Dragon Quest Treasures Codes – January 2024

Dragon Quest Treasures is a series of popular Dragon Quest role-playing games, and it has become popular among fans of the Dragon Quest series and building games in general.The popularity of this game series has continued to grow since its inception. This guide aims to provide information about Dragon Quest Treasures codes for Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest Treasures codes

The game’s developers provide these codes to get valuable things needed to progress in the game. By doing so, they have tried to support their regular players. So, those codes are essential to you. And also, these codes are a good strategy that brings advantages in the game to you and can be used to unlock in-game content or to receive unique benefits as a player and to other players. 

Do you wish to use the most recent Dragon Quest Treasures codes? If so, go through this guide until the conclusion. For your convenience, this guide contains the most recent Dragon Quest Treasures gift codes below.

Working Codes of Dragon Quest Treasures

Players, currently there are no valid active codes for this game.. However, if you pre-ordered the games, you will receive two codes.

  • Physical Copy Code: To pre-order the game’s physical version, Use this code to receive the benefits like Chimera Wing x5, Better Buddy Bullets x15, and Fullheal Pellet x15.
  • Guide Book Code: To pre-order the game’s official Guide Book, it can be used only in Japan. Utilise this code to obtain the benefits like Omniheal Pellet x25 and Best Buddy Bullet x25.
  • Deluxe Edition code: To pre-order the game’s deluxe version, utilise this code to obtain the benefits like Ruby Golem x1, Bestest Buddy Bullets x25, Chimera Wing x5, Better Buddy Bullet x15, Fullheal Pellet x15, Great Sabrecat x1, Omniheal Bomb x25.
Working Codes of Dragon Quest Treasures

First of all, your code entry must be correct. That is, you should enter all the things mentioned in the code we have provided without making a mistake. Failure to do so will void your redemption. So be careful about that. The second issue has to do with timing. These codes have a specific period, meaning they will be deactivated on a particular date that they are informed. So now you understand what to do. So good luck with your successful release and progress further in the game.

Redeeming of Dragon Quest Treasures Codes

Redeem your codes in this game according to the below directions.

  • Start and Play the Dragon Quest Treasures and choose “Options” from the Gang menu.
  • Next, select the gift code tab.
Redeeming of Dragon Quest Treasures Codes
  • And now enter your Gift code soon.
  • Finally confirm your redemption.

If the code is active, you will receive a confirmation message, and the corresponding prize will be added to your game. Remember that only one account at a time.

How to Find More Codes of Dragon Quest Treasures

Gift codes will encourage players to keep playing or trying out new features. However, we recommend checking the official Dragon Quest Treasures website or social media accounts for information on current promotions or codes. You can also try searching through Dragon Quest Treasures’ Discord, where players share codes or discuss the game.

How to Find More Codes of Dragon Quest Treasures

But we can introduce a better way for your convenience. So we will update this guide regularly. When new code is available we will post it here. If you have bookmarked this page, you can do what you need easily and quickly.

How to Play Dragon Quest Treasures on Your PC?

To run this game on your device, utilise the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. After downloading your LDPlayer from its official page, you can install the game automatically. 


So these are the working Dragon Quest Treasures codes we have for you and here ends our guide. Follow the instructions we provided to update with new codes. So make sure to check back frequently to see what is still functioning and what codes have been updated, as we guarantee to update this guide with each new code.

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