Defence Rivals Beginner’s Guide – All You Need to Know

Tower defense games have consistently been among the most popular types of video games, and Defence Rivals is not an exception to this trend. This game is both exhilarating and addictive due to the way it blends elements of strategic planning, hero management, and fast-paced action. 

Defence Rivals

In this guide for newcomers to Defence Rivals, we will look into the gameplay mechanics, as well as the acquisition and strengthening of heroes, as well as the advancement of the game and its rewards. This guide will supply you with all of the information you need to become a competent defender and win the leaderboards, regardless of whether you are new to the genre or an experienced player.

Defence Rivals Gameplay

Defence Rivals Gameplay

The game follows a familiar tower defense gameplay style, but the absence of a story is nothing to worry about. At the start of the game, you are given one hero to begin your journey. As you progress, you will unlock new characters through the trophy system or purchase them using diamonds or coins. 

However, it is advisable to use diamonds for hero acquisition since coins are primarily needed to level up your heroes. As the game advances, the amount of coins you earn falls short of the requirements for leveling up all your heroes.

Getting New Heroes and Making Teams

To acquire new heroes and gather the necessary materials to strengthen them, you need to participate in the adventure mode of Defence Rivals. Currently, there are three chapters, each with three difficulty levels. 

Getting New Heroes and Making Teams

By completing a chapter on easy difficulty, you unlock the next chapter and gain access to the hard mode of the cleared chapter. Furthermore, once you clear a chapter in hard mode, the Hell difficulty is unlocked.

Before starting each node, you have the opportunity to choose your team and strategically place them on the map. While you can select up to ten heroes for your team, the number you can place on the map depends on the node and its difficulty. 

Once you have placed your desired heroes on the map, the enemies will start their assault, and your task is to strategically move your heroes and utilize their skills. At certain checkpoints, you will be presented with three buffs to apply to your team on the map. 

Some buffs provide healing, which should be chosen when your team has taken damage. Alternatively, you can opt for buffs that increase attack speed or attack. Another buff extends the round by a certain number of rounds, but it does not increase the enemy count. 

It is advisable to prioritize buffs that boost damage or heal your team, as aiming for three stars is crucial. Letting any enemy through should be considered a failure, prompting you to revisit an earlier node to farm resources and strengthen your heroes before attempting to clear it.

AP Points System and Hero Strengthening

The AP (Ability Points) system in Defence Rivals not only allows you to unlock new heroes with points, but it also helps your existing heroes gain levels and become more powerful. When you successfully clear a node for the first time, you will receive a gold key as a reward. Subsequent times will grant you silver keys according to the number of stars you have earned. 

AP Points System and Hero Strengthening

After you have collected ten gold keys, you will be able to unlock the treasure chest located in the game’s lobby. In a similar fashion, silver keys can be utilized to unlock the silver chest. These chests are a good source of gold and AP points. It is completely random which heroes receive what amount of experience points, and heroes with a higher rarity have a reduced probability of earning them. 

Higher rarity heroes are not different from basic rarity heroes in any way except for the skills they possess. Therefore, it is recommended to make an investment in a few heroes with lower rarities in order to form a powerful team and then to use any excess gold to improve heroes with greater rarities. 

Taking this strategy will ensure that you make constant progress, which will allow you to conquer the game’s toughest tasks. The acquisition of new skins for your heroes is another method for enhancing their capabilities. 

In Defence Rivals, the skins you equip on your heroes provide additional stats, which can help boost their overall power. So if you are planning on spending money in the game, skins are one of the things you should buy with the gems you acquire. 

Understanding Hero Classes

In Defence Rivals, heroes fall into five distinct classes: Tanker, Dealer, Support, Assassin, and Melee. Tank heroes possess high HP and defense compared to other classes. Their role is to attract the attention of incoming enemies, allowing other heroes to deal maximum damage without being targeted. Due to these traits, tank heroes should be placed on the front line.

Defence Rivals Understanding Hero Classes

Since you have limited hero placement options, choosing a supporting character that complements the stage becomes crucial. Some support heroes can boost attack speed or slow down enemies, while others specialize in healing. 

It is recommended to choose a healing support hero, as it provides a DPS buff, increasing your chances of victory. The choice of other DPS classes depends on your preference, but ensure they synergize well with your team. 

For instance, if Xiangyu’s skill stuns enemies in place, having tank heroes with similar abilities would be redundant. Instead, opting for a hero capable of dealing more damage to stunned enemies would prove more advantageous.

Progression and Rewards

Clearing a node in Defence Rivals awards you points, stars, and keys based on your performance. These points contribute to the trophy system of the game. Achieving a flawless victory without letting any enemies pass through your defense yields the highest points. 

Defence Rivals Progression and Rewards

Allowing enemies to breach your defenses results in lower point rewards, making it challenging to progress in the trophy system. When you find it difficult to clear the next chapter after completing one, you can farm the easy mode of previously cleared nodes to collect more points and unlock more powerful heroes. Additionally, logging into the game for seven consecutive days grants you hero skins as rewards.

The Economy of Defence Rivals

Understanding the game’s economy is crucial for new players to effectively manage and utilize the available resources without unnecessary waste. Defence Rivals features several forms of in-game currencies:

  • Gold Coins: These are the primary currency earned through various means, such as opening boxes and the trophy system. Gold coins can be used to purchase new heroes and level them up.
  • Gems: Gems are a valuable resource that can be earned as daily checking rewards and through the trophy system. Similar to gold coins, gems can also be acquired by purchasing them with real-world money. Gems should be spent wisely, primarily for acquiring new heroes or opening mega boxes to obtain additional rewards. The daily section of the map often offers mega boxes for sale, providing AP for rarer heroes.
  • Energy: In Defence Rivals, energy points are required to initiate each node in the adventure mode. You need ten energy points to start a battle, and you can have a maximum of 200 energy points at a time. As you consume energy points, they gradually regenerate over time up to the maximum limit. If you run out of energy, you have the option to watch advertisements in the daily section of the shops to earn 100 more energy points.
  • Keys: The game features two types of keys: gold keys and silver keys. Gold keys are used to open chests containing AP for higher rarity heroes and additional gold. Silver keys are used to unlock chests containing AP for basic heroes and gold.

Mastering the game’s economy is crucial for efficient progress and resource management. Use your gold coins wisely to acquire and level up heroes, invest gems strategically, monitor your energy points, and utilize your keys wisely to maximize your hero’s potential.


Defence Rivals offers an engaging tower defense experience that will keep you hooked for hours. From mastering the gameplay mechanics to unlocking new heroes and strengthening them strategically, every aspect contributes to your success. Remember to prioritize hero classes, choose buffs wisely, and make the most of the AP points and hero skins to maximize your potential. By following this beginner’s guide, you’ll become a formidable defender, ready to take on any challenge that Defence Rivals throws your way.

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