DOORS Codes for Free Revives November 2023

Get ready to unlock the horror behind each door with the help of DOORS codes. In this unique first-person horror game, your mission is to reach Door 100, avoiding the lethal entities lurking in the darkness that will attempt to take you and your teammates down. Each door opens a new world of terror, but don’t worry; we’ve got your back with these redeem codes offering free revives. Equipped with these rewards, your journey to the unknown will surely be less daunting and more thrilling.

DOORS codes

Join this thrilling, spine-chilling adventure, where every door leads to a different horror. As a challenging game of trial and error, every death you encounter becomes a lesson that drives you closer to your goal. So, grab your codes, stay on your toes, and experience a heart-stopping journey like never before!

DOORS Redeem Codes List

Here’s a list of valid DOORS redeem codes. These codes are time-sensitive and offer various rewards, primarily free revives, that will give you an extra life in the game. 

Remember, these codes cannot be redeemed unless you enter them precisely. They must be entered exactly as shown. To prevent errors, think about copying and pasting the codes right into the relevant area to redeem them.


How to Redeem DOORS Codes

Need to be more particular about where or how to use these codes? To receive your benefits, just follow the easy steps listed below.

  • Start the Roblox DOORS on any device you prefer. 
  • On the left side of the screen, select Shop. 
  • When you enter the code in the text box labeled “Enter Code Here,” you will be rewarded. 
DOORS codes

How to Get More Codes

These are the official codes that the game’s makers have provided. Therefore, you may find hints regarding the recently released active codes on the official DOORS gameplay accounts on Discord, Youtube, Twitter, etc. However, there is a simple way to learn about new codes: stay updated with our guide as we add fresh information as new codes for the DOORS game are released. 


Engross yourself in the chilling and thrilling game of DOORS. Redeem codes can enhance your gameplay by offering you free revives and other rewards, assisting you in surviving the horrors behind each door. 

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