Dislyte Beginner Guide with Tips for the Urban Mythological RPG

Welcome to Dislyte, the urban mythological RPG that lets you experience the world of heroes with godlike powers. In this visually stunning game, you’ll join forces with divine beings who possess incredible abilities to fight monsters that threaten the world. The game takes place in the near future, where mysterious portals called miracles have appeared out of nowhere, creating chaos and destruction. 


Dislyte features some of the most badass gods ever from worldwide mythologies such as Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Northern European. Each god has a unique appearance and personality, depending on from whom they received their power. The game’s urban mythological theme and smooth gameplay make it a visually stunning and enjoyable experience. 

You’ll take on the role of building your own squad and taking the fight to the enemy, using a unique gacha system that allows you to drop the beat and feel the rhythm of the city soundscapes on every street corner. But Dislyte is more than just a stylish game. It offers deep strategic gameplay, where you must assemble the ultimate lineup of battle-ready heroes and perfect your strategy with each turn. Through this guide, We will show every aspect of the game you should know as a beginner to have fun from the start. Let’s begin. 

Early Goals and Progression in Dislyte

When you initially begin playing the game, you should prioritize completing Chapter 6 as your primary objective. This is significant since doing so will allow you to unlock a valuable set known as Lifesteal, which you can equip with any damage dealer in PvE. You begin the game with a hero called Mona, who has tremendous abilities that affect multiple enemies at once and can assist you in completing Chapter 6.

Early Goals and Progression in Dislyte

When it comes to farming levels, there are two types of levels: XP levels and normal levels. XP levels grant experience points, whereas normal levels do in small amounts. While normal levels award you with both drops and XP, XP levels award you with a greater amount of EXP but fewer total drops. 

If you wish to farm a level that offers specific drops, the level in question should be the one you select. On the other hand, if you are interested in gaining experience as well as drops, you should probably stick to standard levels.

Prioritizing Abilimon Investments.

As a Dislyte beginner, you will quickly discover that the key to success is in mastering the skills of your team and using your Abilimons wisely. You begin with a team of three Abilimons: a rare healer, a common controller, and a rare DPS. 

You should understand that your healer is crucial to keeping your team alive, so you should prioritize upgrading her skills first. You should use your rare Abilimons to decrease her healing ability cooldown, which improves her effectiveness in battles.

Prioritizing Abilimon Investments.

As you progress through the Dislyte, you will come to a point where your controller is struggling to keep up with more challenging enemies. Since you don’t have an Epic healer to invest in, you need to use your hard-earned Abilimons to reduce your controller’s ability cooldown and increase his speed. With his improved abilities, he will be able to control the battlefield more effectively and contribute to your team’s success.

However, as you continue to face even tougher challenges, you will also come to a point where your legendary support, Gabrielle, is also struggling to keep up with the demands of the battles. Since legendary Abilimons are hard to find, it will not be a bad idea to invest in Gabrielle because she could make a significant difference. 

So once you save up enough legendary Abilimons and use them to decrease her ability cooldown and increase the duration of her powerful buffs, and with the help of her enhanced abilities, Gabrielle will become an even more valuable member of your team, and you will be able to take on even tougher challenges with ease.

When you come to that point, you will realize that prioritizing your skills and Abilimon investments based on the needs of your team is essential for success. By using your resources wisely, you’re able to overcome even the toughest foes and emerge victorious.

How to Choose and Level up Relics

Relics are items in Dislyte that give your characters different stats and abilities. When you start playing the game, you will have many low-level relics (represented by the color green) and some slightly better ones (represented by the color blue). However, you will need to progress further in the Dislyte in order to get the best relics (represented by the colors purple, gold, and red).

How to Choose and Level up Relics

The most important thing to consider when choosing relics is the stats they provide. You should look for relics that give you stats like attack bonus, defense bonus, HP bonus, crit rate, and crit damage. It’s also important to pay attention to the shape of the relic – circle and square-shaped relics are usually the most important.

When looking at relics, you should also pay attention to their sub-stats. These are additional stats that the relic gives you in addition to its main stat. Other players’ strategies can be helpful in figuring out which sub-stats are best for your characters.

It’s not a good idea to spend too much gold on low-level relics that you will eventually replace with better ones. Instead, you should focus on upgrading your better relics to their maximum level. The maximum level varies depending on the color of the relic. 

Green relics should not be upgraded at all, blue relics can be upgraded to level 3 or 6, purple relics can be upgraded to level 9, and gold relics can be upgraded to level 9 or 12 if their stats are good enough. Red relics are the rarest and most powerful, but they are also very expensive to upgrade.

Fuse Gabrielle as Soon as Possible

Fuse Gabrielle as Soon as Possible

Gabrielle is a free legendary support character that you can acquire early in the Dislyte. Fusing Gabrielle is a significant investment of resources, but the reward far outweighs the effort. She is a versatile Esper that can buff your team, debuff the enemy team, prevent your team from being debuffed, and counter enemy controllers all in one Esper. Gabrielle also has a great captain skill that grants your team an additional 30% HP, making her a valuable asset to have on your team.

How to Spend Gold Records?

If you want stress-free gameplay, the first thing you should do is avoid copying other players’ strategies for spending gold records and instead focus on what works best. Don’t waste Gold Records on random pulls if you prefer building what you have instead of taking a chance on what you don’t. It’s not essential to hoard Gold Records for anything other than banners. 

How to Spend Gold Records

The event banner Espers are placed with an increased chance of pulling for a limited time before they join the general pool at the end of their respective events. You can earn extra GRs by pulling a certain number of times during these events, which is always a draw towards saving.

Spend Your Gems Wisely

While it’s crucial to spend your gems how you want to, keep in mind that stamina will always be something you’re lacking. Instead of spending your gems on gold records, grab a few refills when you’re on a roll and want to keep pushing. Keeping a small reserve of gems exclusively for stamina on days when you want to play a little more is always a reasonable idea.

Do Not Stress

If you’re stuck on a level in story mode, don’t bang your head against a wall. It’s a good idea to step away and do something else, such as upgrading your relics and increasing your Ascension or practicing stages. You can always benefit from taking a break and coming back with a fresh perspective.

In PVP, don’t take it personally if you lose. There will always be someone with a stronger team, and sometimes you’re out-skilled or under-leveled. Keep trying to improve your composition and team synergy. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll get there eventually.

Play the Dislyte Cube Mode

Although it might seem like a time-wasting throw-away mode, Cube mode offers great rewards for little effort and refreshes every two days. You can farm the currency from it and grab some neat rewards from the Dislyte activity shop.

Play the Dislyte Cube Mode


In conclusion, there are many things you have to learn as a Dislyte beginner, and we hope that you learned a few things that helped you progress in the game. As a player, you should not be afraid to try new things and experiment without only following the general rules since it is the best teacher. Thanks for reading this Dislyte beginners guide, and have a nice day.

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