Ditto Pokemon Go – Catching Guide 2024

Ditto Pokemon Go can be identified as one who can transform into another Pokémon. It takes another appearance from a different Pokémon and will attack any Pokémon that catches into its vision. Although the original launch of Pokémon Go doesn’t come with Ditto, it takes several ways to go into the world from hiding.

Ditto Pokemon Go

Ditto Pokemon Go is coming to the game by hiding behind Zubat, Rattata, Magikarp and from the Pidgey. They are subsequently generating, and Ditto already knows the ways of transforming into new species. Sometimes this creature is not shown from specific species, and it’s somewhat confusing to understand his appearance in the game.

But don’t worry. Here we are to guide you on how to catch this invasive Ditto Pokemon Go and follow the best methods to catch this man for your successive gameplay.

What is Ditto Pokemon Go?

We identify him as a Transform Pokémon, and it appears as a little blob of purple. It was a part of the Pokémon Gen I 151, and it seems like it cannot do much in the game. But he is really capable of taking appearances of others, and it will power any Pokémon it catches onto its vision.  

Ditto will be a beneficial creature within the core games since it is breeding any Pokémon who is doing the breeding. This may not be so useful on Pokémon Go, but it is still helping the players complete their Pokédex and specific special research. More important here is that you will never be able to catch the Mew without catching Ditto Pokemon Go first.

Will Ditto hide like other Pokémon?

Yes, he is. Ditto Pokemon Go got the superpowers of transforming himself into another Pokémon, and he is the only one who has been encountered for this transforming state in the wild. Players will not see Ditto with their sights or from nearby. Any player will never know if this Ditto is sitting next to them until it catches him.  

It is a must to catch all of these Ditto in the game, but you will never get to know if you are catching a real Ditto within disguise.

What are the Pokémon who becomes Ditto Pokemon Go?

  • Drowzee
  • Fastly
  • Stunky
  • Teddiursa
  • Debbie
  • Remoraid
  • Foongus
  • Name
  • Galpin
Pokémon who becomes Ditto Pokemon Go

Why did the Pokémon who became Ditto change?

When the Magikarp become the first Pokémon to hold a shiny variant. Ditto was unable to hide like the Magikarp. So every time there is a shiny variant, Ditto species are introduced, they are removed for the pool and more Pokémon are constantly added into the game. They were always the common Pokémon, and to avoid disappointments caused by Pokémon, a turn as a Ditto is a must.

On the 20th of February 2021, the Kanto event of Pokémon came up with shiny variants to the remained Gen I Pokémon, and it was included with Ditto. If the trainers need to catch a shiny Ditto, they must complete the story of Pokémon Go. The storyline of Kento Special Research is only there for the players who got a ticket from the event.

However, in 2021, the Season of Mischief was seen in the Shiny Ditto within the wild. The new Pokémon Ditto is capable of hiding some shiny variants of Pokémon that has been unlocked. Not disappointed players note that every Pokémon that appears like Shiny will not be a Ditto. But if that Ditto is not a Shiny, it can be a Ditto and Shiny as well.

Why was this Ditto Banned from the Pokémon Go?

Ditto will not be able to participate in new trainer battles since he has an issue. The transform move of Ditto will allow it to transform into a level 40 version from any encountered Pokemon. So it will be a very harsh situation for lower leagues.

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How to Speed Up Ditto Pokemon Go Catching?

You can speed up catching this one since Ditto is determining the Pokémon spawns moments. So you will be able to crowdsource on it if you have taken apart from Pokémon Go community from its Facebook page, Whatsapp. Discord or any other similar platform, you will have a chance to get one life.

In here, players are required to create separate rooms or groups for the Ditto hunting, so you are not going to spam the players who already won the Ditto. But as long as this is local, you have to increase the chances you have.

How to Speed Up Ditto Pokemon Go Catching?

How to Catch Ditto Pokemon Go?

Ditto is hiding as the most common Pokémon in the game, so all these things apply the usual rules. Always try to follow up with curveballs and stack bonuses as long as you can and have them all.

Increasing the chances can be done by using Lure Mods, Incense and by using Pokémon Go Plus. Anything that a player usually uses while trying to catch more and more Pokémon will be increased with the finding chances and Ditto catching.  

How do the Raids and Gyms work with Ditto Pokemon Go?

Ditto only will struggle and transform as its only move set. Transform is not doing any damage while it can change the Ditto in the same fighting Pokémon. This will be applicable, whether he is attacking or defending a gym for a taking down or training.  

He is also taking the attributes of his mimicking Pokémon. It will happen even his exact CP is different based on his level than his copying Pokémon level. And also, Ditto, who is transforming into another Ditto, will remain the same. 

How Rare is this Ditto Pokemon Go?

Most of the players are wondering how they can encounter a Ditto, and for the luck of the players, there is a list of Ditto on Pokemon Go. Ditto has a 3% catching rate for the current states, and it is totally a rare situation for the players.  

Is Ditto Pokemon Go Useless?

Dittos are very great creatures, and even they seem very creepy. But they will be very helpful for you to use as a mainline, although you can’t catch them easily in the game since they don’t appear themselves through the game.  

Is Ditto Pokemon Go Worthy to Power Up?

Ditto doesn’t own an excellent HP, so players will have to dodge their everything too high. But generally, Ditto is a good attacker since it can be transformed into anyone you are fighting.  

 Ditto Pokemon Go Worthy to Power Up


So that’s all for the catching guide of Ditto Pokemon Go. Get your best idea by referring to this guide for the Ditto. For more clearer gaming experience, you can use LDPlayer and take the best from your gameplay.

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