Diablo Immortal Classes and Characters

Diablo Immortal classes have their own way of being advantageous and disadvantageous to the game. Using their strengths while conquering their weaknesses is a must to win this., developed by Blizzards Entertainment, is a Free to play game and a pay-to-win game. It’s a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game mainly based on fighting and adventure. Diablo Immortal is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), which includes 60 levels in max. This has become a significant challenge to all other Role-Playing Games, released on 02nd June 2022. In this game, the 1st task you have to do is to choose Diablo Immortal classes. 

So, this is an explained guide for the  Diablo Immortal classes and characters. The classes in Diablo Immortal are as follows; Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk, Wizard.

In this guide, we’ll let you know the strengths and weaknesses of these classes, their legendary items, and what they are specialized for. Well, we’ll dig into the guide. 


This class is one of the 6 Diablo Immortal classes. These are giant-like classes. As you are a beginner, we recommend choosing Barbarian as a starter. Because they have muscle force inside them with brutality, they recharge themselves while going on a rampage during the battles shouting and wiping up heroes. This is such an aggressive class. Barbarian class is the Solo powerhouse you can find in the game. With their aggressiveness, they are always ready to slice enemies into pieces. 

Diablo Immortal Classes – Barbarians’ Strength

This is the fastest class among others. Not only that, when you have a Barbarian in your team, the speed of the whole team will increase. They have monster-like strength, and combining this with high sprint ability makes them the best class for melee combat. And their Area of Effect damage is very massive, and they increase the damage number by 25% for all the teammates. 

If you need to get out the full powers of this class, you have to equip them with effective equipment that suits them. We’ll discuss their legendary items once we are done with their weaknesses. They are the kings in PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player).

Diablo Immortal Classes- Barbarians’ Weaknesses

Okay, the 1st thing we got to share with you is the Barbarians are comfortable in close combat. So it’s so risky to get much closer to enemies. We already told you it’s good to choose the Barbarian class as a starter. Because when you go through the game, the challenges get more serious, and you have to pay attention to your defense rather than fighting unconsciously.

Another thing is their high damage ability, and AoE takes much time to cool down. (Cooldown means the interval time of players until they can use the same power again) This will be disadvantageous in a fight like PvP. 

Now we will look at the legendary items of the Barbarian class.

Each class has 42 unique legendary powers, seven legendaries for each slot named the main hand, off-hand, head, shoulders, chest, and legs)

  • Head: Second breath, Battlemaster’s Helm
  • Shoulders: Hatred’s reach, Coming Storm
  • Legs: The Juggernaut’s Plan, Howler’s Lift, Kar’s Defiance, Rockspike
  • Off-hand: Dishonored Blade, Broken SoulTheir primary skills are, Lacerate, Frenzy


Crusader is the class with the heaviest of armor among the other Diablo Immortal Classes. This is one of the best classes you can choose regarding survival ability. Their heavy armor is very helpful in withstanding the attacks of enemies.

Crusader’s Strengths in Diablo Immortal

It has a high Area of Effect damage. This is the class with the best mobility skills. 

Crusader’s Weaknesses in Diablo Immortal

This class cannot single-target damage against bosses. And these have much longer cooldowns. 

Let us now look for some legendary items they use separately. 

  • Main hand: Tumult, Air Splitter
  • Chest: Besieger, Feathermail Coat
  • Head: Many-eyed Aegis, Arrrowkeeper
  • Shoulder: Sivket’s Advantage, Barbed Council 
  • Legs: Bladed Jambeau, Permanent Reproach
  • Off hand: Pavise of Ten Wings, Bonebearer
  • Their primary skills are, Punish and Sacred Fire

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a playable class among all other Classes. This is a ranged strength class that can kill enemies from a long-range. Okay, without wasting time, let’s get to the point quickly. 

Diablo immortal Classes-Strengths of Demon Hunter

There are many powerful primary attacks with him and it can do a heavy damage foe the single targets. . 

Diablo immortal Classes-Weaknesses of Demon Hunter

One weakness of this class is they lack escaping skills. And they are not very healthy. If you choose Demon Hunter as your character, you will die if you get hit even a few shots.

Legendary ItemsThey Use.

  • Main hand: Flamespite, Breath of Winter
  • Head: Boundless Ingenuity, Vision of the Lost
  • Shoulder: Bladewings, Bombardment’s Toll
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury, Assassin’s Heritage 
  • Off hand: Blacktalon, Chainbolter
  • Their primary skills are Crossbow Shot, Explosive Arrow


This is one of the playable Diablo Immortal Classes. Necromancer is such a powerful class like spell caster, and they have the balance in both life and death powers. They have a magical summoning ability. The playstyle of the Necromancer is mid-range combat. 

Strengths of Necromancer

Necromancer has great damage both in single target and Area of Effect. And this has the ability of crowd control. 

Weaknesses of Necromancer

This class lacks mobility skills when compared to the other classes. PvP damage is very low, and this class over-depends on the summons, another weakness of the Necromancer class. 

Legendary items of Necromancer are as follows;

  • Main hand: Blight Maw, Accounting for Weakness
  • Chest: Covet Nothing, Gallowsborn
  • Head: Crown of the Gilded Leash, Coals for Eyes 
  • Shoulder: Chasm-Crosser, Rotspur
  • Their primary skills are, Soulfire and Bone Spear


Monk is a class Diablo immortal that supports melee and excels in AoE and DPS when playing as a group. This class mainly shines in a group play. 

Strengths of Monk

This class possesses lots of abilities, and their cooldowns are short and lengthened. This class acts as a shield in a group play with many buffs. Their mobility skills are superb. 

Weaknesses of Monk

As we mentioned before, they excel in group play, but when it comes to solo play, this may change a little bit as they are not shiny in solo. They possess poor health, and it’s a weakness. When fighting against bosses, they have low damage in a single hit. 

Legendary items of Monk Class are mentioned below.

  • Main hand: Fires of Peace, Dragon’s Indignation
  • Chest: Breath of Incense, Storm Spirit
  • Head: Crippling Insight, The Open Mind
  • Shoulder: Discipline’s Weight, Freedom’s Gale
  • Legs: Chastising Radiance, Grace’s Bounty
  • Off hand: Eye of the Storm, Power of Undulation
  • Their primary skills are, Fists of Thunder and Deadly Reach


The Wizard class is filled with unspeakable powers. With their power of magic, their attacks 

have no weaknesses even though they have no time for a defense.

Diablo immortal Classes-Strengths of Wizard

They can deal severe damage with their AoE attacks. As a Necromancer class, they have the ability of Crowd Control. Wizard class has a fantastic mobility technique, and it is called Teleport.

Diablo Immortal Classes-Weaknesses of Wizard

This class possesses low health, and it needs good positioning during fights. And they have long skill cooldowns too. 

Let’s focus on what legendary items they use.

  • Main hand: Devastation, Electrospike
  • Chest: Ellora’s Fervor, Kyn’s Cryoclasp
  • Head: Mask of Illusions, Cowl of the Abyss
  • Shoulder: Angmar’s Repulsive Burden, Rime Mantle
  • Legs: Chaos Nexus, Frostwalkers
  • Off hand: Azkalor’s Fire, The Siphon
  • Their primary skills are Magic Missile and Electrocute.

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As you know much about the classes, and their legendary items, now you can play the game as a Pro. We hope you enjoyed the article and make sure you play the game and win battles excelling full power.

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