Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO Guide & Tips – A Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO, the thrilling online role-playing game that lets you create your own legend in a fantasy world. Whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned veteran, this article will help you master the game’s mechanics, features, and secrets. 

Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO

You’ll learn how to customize your character, choose your class, upgrade your equipment, join a guild, complete quests, fight monsters, and much more. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to unleash your full potential and dominate the battlefield. So buckle up and get ready for an epic adventure in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO.

Blitzing Dungeons for Quick Rewards

One of the key mechanics in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO is the concept of blitzing dungeons. By utilizing the auto blitz feature, you can rapidly progress through dungeons and reap valuable rewards. Take a moment to unlock the relic dungeon, and then simply click auto-blitz each day. 

Blitzing Dungeons for Quick Rewards

This efficient strategy takes only a few seconds and yields substantial benefits. Similarly, remember to utilize the auto blitz feature for the trial dungeon and colosseum quick challenge to maximize your rewards effortlessly.

Maximizing Devotion and Activity

To make the most of your gaming experience, it’s crucial to increase your devotion or activity level. Fortunately, in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO, you can achieve this quickly. By completing quests and utilizing the blitzing method mentioned earlier, you can swiftly reach the maximum activity level. This typically takes around five to ten minutes, allowing you to unlock various features and upgrade your fairy in no time.

One of the activities you can use is the salute feature. It’s interesting to note that you can actually salute yourself in the rankings. While the purpose of gaining salutes is to encourage other players to play more, saluting yourself grants you gold, so why not take advantage of it? As the game progresses, we may discover additional benefits associated with gaining salutes.

Battle Tips and Strategies

Engaging in battles is a fundamental aspect of Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO, and understanding some key tips and strategies can greatly enhance your performance. When battling enemies, you may have noticed that the pace can be quite slow. To speed things up, look for the x1 button and increase the battle speed to x2 or even double speed. This acceleration significantly improves the gameplay experience.

Battle Tips and Strategies

Additionally, it’s advisable to avoid using auto mode during battles. The skills used by the auto mode can be rather random and may not always align with your specific needs. Taking manual control allows you to use skills more strategically, thereby increasing your chances of success. 

Lastly, if you find yourself in a battle where victory seems unlikely, don’t hesitate to use the quit battle option. This enables you to exit the battle and save resources for future encounters.

Heroes and Mercenaries

Heroes and mercenaries play a vital role in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO. Acquiring SSR heroes can be challenging as they are only obtainable through summoning. In the early stages of the game, it’s recommended to focus on upgrading SR heroes. 

Heroes and Mercenaries

One such hero, the Dragon Slayer, is exceptionally powerful and can greatly improve your team’s capabilities. As you progress, keep in mind that there are limitations on how far you can upgrade based on your hero’s star ranking. To overcome these limitations, promoting and enhancing your heroes become essential tasks. While you are at it, don’t forget to invest in their skills and work on improving their overall strength.

Runes and Upgrades

The rune feature in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO offers additional opportunities for character enhancement. Initially, focus on obtaining as many orange runes as possible and fitting them into all available slots. Once all slots are filled with orange runes, carefully assess which runes work best for your characters and customize their load-outs accordingly. 

While you may not earn a ton of orange runes initially, as the game progresses, you’ll have more options for customization. Remember to regularly upgrade and enhance your runes; this will help you to improve their overall attributes with less confusion.

Friends Feature and Limitations

The friends feature in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO allows for social interactions and cooperation. However, it’s important to note that there is a limitation on the number of friends you can have. When you reach the maximum friend limit, there is a simple trick that can help you bypass it. 

Wait until you have 19 friends, then use the “add all” button to extend your friend list. Before doing this, It’s a good idea to carefully select active friends and remove any inactive players from your list to maximize the benefits of this feature.

Upgrading and Enhancing

In Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO, upgrading various features is generally straightforward. Most of the time, upgrading is as simple as clicking a single button. However, there may be occasional glitches, such as the mount screen freezing. 

If this occurs, refreshing the game should resolve the issue, allowing you to proceed with your upgrades smoothly. In this screen, you will find an option to freely customize your appearance, choosing mounts or other cosmetic options that align with your personal preferences.

Utilizing Shop and In-Game Currency

The in-game shop in Eternal Fury 3 primarily operates using pink diamonds, which can be a challenge to obtain without spending real money. However, at the start of the game, some items can be acquired using blue diamonds. 

It’s advisable to utilize your blue diamonds to purchase empowered sapphires, as they enable you to upgrade and enchant your equipment early on. These valuable items will significantly boost your power and give you an advantage in battles.

Farming and Map Exploration

Exploring different maps and engaging in enemy encounters is a rewarding experience in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO. While each map has a level requirement, it’s possible to access higher-level maps regardless of your character’s current level. 

Farming and Map Exploration

Frigid Glacier stands out as an excellent farming location, offering superior rewards compared to other areas. Additionally, occasionally defeating enemies might yield blue diamonds, which are always valuable. In the early stages, allocate your stamina wisely, prioritizing enemy fights for better rewards rather than progressing through the campaign.

Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO Element Beasts and Mining Tips

When it comes to dealing with Element Beasts, it is highly recommended to go to the spawn area before the Beast actually spawns. This is especially important for the easier beasts, as they can be defeated quickly by other players. By positioning yourself strategically near the spawn area, you can ensure that you reach the Beast in time and participate in the battle. However, keep in mind that the harder beasts require more time and effort to defeat.

Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO Element Beasts and Mining Tips

The Apex Mystery feature in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO is worth exploring. Make sure to utilize your stamina in this area. When the aura is in progress, crystal mines will spawn on the map. Harvesting these mines doesn’t consume stamina and rewards you with 50 points each time. 

If the aura is not active, you can still visit the Apex Mystery area and collect the mystery ores. These ores can be valuable, especially since gold is a highly sought-after resource in the game. Focus on acquiring gold, as it will be essential for various aspects of your gameplay.

Additionally, while mining, it’s essential to be cautious about your positioning. To prevent attacks from other players, position yourself carefully on the mine. By doing so, you make it difficult for other players to click on you and disrupt your mining activities. This tip becomes particularly useful when the protection time is not active. By following this basic yet effective strategy, you can avoid being knocked off the mine by other players.

AFK Mining for Rewards

The AFK mining feature in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO is a hidden gem that can yield surprising rewards. While it requires a considerable amount of time, leaving your character to mine while you’re away can result in valuable loot, including gold chests. Whenever you expect to be away from the game for an extended period, activate the mining option, and you will get to witness the benefits accumulate over time.

The in-game shop in Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO offers several deals that can provide significant advantages. If you choose to spend money on the game, consider the one amethyst summoning scroll offer, which provides excellent value. You can purchase one scroll per day for one amethyst. 

Similarly, the 1,000-diamond summoning scrolls offer is worth considering if you have enough diamonds. Additionally, keep an eye out for cheap offers that not only refund your amethyst but also provide valuable items. Remember, some offers may have VIP restrictions, so plan your purchases accordingly.

Furthermore, reaching VIP2 in the game can bring substantial benefits. It only costs 500 amethyst to reach VIP2, and the rewards and perks you receive are well worth it. Recharging a certain amount on the game will grant you various bonuses and exclusive privileges. If you are planning to spend a modest amount on the game, getting VIP2 is highly recommended, as it offers great value for your investment.


We’ve explored various tips and strategies to help you navigate the world of Eternal Fury 3 Nostalgic MMO. From blitzing dungeons and maximizing devotion to optimizing battles and upgrading your heroes, implementing these tips will undoubtedly enhance your gaming experience. Remember to explore different features, adapt your playstyle, and embrace the depth this game has to offer.

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