Evade Codes for Exciting Free Gifts September 2023

Evade Codes

Ready to take on the dread that lurks in every corner with the help of Evade codes? In this adrenaline-fueled horror game on Roblox, your mission is simple yet perilous – survive the insatiable wrath. These codes offer various rewards that can aid you in your quest for survival, enhancing your gaming experience to be more thrilling and engaging. 

Evade codes

While you run, hide, or team up with friends on a chosen map, the intense chase never stops. The redeem codes are here to aid you in your tense journey through this world of horror. Warning: this game contains flashing lights and slight jumpscares, but with the items from these codes, you will be well-equipped to face the terror.

Evade Codes List

Here are some codes to play the game more effectively and get rewards. To redeem and avoid rejection, type them exactly as they appear in these instructions. To avoid being denied redemption of the codes, they should be used as soon as feasible. 

  • therealdeal – you can obtain a bird badge with this code. 
  • luckyday – you can get four clover pins freely. 

How to Redeem Evade Active Codes

Knowing the procedure makes using these codes simple. To make the redemption process much more comfortable, copy the code from this tutorial and paste it into the appropriate field when redeeming these codes. To redeem free rewards, follow these instructions. 

  • Launch this Roblox Evade game on your mobile or PC. 
  • In the main game screen, you can see a Twitter icon at the bottom left side. 
  • Tap on it, then enter the code in the popped-up text box. 
Evade Codes
  • Finally, you can receive rewards for the codes you redeem. 

How to Get More Codes

Only those who subscribe to the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, and Discord channels will receive updates on newly available codes as developers publish these. 

Aside from that, you may get updates on the most recent codes for this game using our guide, which is continually updated as soon as the game’s makers publish fresh codes. To fully appreciate the new codes offered for the Evade game, consult this guide. 


As you navigate the creepy corners of Evade, redeem codes can serve as vital aids for survival. They enhance your in-game capabilities and add an extra thrill to the game. With these codes’ aid, you will face the horror with a new level of readiness.

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