Eternal Three Kingdoms Beginner Guide – Tips and Tricks for the Best Play

Are you ready to assign your heroes to customize the formations as you wish to face the mass battalion of enemies at once in the Eternal Three Kingdoms? To achieve victory the first time in a battle, you need the strategies and tactics and a good understanding of the whole gameplay. So in this beginner guide, we have decided to give you a good idea about the game explaining all of its significant elements that a beginner must know before stepping into the Eternal Three Kingdoms gameplay. 

Eternal Three Kingdoms

The battles have awesome techniques that you can use for your benefit, and also, as we said, you need the best strategies to outsmart the enemies all the time to grab the victory for your team. In the Eternal Three Kingdoms guide, we will explain to you more details related to the battles, and there are many things we have prepared for you. So go ahead in this guide and have awesome Eternal Three Kingdoms gameplay. 

Clear the Story Chapters First

After passing through some scenarios, you can enter the gameplay, but since you are beginning the gameplay for the first time, you must go through what the game tells you to do. The first thing the game lets you do is clear the story chapters. When you tap on the world map option, you can see the story chapters available, and you have to go through these chapters starting from number one. 

Clear the Story Chapters First

Every chapter includes a set of stages, and the only way to finish one chapter is to clear all the stages included in a chapter. Most of these chapter stages have fights. When you start one stage in a chapter, you can see the obtainable rewards, enemies that appear in the battle and the goals you should acquire. Every stage you complete gives you stars according to your performance by acquiring all the given goals. 

So, try to get the maximum count of stars that can be obtained through completing a stage because you can get extra rewards for the stars count you get. It means every story chapter comes with a progression bar, and it gives you extra rewards when you achieve the number of stars marked at the specific points of the progression bar. Therefore, you need to clear the story chapter stages getting the maximum star count obtainable from a stage so that you can get extra rewards. 

Eternal Three Kingdoms Battles

When you enter a battle in any of the story chapter stages, you must first deploy the heroes to battle against the enemies. You cannot defeat enemies without the best heroes and troops. So you better deploy the best heroes assigned to the battle squad. 

In deploying the heroes, you should drag and drop them to different places of the battle formation according to their skills and battle style. Suppose you think dragging and dropping heroes one by one when deploying them is such a drag. In that case, you can tap the auto-deploy option, where the game automatically deploys heroes in relevant positions. 

Eternal Three Kingdoms Battles

Every battle has a specific time, and in between that time, one team must be defeated. If you can defeat the opposing team, you can win these battles. The heroes you assign in the battles will automatically deal with the enemies during the battles. 

But you can manually unleash their skills when they are ready to unleash by tapping on the avatar of the relevant hero you need to activate a skill. But if the auto skill is turned on in the battles, the commander skills of all heroes will be used automatically when they are ready.  

The battles have two modes in this game, attack and defense. You can check the mode you are in right now by checking the symbol on the left side of the game screen. You can tap on the symbol to change the mode of the battle you are in right now. 

In the defense mode, you will use the defensive strategies to maintain formation in place, and the enemy is within range. And the attack mode is a mode that automatically moves and fights the enemies. After choosing the mode you want to play, you can act according to it during the battles. 

Eternal Three Kingdoms Summoning System

The summoning system in this Eternal Three Kingdoms game comes as a mixed gacha where you can summon heroes, equipment items and exclusive weapons. Here you can summon whatever you want one or ten times at once using summoning currencies or watching advertisements for free summoning. 

Eternal Three Kingdoms Summoning System

As for summoning currencies, you need gems, and the number of gems needed to summon a character, equipment, or weapon will depend on how many times you summon. If you summon one at a time, the summoning cost will be lower, but if you summon ten at a time, the summoning cost will be higher. Regardless of the summoning currencies, you need to summon what you need through this summoning system given in this game. 

Initially, only the character summons are available for you; therefore, you need to spend your gems to summon heroes for your gameplay to be used in the battles. You can unlock the other summoning options when you gradually level up in the game. 

Currencies in Eternal Three Kingdoms

Currency is very important in this game that every beginner should know. There are different types of currencies in this game, and let us briefly explain each currency you will see here. These currencies have various uses and various methods of collection. 

  • Gold – this is a basic currency in this game that you can use to perform different kinds of enhancements and upgrades here. 
  • Power of Actions – this is another kind of currency you can see here, and this currency is that you need to enter a specific stage. 
  • Gems – and then gems are an essential currency in this game, and there are two kinds of gems with different uses. The major use of these gems during this gameplay is summoning characters, weapons and equipment items. 


The Eternal Three Kingdoms beginner guide will end now, but the knowledge you get from this guide will always be very useful. Therefore when you play this game, use these tips and have more fun building great gameplay even from the start of the game. The game is not yet released globally, but don’t forget to make maximum use of these details when it is. 

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