Don’t Starve: New Home Guide with Tips to Survive, Adventure, and Explore

Don’t Starve: New Home gameplay is role-playing in which you can explore, survive and complete the adventure. This game gives you the vibe of the sandbox, where you can do almost everything once you get used to the gameplay after the phase of the tutorial that teaches you how to do things. This game is so easy, with quick controls. Therefore, you will be able to adapt to the gameplay so easily. But as a beginner new to this Don’t Starve: New Home android gameplay, read this beginner guide to understand well about it. 

Don't Starve: New Home gameplay

As you already know, here you can do many more things to survive, such as researching, crafting, gathering resources, keeping yourself in good condition, providing all the necessities, etc. But since you are a beginner, you just need to find out more about the game to get to know about it. Therefore let this Don’t Starve: New Home android gameplay beginner guide help you to survive better while adventuring and exploring. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Select a Role First

Unlike in other games, the role you choose for your character will not be very important. The role you choose for your character will only be affected by your character’s appearance. When selecting a role, you have three options: scholar, piper, and occultist. You can choose any of these roles for your character, each with male and female appearances. You can select a role for your character that you seem good in. 

Select a Role First

And then, you should move on and customize your character. You can customize the hair, hair color, face shape, facial features, marks, beards, and voices. Then you can name your character and create your character to enter the gameplay. 

Even though you have to be stuck into a game-given character initially, you will unlock other characters when you get advanced in the gameplay. When you unlock new characters, you should try to use the best ones mentioned in the Don’t Starve: New Home tier list. 

Yes, there is a Crafting System

Among the best features in this game, the crafting system takes the top place. With the crafting button in the game’s main interface, you can open the crafting menu, check the recipes in it to craft items you want and then start crafting. In the crafting menu, you can see many items that can be crafted. But the crafting process needs several materials. 

Yes, there is a Crafting System

You can craft the items according to the recipes when you get the materials you need. At the beginning of the game, you will craft items you need to survive in the gameplay, but getting deeper, you will be able to craft advanced items. 

Find Items You Need By Investigating Your Surroundings

Here the game is rich with explorations and investigations. With explorations and investigations, you can find items you need in your gameplay to survive. Surviving is impossible without the needy items. Therefore, explore and investigate your surroundings to find the necessary survival items. 

When you investigate your surroundings, you can find treasure chests rich with many items. And also, besides the treasure chests, you can find many other items when you search your surroundings. Therefore try to search your surroundings and find items you need to survive. 

Don’t Starve to Death

Keeping yourself full without being hungry is another crucial thing you should do in this game to survive perfectly. At the top of the gameplay screen, you can see the hunger indicator, which depicts the fullness of a character. 

With time, hunger will increase while fullness will decrease. But if you let your character be hungry, it will be another reason to die. Therefore don’t let your character starve to death. Always try to keep your character in a full state where it does not feel any hunger. When you see your character is hungry through the hunger indicator, you should let your character eat something to make it full again. 

Doing it will prevent your character from dying because of hunger. As we said in this guide, you can investigate your surroundings and find food items such as berries and carrots to feed your character. 

Guide Quests and Main Quests

The guide and main quests are your priorities when playing the game. You start the game as a beginner. And you don’t know how to proceed with this Don’t Starve: New Home gameplay. So how can you go ahead? This is where you have to trust the guide and main quests. 

Guide Quests and Main Quests

The guide quests are specially made for beginners like you to be guided during the gameplay, and then there are main quests that are directly connected with the main story of the gameplay. Each quest will help you proceed with the gameplay, giving you a chance to understand the basics of the game very quickly. 

Sudden Enemy Attacks are Normal in Don’t Starve: New Home

While on an adventure, you will meet enemies trying to attack you. So sudden enemy attacks are very normal in this game. Therefore you must always prepare yourself to face sudden enemy attacks. 

Sudden Enemy Attacks are Normal in Don't Starve: New Home

Even though you think the enemies you face are weaklings, they will surprise you with their attacks if you don’t prepare for battles. You have battle equipment with you, and you can start attacking enemies, which are the hounds in this game. Therefore, always be ready to face the danger at the most unexpected times. 


Here are all the tips and tricks we found through the Don’t Starve: New Home beta gameplay. The game is interesting, with many fascinating things to do. Surviving is harder than you think here, but if you follow these tips found through the Don’t Starve: New Home beta gameplay, we can guarantee you will be good at surviving under any circumstance. 

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