Demian Saga Beginner’s Guide for All New Players

If an epic tale with charming characters featuring strategic real-time combat is your choice of the game right now, then Demian Saga gameplay will be your perfect choice at the moment. The pirate adventure you must go through here is awesome, but it becomes super awesome when you have the best beginner guidelines to make yourself a better player. So that is why we have come up with this guide for all new players like you who want to enjoy a fascinating pirate adventure. 

The adventure is full of battles, so you should first build your pirate crew using the Demian Saga best characters. In the Demian Saga all characters come from different nations, and you have complete free will to choose your favorite ones for your pirate crew. During the adventure, many awesome and unexpected things can happen to you. That is why you need to read this beginner guide to prepare yourself for any unexpected incident you may have to face. 

Recruit the Demian Saga Best Characters

Recruiting the best characters in this game mentioned in the Demian Saga tier list is very important because you can make your gameplay very smooth when you have the top rarity characters. No matter how tough the enemies you face, with the best characters in your crew, you can easily win all the battles. 

So, recruiting the heroes for your gameplay is essential to make an awesome crew. The game’s main menu has a recruitment option, and when you go there, you will see many recruitment options available. Let us see an explanation of each recruitment option to understand them better. 

  • Hero Recruitment – You can draw all the heroes except the limited ones in this recruitment option. To recruit heroes here, you need normal recruit tickets or gems. 
  • National Recruitment – except for the heroes limited to special banners, you can draw all heroes from this option. But the only difference is, here, you can recruit heroes by selecting a nation you want. Once you choose a nation, you can draw heroes from that. You need national recruit tickets to draw heroes from this option. 
  • Friendship Recruitment – another type of recruitment you can try to obtain heroes in friendship recruitment. Here you can summon heroes using the friendship points, which can be acquired by trading with in-game friends. 
Recruit the Demian Saga Best Characters

The probability rates of each hero recruit option differ, but one common thing you can see in every option is the lowest drop rates for the top-tier heroes. The heroes you can earn in this recruitment have been classified into three tiers SSR, SR and R. The best heroes come in the SSR tier, and the least powerful ones belong to the R tier. 

But the thing about here is you always get R-tier heroes through these above options because the highest drop rates are reserved for R-tier heroes. And the lowest drop rates are for the top tier ones, SSR ones. Therefore, when you draw heroes from the above-mentioned recruitment options, ensure you will try your best to get the best tier. 

Demian Saga Adventure

Adventure is the game’s main mode, directly connected with the game’s storyline. How far you complete the chapters in the adventure mode will decide how quickly you will unlock new content for your gameplay. So here in the adventure, you can explore many regions of the world. And when you complete various chapter stages in the adventure mode, you will earn lots of resources for your gameplay and EXP. 

In every chapter stage, you take part in, you can earn stars for your performance, and before you enter a stage, you can see which enemies you have to deal with in the relevant stage. Make sure you create your battle crew, selecting the top characters and formations that can surpass the enemy team. 

During the battles, the characters you assign will automatically battle against enemies; you only cast their ultimate skills when they are ready. But once you unlock the auto function, you can let the AI take control of the battle totally, which means with the auto function turned on, you don’t have to cast your characters’ skills either, as everything happens automatically. 

When you obtain three stars after clearing a particular stage, you can use the vanquish feature and obtain the rewards of that stage battle without actually engaging. But this feature can only be used for the stages cleared with three stars. As you are just a beginner to this Demian Saga gameplay, you first try to clear most of the content in the adventure mode, and then you will eventually add new features for your gameplay. 

How to Enhance Demian Saga Characters

Various Demian Saga characters are available in this game, and Demian Saga all characters can be classified into different nations. There are characters with different roles, such as support, assault, defensive, destructive etc. And also, each character has a specific play style, such as melee, mid-range, or long-range. As a player who loves to maintain victorious gameplay, it is essential to enhance the characters so your pirate crew will be mighty. 

The first thing to enhance your characters is to level up the characters. When you level up the characters using the EXP gathered during the gameplay, your character’s total stats and combat power will increase, converting it to a more powerful version. 

How to Enhance Demian Saga Characters

And the next method is you can equip your character with top gear pieces. When you equip gear pieces for your character, they add extra attributes for your character. Therefore the power of your character will automatically increase. Not only can you equip your character with better equipment pieces, but also you can upgrade the equipped items. When you upgrade the equipped items of your character, the stats provided by each item will increase. 

There is a talent tree for each hero in this game, and when you unlock the talents in the talent tree, your character will automatically develop with more power. In the talent tree, there are many talent levels; unlocking each talent at each level will benefit your character. 

There are three types of talents in the talent tree that you can develop such as hero talents, agility talents and special talents. You need different talent stones to unlock talents in this tree, and also you can level up the unlocked talents to increase their stat bonuses. It is good for you to improve the power of your characters to build a perfect pirate crew using all the above methods. 

Demian Saga Battle Formation

Before entering a battle, you can adjust your battle formation according to your wish. And besides the battle formations you like to have, there are specific formations given by the game, and you can use any of the formations for your battle team when joining a fight. 

Each formation provides bonus statistics for your team, and also you can level up the formations using strategy books to increase their bonus statistics. The formations you will see at the beginner phase of the game are as follows. 

  • Balance Formation – this is the first available formation for you in this game, and here in this formation, two heroes will be assigned to the front line, and three heroes will be assigned to the backline. With this formation, the heroes’ attack and accuracy will be increased. 
  • Blitz Formation – blitz formation is the next formation that assigns three characters to the frontline and two characters to the backline. This formation increases the movement speed and critical rate of the characters. 
  • Breakthrough Formation – here, in this formation, you can assign one character to the frontline and all four other characters to the backline. The characters’ resistance and critical hit damage will be increased with this formation. 
  • Protection Formation – this formation provides an HP boost and energy regeneration for your heroes. The heroes assigned for the frontline are four, and the backline for one. 


All the details provided above in this guide are essential for beginner players like you because when you know all these basics about this game, you will be victorious whatever the challenge you may encounter. Since we have provided the best for you, all you have to do is start your Demian Saga gameplay building your top-level pirate crew. Get yourself together to face the adventurous pirate journey. 

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