tier list. Now it is time to end this guide, and thanks for reading.

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