Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Here comes an adventurous role-play game published by Square ENIX Co., LTD. In the game, there are exciting gaming features and you can evaluate the reflexes in your team with the use of the Team Action RPG, and there will be battles with limitless hordes and enemies. To control the team, you can use that and three characters. If you are looking for weapon and equipment enhancement to fight and defeat your enemies, you can do it. So, you can arrange a team with two of your friends. If not, there are players throughout the world where you can play by making the team against the enemies of AI. When you play Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, you will see more vivid and vibrating art styles in the game with the mirroring effect.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a game with no time limitation, and it is a remarkable achievement in the history of manga. There will be week-based serializations of Shonen Jump magazine. You will find this as a brand new reborn because there are more cynical acclaims of anime series. But, the game will not be available for all the regions in the world. This RPG game is based on actions, and it has been re-arranged for the optimizations of your mobile devices.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Game Features

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Game Features
  • In the game, all the people are facing an issue. You will find Dai’s promise that made into his mentor. There he will find new friends, and he will get to know about his inseparable destination. So, this is the beginning of the adventurous journey that of Dai in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. The completion of quests successfully will make him a real hero.
  • You have to pull your ally teams into the battles of three lanes. There will be an exploration of solid attacks to destroy the enemies and advance. You can use your break power at an accurate time. That is the leading factor to get the victory. You can depict your abilities with the support of special moves. For example, you can use Avan Strash and Bloody Scryde. Even the Beast King Redemption and Kafrizz will be the best moves. To get a more smooth experience, you can play the battles with the use of Auto Mode.
  • This is a story that moves between two worlds. There, you will find a classic take: Dragon Tracks since this game is a plotline that follows the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’s original story. When you complete these quests, you can be friendly with your team. There will be another series named A Fresh Adventure Bonding Journey. This will be the latest story supervised by the original author of the story: Riku Sanjo. This will happen in a mysterious world named Milladosia. This will be an unmistakable resemblance to the world that you have confronted in the world of Adventure.
  • To become a Luminary Leader in the game, you can look into the realm of the Adventure of Dai. You can customize the face and hairstyles as you prefer. You will find several vocations like hero, warrior, and mage to select. In the game, you will find more classic character features. That will support you to create your team and move to the Adventure. There will be Dai, Leona and Maam from the disiples if Avan. They are from the Dark Army members. Few examples are Crocodine and Hyunckel.
  • If you are looking to boost the equipment and other talents, you can take a new part in new quests. You can be friendly with the allies by adventuring with them. With the increase of the Friendship level, you can unlock some memorable scenes in the games. You can increase the Friendship level with the expansion of the Ally Board also. That will help to grow faster. To see the bondage between the characters, you can see several characters in the original series. These will not take part in the battle in Soul Crystals. They are a specialized item that can keep the power of the characters. Each character can have held up to three from Soul Crystals. You can use powerful skills for the activation, and it will support to make your characters more strong.

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