Divinity Arrival Guide with Best Tips for the Beginners

The Divinity Arrival is an epic strategy idle game published by Megajoy Games. Here you have to be ready to go on a journey through the sanctums of the world and discover the ancient relics with a team of legendary and beautiful divinities. With stunning 2D graphics and unique female characters, you’ll be able to collect and develop hundreds of glamorous gods and goddesses from different cultures. 

Divinity Arrival

The character system is diverse, and the factions have the ability to counter each other, making the arrangement of your battle squad a key factor in winning battles. As you progress through the game, you’ll level up your characters, upgrade their skills, and enhance their combat abilities. 

With an AFK mechanism, you can accumulate resources even when you’re offline, and 24-hour idle rewards will be available. Remember, the strategy you employ in each battle is crucial to your success as you lead your divinities to conquer other gods and establish your own league. Get ready to awaken the inner divinity and create your own legend in Divinity Arrival.

Divinity Arrival Gameplay Tips

The gameplay of Divinity Arrival starts with Lucifer coming to acquire a girl from the human world and a set of angels and gods helping her to escape the game. The whole game revolves around this. The first thing you should do is follow the tutorial until the end, this will get you oriented into the game, and tips that are provided through it will not be found anywhere else. 

Divinity Arrival Gameplay Tips

Once you are done with the tutorial, what you should do is ignore all other flashy red doest and focus on completing the campaign as fast as possible. You should only stop doing this when you are not strong enough to advance anymore. Then collect all the achievement and other quest rewards and do the summons if you can do any 10x summons, or go to the character and upgrade their level and gear, and head back into the campaign.

We ask you to do that because most of the game modes and features are hidden until you achieve a certain level in the campaign. So in order to unlock them all, you will have to rush the campaign of Divinity Arrival. As a bonus, once you have a good amount of stages under your achievement, it helps you to get into a more active guild. 

Make Sure to Join a Guild in Divinity Arrival

If you want to join guild-exclusive boss battles and earn rare weapons and resources, then choose one that has the most active players. Always check how the guild is doing before you enter or even after. If at least half of the guild hasn’t logged in for several days, leave that guild and find a new one because they will not be able to provide the things you want from them. 

When you find the right one, make sure to do the daily and participate in guild events to earn rewards. When you have enough guild currency, you will get to use them in the guild shop to get heroes’ shards and other rare materials. 

Heroes of Divinity Arrival

Same as any RPG game, your characters are the most important things you need to know in order to play the game. Each of the heroes you find in the game has a specific class and rarity, and set of skills. Currently, there are three types of classes in the game, and SSR is the highest rarity. If you want to acquire them, you have to use a mechanism called prayers, and you will summon one of the characters from the pool of characters randomly. 

Heroes of Divinity Arrival

When you are summoning characters, one thing you should make sure to do is use the 10X option to pull heroes rather than one by one as you find the money or tickets. This is because when you are doing it in 10X, you have a higher chance to summon an SSR hero rather than doing it one by one. 

The next thing you have to know about the heroes is how to increase their power. There are a few ways you can do this. Firstly you should start working on equipping them with the right gear; you will find them when you are progressing through the game’s campaign. Since in the early stages, you will only get to use three heroes, keeping them maxed up in gear and level department is important for winning battles.

When you are choosing characters for your team, always consider their rarity, class, and level. Same as the gear you have to level up the characters you currently use if you want to progress in the game. When you are doing this, you will meet a limit that asks you to ascend them if you want to level them up further; when you go to the character leveling section, you will find the option to ascend them, but you should have to have a copy of the same character to do that. 

Creating a Best Formation

Now you have a somewhat understanding of the Divinity Arrival  characters. But if you want to use them effectively, you have to find a Divinity Arrival tier list and find out the best classes of the game. This is because if you do not use them properly, that can make you lose most of the battles. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are three classes: warrior, mage, and Archer. Even though the game does not specify what the roles of each class are, if you take a closer look, you will see warriors are made to take a lot of damage and deal damage; archers will provide the heist DPS, and mages act the role of the support class. 

Creating a Best Formation

Even though, as a Divinity Arrival beginner, you can only use three heroes at once, when you get close to player profile 20, you will be able to take six characters to battle, and here you will see that your front-row characters take the highest damage. So if you place a character with low defensive capabilities, they will always die after 10 seconds. 

This is where you should use your knowledge of classes and place more durable characters in the front line and place archers in the back. If you want to make the best teams, the only thing you have to do is read and understand the effect of the skills, what are their secondary effects, and what are the stats each character has. If you make a habit of reading the skills and attacks of each class, you will be a team-building master in the game in no time. 

Consider the Character Link

The last thing you have to know about the heroes is their links. The link mechanism is when you have two heroes that have a link, they both get a boost according to their rarity level. Mostly when a game introduces this mechanism to combat, what they do is allow you to use at least one of the characters that belong to a link, and that character will get the link boost. 

Consider the Character Link

But here, you have to use both characters that belong to the link if you want to get the boost. But in fairness, this boost is significantly larger than the link buff you get from other games. This also has a positive side to it. If you don’t have a ton of SSR heroes, you can use this mechanism to level up the playing field with your link heroes just a little bit. 

Make Sure to Do the Objectives

Objectives are the main way to keep you on track; you will have a set of daily, weekly, and monthly objectives to achieve. Once you do them, you will be rewarded with gems, coins, and more, but the real price is in the boxes above. 

Make Sure to Do the Objectives

Make sure to do all the quests and reach 100% completion to get all the rewards. Since the task only takes 30 minutes in total, If you are too busy to play, one of the things you should try to do is the daily objective if you want healthy progress.  


In this beginner’s guide to Divinity Arrival, we covered the fundamentals and provided some useful Divinity Arrival tips for getting started with the game. Teams and characters are the most crucial components to learn, while the rest is rather self-explanatory. This concludes our tutorial for today; We hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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