DISGAEA RPG Guide and Tips for All the Newbies

Are you ready to delve into the dark and chaotic world of the Netherworld? Look no further than DISGAEA RPG, the mobile game that brings together all your favorite protagonists from the series. In this guide and tips article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to conquer the Netherworld and raise the Strongest Overlord. Discover original stories and music from the series and explore the Netherworld History to relive your favorite plots or learn about the series’ previous stories as a newcomer. 


DISGAEA RPG features original stories and music from the series, as well as the Netherworld History, to relive your favorite plots or learn about the series’ previous stories as a newcomer. With its engaging storyline and character development, you’ll be drawn into the world of the Netherworld and its inhabitants.

With its over-the-top battle systems, including amusing options like “Team Attack,” “Tower,” and “Throw,” the game is both strategic and hilarious. Awaken and upgrade characters to the max level of 9999 and grant them many skills and magic enhancements to deal tons of damage to your enemies. So without any more delays, let’s start the beginner’s guide to DISGAEA RPG

How to Optimize Your Daily Activities in DISGAEA RPG

If you are playing DISGAEA RPG, you may already know that it is a game that can be played casually without requiring too much interaction from the player. However, to progress in the game, you need to at least log in once a day and complete several daily activities. In this section, we will discuss how you can optimize your daily activity in DISGAEA RPG to get the most out of the game.

Complete a Dark Gate Mission

Complete a Dark Gate Mission

Completing these tasks will reward you with gate keys, human or monster reincarnation materials, EXP, and more. These rewards are crucial, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Completing these tasks will take only about 15 minutes for new players, and as you progress, they will take less and less time. Additionally, completing all the daily tasks will also earn you 25 Magic Stones, so it’s essential to do them and hoard the resources for later use.

Why Daily Free Summon Matters

You may be wondering why the daily free summon is important. Well, it can provide you with copies of your DISGAEA RPG characters that you need to raise their star level or characters you may not have unlocked yet. Some players may think that 25 Magic Stones is not much, but if you consistently do the dailies, you will be able to do a ten pull every 60 days or one pull every six days.

Save Magic Stones for Event Banners

It’s important to note that for normal banners, the rate of pulling the best characters in the DISGAEA RPG tier list is the same as the low-level characters. If you want to increase your chances of getting better characters, you should save all your Magic Stones and use them when there’s an event banner. Event banners have a higher chance of giving you the specific Character you are looking for than the normal banner.

Missions to Progress in the Game

The following are all the missions you should do daily to progress in the game:

Missions to Progress in the Game
Daily Missions Daily Missions Reward
Summon one Character
Consume 150 energy
Use the Dark Assembly
Complete a daily gate mission once
Buy gear from the shop
Send sardines to your friends
Complete all daily missions
1 Luxury Bribe Material
150 Energy
1 Skip Ticket
1 Gate Key
10,000 HL
2 Medium Bribe Materials
25 Nether Quartz

Weekly Missions

In addition to the daily missions, there are also weekly missions that you should complete. These missions include:

Weekly MissionsWeekly Mission Rewards
Log in for five days
Summon ten times
Use 5 gate keys
Consume 2,000 energy
Spend 1 million
HLGive 50 bribes
300 Nether Quartz
5 Gate Keys
5 Summon Tickets
20 Skip Tickets
3 4* Prinnys
10 Full Energy Restores

Repeatable Missions

Lastly, there are repeatable missions that you can do to earn rewards. These missions include:

Repeatable MissionsRepeatable Mission Rewards
Consume 1500 energy
Clear 300-item world floors
Make a 5* character
Reincarnate 100 times
10 Skip tickets
150 Energy
2 Gate keys
1 4* Prinny

Completing daily, weekly, and repeatable missions are essential for making Progress in DISGAEA RPG. Make sure to log in at least once a day and complete your daily activities to collect rewards and hoard resources for when you need them later on. And remember, save your Magic Stones for event banners to increase your chances of pulling the best characters in the game.

Team Building for Material Grinding in DISGAEA RPG

Material grinding is an important task everyone will have to do eventually. You should not use your everyday heroes for grinding; instead, you should make a specific team to maximize the materials you gain from the Dark Material gate, HL Gate, and Item World in the game; then you’ll want to create specific teams using certain DISGAEA RPG characters.

Use Pirates, Scouts, and Dark Santa Laharl, or any other units that increase item drop chances, at the Dark Material Gate. While Pirates and Scouts are both frequent three-star troops, Dark Santa Laharl is a rarer two-star unit that only appears during the Christmas event. You should assemble a team of five Scouts first, and then switch them out for Pirates as you gain access to them.

Team Building for Material Grinding in DISGAEA RPG

You should bring troops to the HL Gate that increase HL earnings, such as Seraphina, Artina, and Hoggmeister. Being just 4-star, Seraphina and Artina are commonly featured on promotions events. Hoggmeister is a 3-star unit that can also boost HL. Equip HL-boosting innocents on your units, and look for Seraphina or Artina ally units to borrow while running your own HL gates.

When creating a team for Item World, Start with your greatest direct damage dealing unit in Item World, and then add units like Future Warrior Pleinair, Dark Santa Laharl, and Pirates to increase the chance of chest drops. Even if the first chest doesn’t drop, there’s still a 20% chance that Misedor may drop a second one in Item World. 

You can use multiple copies of Misedor to increase your chances of getting that second chest. Remember, these teams are just suggestions, and you can modify them to fit your own preferences and play style.

Things to Know When Using DISGAEA RPG Companions

Things to Know When Using DISGAEA RPG Companions

In DISGAEA RPG, “Companions” can make all the difference in your journey to the top. Companions are characters belonging to other players’ that you can select as your Preferred Character to help you clear missions, events, and Dark Gate. But how can you make the most out of these valuable assets? Here are some tips for using Companions to your advantage.

Choose the Right Companion for the Job

When it comes to Companions, one size does not fit all. It’s essential to hire the right Companion for each stage, depending on the skills and buffs they bring to the table. For instance, for Gem Reincarnation gates, you can use a Laharl because he provides 5% to chest drops, a Flonne will help you with a 5% EXP buff, or you can use Seraphina to get the 10% HL Gain. If the units you need aren’t showing up, click the blue “refresh” button in the upper left corner.

Make Use of Companions in Battle

Companions are not just extra units to fill up your roster; they can also come in handy during battles. If you have access to high-level Valvatorez Companion, for instance, you may switch him in during combat to utilize his HP recovery talents to open locked gates or more difficult stages. Additionally, when one of your units dies, a Companion can act as a 6th unit, which can be a lifesaver in tough battles.

Make Use of Companions in Battle

Focus on Leveling Up One Unit

To optimize your gameplay in DISGAEA RPG with a higher-level friend, it’s recommended to create a team consisting of only one unit and leave the remaining spots empty. Start by running the Dark Gates one level at a time, choosing your friend’s unit each time and allowing it to auto-run. By doing so, the high-level unit will carry the team effortlessly.

Once you’ve completed all the gates with a three-star rating, select your favorite unit, equip them with a bow, and put them alone on a team. You can then utilize skip tickets to quickly send this unit through the EXP gates. Upon reaching the level cap, reincarnate them and repeat the process until they have reached a level of 3000 or higher.

Learn the Doppelganger Skill

After your unit has gained sufficient experience, it’s time to acquire the formidable Doppelganger ability. You can obtain this skill by visiting Mao’s Laboratory and investing your mana to boost your bow mastery to level 9. You can also raise your weapon mastery level to 9 by using either the item world or bow statues. With the Doppelganger skill unlocked, you can further increase its potency by using skill books or the item world to raise its SP requirement to 19. By doing so, you can utilize this ability almost every turn, which can significantly alter the outcome of battles.

Learn the Doppelganger Skill

Take on Events with One Unit

Finally, when it comes to events, remember that you don’t need a full team to get three stars. You can achieve the goal of having zero deaths if you have exactly a single unit on your squad and that unit lives. So focus on leveling up one unit and taking on events with that unit alone. With the right Companion and the Doppelganger skill at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to success in DISGAEA RPG.


In this DISGAEA RPG tips guide we have shown you things that you should know as a beginner player to have a nice and easy gameplay. You should use them in the early game to get to the top faster. One thing you have to learn before playing the game is being patient if you are not spending money, because games nowadays are created to spend money to progress faster. We are going to conclude this guide here and have a nice day.

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