Dr Mario World Beginners Guide and Tips to Vanquish Viruses

Do you still remember the game Mario that you have used to play on computers in your childhood? You would never forget that enjoyable game that you enjoyed once. Super, cute and straightforward Mario jumps over and over.

Those feelings will never change. But what if you got a chance to experience that pleasurable moment again? Yeah. This game is Dr Mario World.

Dr Mario World is a game developed by Nintendo, and the official producer is Hideki Konno. Modes are available as Single-player video games and multiplayer video games in this Dr Mario World.

Dr Mario World Beginners Guide

This game was released first into Android and iOS on 10th July 2019. It is a match-three mobile game, and this is known to be a collaboration between Line Corporation and NHN Entertainment.

The story of the game Dr Mario World goes with a panic attack in the world of Dr Mario. There are tons of colourful virus spread in the world about 30 friends of Dr Mario’s has taken capsules and lab coats with them. Now this team is going to free their world with the viruses.

Dr Mario is not the only staff in here. There are Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Nabbit, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, and more.

In this game, all assistants and doctors are skilled with virus busting. So you can have tests and activities to find out what type of combinations is match with your style and also with the pace. As a player, all you have to do as a primary task is to free the world of Dr Mario from viruses.

You only get a limited number of capsules, and you have to clear all the viruses before your capsules end. There are several kinds of themes with about 600 stages and all of their world; you may see a considerable number of obstacles.

Dr Mario World Beginners Guide

You have to test your insight as well as the speed in the mode of versus. Make it remember. And here, in this game, you will have the ability to make battles among your friends online. So these types of battles can gain you some more battle points.

And also they help you to increase the tier list of yours. You have to find the right combination of the doctor and the assistant. That correct combination can lead you to win the game.

There are different modes from different tastes in the hottest battles. These battles come with speed, controls, finger controls and also with a developed strategy.

Dr Mario Tips to Vanquish Viruses

Dr Mario World holds the goal of eliminating a specific number of viruses. Every player of this game is targeting on removing the viruses. The reason behind this is Dr Mario has access on best antiviruses. As a player, you must match three or more same colour capsules and viruses. These capsules and viruses are matched to remove them from the board.

Any combination of two viruses and half capsules or one virus and full capsule will do the same task to remove from the board. But as a beginner, you should know that half of one capsule should have to involve in here at least for once.

When the match is in a complete status, it removes everything in the board. But if there are any half capsule which doesn’t participate in the game, it will float up towards the top.

Usually the capsule in Dr Mario World, the capsules are appearing in the bottom of the screen. They go to the bottom, so then you can see what is going to come next.

These capsules are floating on to the top. When this process is happening, you can rotate a capsule by tapping a quarter turn. You can slide, and even you can move them. But you can’t move the capsule to downward. If a capsule reaches a specific area on the board, that’s it. You can’t go back.

Your capacity on freezing a capsule is somewhat more vital than you think. If you get to know about the next capsule and if you get to see that capsule is way better than the previous, you can switch the two capsules positions.

You only have to do is holding the capsule and freeze it in a place while the other one floats. This process is not something simple as it says. It takes a lot of practice. Practice makes you use this technique successfully.

Holding and freezing a capsule to switch the places will be more advantageous and become a big help for you because you have that capsule on down. But it would be best if you remembered that you are only capable of holding and moving one capsule at one time.

You can see the number of viruses left to clear in the top of the game screen. You can also view the number of capsules left with you at the same place. You must remove all the viruses of Dr Mario’s world on time before it’s late. You will be too late if no capsules are remaining. So make sure to clear all viruses before capsules are ending. Otherwise, you can fail the level.

Dr Mario World Beginners Guide

You can only continue in the game for once. So if you are going to fail at a level, you can choose to start the game all over again or take some more capsules by paying diamonds. Diamonds are the official currency of the Dr Mario World.  If you choose to continue the game, you only get one chance for it.

When you start to play a level after level 20, you will only use on the heart. The current list of the hearts and the amounts are viewed in the main game screen, and it is on the left corner in upper. Earning heats is simple. If you win and complete a level, you will get one heart reached.

Suppose you didn’t complete a level. You will have to use your remained hearts to play over or to play another level. So make it a point into your minds. Hearts are going to refilled in every 30 minutes. If you want more hearts, you can use diamonds to earn them.

Dr Mario World if the game that is available for free playing and includes with some extra game purchasing. As this game plays though online, you will need a good internet connection and a smart device.

But it worth have it because Dr Mario World is the real memorized item for every adult in this generation. So if you want to go back in the pleasant childhood memories, join the world of Dr Mario’s.

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